Backyard Bench

I finally got around to potting some mums for the backyard.
I didn’t do anything to the bench I um, acquired.
Other then putting some wood hardener on the legs.
I put a couple of stones down for the uneven legs too.

bench copy

See that blob next to the mums?

turtle copy

Our little backyard turtle came out to say hello.
And Henry went right to it and tried to play hockey with it.
I kept shooing Henry away so he’d poke his head out again but it was a no go.

mums stump copy

A neighbor’s tree came down about a month ago and the debris has still not been picked up. So I had #3 son and my hubby grab a couple of stumps for me to use as plant stands. 
They were thrilled. 


The bark is peeling off but it looks pretty cool without any bark.

right side copy
mums copy

I haven’t put anything out front yet but I have a lot of my summer plants still blooming.

yellow mums copy

Besides, we can enjoy them more out back since that is where we usually are.

mushrooms copy

I had this odd little cluster of mushrooms growing in the yard.
I found them so interesting looking.
They might be why our grass isn’t looking too hot right now.
Perhaps it's time to fertilize again.

It’s also time to start doing some projects inside.
I really want to get the kitchen done before the holidays get here.
It the one room in the house that is still bugging me.
I just have to jump in and get going.

Do you have any projects waiting to get done?

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  1. Love your photos Anita- and your turtle is too cute!! The stumps are perfect for plant stands... what a cute idea. We have just a few projects waiting to be finished outdoors and indoors too... seems like the projects and to do list are never done! Lol!! :)

  2. Beautiful mums. Have a great day.

  3. I love than bench, Anita! Your garden is beautiful. Gardening is one of my favorite things to do....I find it so relaxing and rewarding. Those galvanized buckets are great planters. You have a green thumb!

  4. Love the mums, the pots, the bench but most of all is that turtle! I must say, that is the first turtle I've seen in blogland!
    Thanks for dropping in at my place, too!

  5. That is one sweet bench and perfect with the mums by it!
    We had mushrooms in our yard too because of all the rain we had....


  6. good morning...can I bring my coffee over and drink it on your wonderful bench???...love the turtle...xo, Mariaelena

  7. I still can't believe you got that bench for free. It's great. The mums and pumpkin look good with it. Please Henry do not eat the turtle. He is your friend. You know I have projects like ummmmm...trim! Watcha gonna do to the kitchen?

  8. Your photography skills are amazing Anita!
    Your cozy little setting looks wonderful! Even the turtle likes it!

  9. What a nice little space...those stump sidetables are perfect with your bench and you've made it even more cozy with all the flowers. I love the turtle too :)

  10. Anita, everything looks so wonder and I love the turtle visiting you!!

  11. Beautiful post! Is that a real turtle? does it wonder your back yard - or did you just set it out there for a bit? which ever - it's very cool! love it!!! That bench is to die for & the mums are gorgeous!!! the whole post is gorgeous!!! Will be sharing on my fb later this afternoon! xoox, tracie

  12. This is so so wonderful, Anita! I remember that bench :-) I love how you decorated everything and those stumps are adorable, let alone that turtle, just perfect :-)

  13. How useful and lovely these tree stumps are!! The bench is just awesome. And the turtle in the yard..., only in FL, right!

  14. Great ideas. Love the tree stump especially. I would see an annoying stump. You see a pedestal! Great gift of imagination you have!

  15. Oh my awesomeness! Looks gorgeous, the mums, the bench, you are all ready Anita!

  16. That looks gorgeous! I love the bench. We had a few mushrooms pop up, too. Could be just too much rain...(It poured here this morning!)

  17. I love your bench and the little area that you set up around it! The tree stumps were a great idea, gotta love neighbors. :) The little turtle is so cute, I would rather find them than snakes! :)
    Enjoy your evening and good luck in the kitchen.

  18. I have a piece of tree stump that I want to do something with. You're right when the bark starts peeling off, it looks very cool.


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