Camp Helen State Park

We took a drive a couple of weekends ago to Panama City.
 Hubby found a new anchor for his boat on craigslist. There was a mishap with is old one.
It seems there was a problem with a bolt that attaches it to the anchor line.
Yeah, it wasn’t there. So, anchors aweigh became anchors away.
Far far away.

main house w Florida

On the way home we decided to stop at Camp Helen State Park for a quick look around.
This is the main lodge that looks out to Lake Powell. In 1928 Robert E. Hicks purchased 185 acres of land overlooking Philips Inlet, where he built a summer home for his wife, Margaret,
who named the compound Loch Lomond.

stable copy  kitchen framed copy
The stable is on the left and on the right is the old kitchen.

kitchen copy

In 1945 Avondale Textile Mills of Sylacauga, Alabama purchased Loch Lomond from the Hicks family, renamed the property Camp Helen, and for 39 years operated a resort destination for their vacationing employees.

bridge 2 textured2
  Kim Klassen textures used above.
Subtly Yours and Warm Sun.

path copy

It’s a large park and we didn’t have time to walk all of the trails.

butterfly copy  butterfly textured3 copy
KK Subtly Yours (twice, multiply and soft light) and Warm Sun again.

butterfly2 copy  
I could have spent an hour just taking photos of all the butterflies.

bridge copy

We’ll have to make another trip so we can explore a bit more.
And bring some fishing poles.

cottages2 copy
KK Stained Linen and Subtly Yours.

These are the original cottages that the employees used when they vacationed here.
Aren’t they cute?
I couldn’t imagine staying in them during the summer with no air conditioning even though they say the location helps with the breeze.

berries copy

It was so overcast that day. The skies look rather dull.

palm tree copy

That is until it was time to go. Then the blue sky showed up! 
Do you have state parks near you that you love to go to?

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  1. What a beautiful place. I hate when there is never enough time to enjoy where you are. Thanks for giving us the tour. I wish you could have walked the trails.

  2. What a beautiful area and your photos are gorgeous. I love places like that where you can just wander all day.

  3. I think I have ridden bicycle in that area on Bike Florida. It is beautiful.

  4. How beautiful! One thing I really miss about the south is the spanish moss draped on the Live Oaks. What a lovely place!

  5. This is a wonderful post, with beautiful pictures. I enjoyed it so much. And, what
    a beautiful addition Kim's textures make! Love

  6. Beauttiful photos of a beautiful area .. I used to live in Panama City Beach back in the 90's. All has changed so much since then ... lot's of development.

  7. I love the Florida State parks. They always try to keep the older buildings. Were there any shells?

  8. I love state and national parks, try to visit as many as possible. I'm even dorky enough to have a national parks passport. I get it stamped at every national park I visit. That looks like a really pretty park, I love it when there are old buildings and a bit of history also.
    Heh. Sorry about hubby's anchor. Anchors away indeed.

  9. That is such a gorgeous spot! I'd love to vacation there. :)
    We have a few state parks nearby, and some national parks within a days drive. I especially love the ones that started out as something else first.

  10. Oh, that looks wonderful there...so much history. Are the buildings used for anything now? We have this beautiful area near us, full of gorgeous big, brick old buildings, right on the Mississippi river. They were orginally used as for the state mental hospital, but now the state sends repeat DUI offenders there for treatment...it is such a waste for something so beautiful.

  11. Looks like a great pit stop Anita. Fabulous photo's too. I love National parks, so much pretty scenery. PHOTO Ops for sure:)

  12. Good Morning! Thanks for the tour - am envious of your white sand beaches. We don't have any of those out here on the West Coast. (boo)


  13. I like all the butterfly photos. I can relate to finding something you like and wanting to take pictures of them for hours.

  14. Anita, you have a special style. I remember you carrying a chair to the beach as a photo prop. That really impressed me. And these today, are special too. All distinctly yours.Very enjoyable.

  15. What a lovely spot. I could see myself in one of those cabins with a nice easy chair and a good book. V

  16. Thank you for the tour of your state park. Those trails look so inviting! Your photos using Kim's textures are really wonderful, too.

  17. Thanks so much for your lovely images. I am new to texture Tuesday and really enjoying looking at every ones work.


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