Teenage Bedrooms

I've been thinking about my son's room lately.
It's so BLAH in there.
He could care less but it bugs me.

It’s sort of a green right now and it’s sucking up all the light.
Well, not sort of. It is green.

A boring shade of green.

He has no headboard right now so I’ve been trying to come up with something.

Boys rooms are hard. My kids never wanted to do anything too bold.

But it's time to get him ready for the real world.

Ease him into change.

Try new things.

You never know when you'll like it until you try it.

Right Mikey?

brown headboard

The woven texture and wood tones gives it a masculine feel.

He's not a little boy anymore. No more dinosaurs and baseball.

He is a senior this year, college is just around he corner. 

I want it to be something he likes. So he’ll want to come home to visit!

But still be able to morph into a room for guests after he leaves.

upholstered with frame

I like this one for the mix of upholstery and a wood frame.

I’m thinking maybe some menswear inspired fabric like hounds tooth or argyle.

I have done an upholstered headboard for the master bedroom. And I really like it.

So, do I do another? Or something completely different?


I like the rough, sort of industrial feel of this one.

I could use coffee sacks or plain burlap with a graphic painted on it.

bedroom post

We need to get a new mattress as well and I’d really love to have a platform bed like this.

How hard could that be to make?

The graphic print on the quilt would be nice in there as well.


I love the look of this one.

Not sure how comfy would it be to prop yourself up against a wooden pallet.

It would need to be sanded well and lots of pillows could be used.

I love that lamp too.

photo board

This would be pretty easy to make.

It's made with a door but I'm thinking cork.

He’s into Photoshop and graphic design.

I could fill it with some photos or posters.

Nix the flowers.

barn door

This is one of my favorites.

I’m not seeing him going for it though.

A little too farm like I think.

Maybe for our room.

These are all from my pinterest. You can get to the source page of some by clicking the photos.
I was not able to find the original source on the others. 



It’s Getting a bit Spooky Around Here

Someone please help me out here.

Where do these things come from? 
How do they form so darn fast?

Granted this chair doesn’t get used a lot but come on….


You would think I had not cleaned in months.

I mean, I am not a neat freak. I will admit that.

I clean. Really I do.

I’m just not obsessive about it.



But these things pop up over night.

I kid you not.

After I saw these I vacuumed everything.

I mopped, I dusted and still then next morning another one was forming.




If it was only closer to Halloween I’d be so ahead of the game.

Shoot, by Halloween I could have my very own haunted house.

A few bats, a black cat, maybe some crows and I'll be good to go.

I’d love to know if anyone else gets these webs.

I’m not seeing spiders, just these darn cobwebs.

How do you get rid of them??



Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

Over the summer my friend Kat from The Kat Eye View was putting together something called Liberate Your Art a postcard swap. We each mailed her 5 postcards of our art and she divvied them up and we each got 5 back in return. Well 6 really because she sent out one of her own. 

And she did all this just after moving back to the US from Italy.

1020 pieces of art
170 participants
37 US states
13 countries
2 homes
1 swap


basket cards_edited-1

It was so much fun to get something in the mail other then bills or junk.


The one on the left came from Rosie @ Rosie’s World. Her pink tulips are just so gorgeous. 
They certainly brightened my day. I would love to have some growing in my yard.

On the right is one from Kelly @ I Need To Color. It is titled “Mackenzie’s Flowers”. 
I’m not sure how she did it but the colors are just so pretty. 
Delicate little flowers with punches of color.


The picture of the sweet older couple was taken in Krakow Poland by Alison of My Life-An Adventure. Such soft and lovely colors. The light fog gives it a mysterious feel. 
I love how they are walking arm in arm.

On the right is a pen and watercolor done by Lea. She is at The Beaufort Art Center. It's a great combination of the two mediums. Such detail in the pen and beautiful colors with the paint. 
She must have quite the steady hand.

postcards 3_edited-2

The YES is an original piece of art created by Tia who blogs @ The Inspired Life
This was her first piece big piece that she sold and it launch her YES project.  
It’s a wonderful piece full of inspiring words. 
She’s wanting to spread the word about saying yes to the things that you desire.

And last is my card from Kat herself!

It’s the wonderful photo of a Vespa that she took in Italy. I have always loved this shot. 
Vespas are seen all over Italy. I’ve never driven one but maybe some day. 
It’s also a great reminder of the wonderful trip we made for our huge family reunion. 
And I love the red!

I hope everyone got my emails but let me just say thanks again just in case. :)

And a huge THANKS to Kat for doing all this work. What a fantastic job you did!

I hope she does it again next year.
Think you’ll join us?



Dune Road Designs

Last month I was contacted by a company called Dune Road Designs.
Have you heard of them?

two plates 2_edited-1

It’s a company that was started by three women who wanted to create some dinnerware with a nautical look and feel. 
Something that not only would look good but could easily be used on a boat, deck or even on the dining room table. 
They so graciously sent me a sampling to try out.


After some shipping issues I finally received my box. I was so excited to get it.
I received a dinner plate, a salad plate, a set of 4 cups and a pack of napkins.

salad plate_edited-1

They are made of high quality melamine. 
I know when you hear melamine you think cheap plastic but these are not. They are far from it. 
They may cost a bit more but the quality is not like anything I’ve seen at the stores.

I was surprised at just now substantial they are.
They have the feel of stoneware without the weight.

dinner plate 2_edited-1

The dishes have some depth to them which keeps your food on your plate. 
I love that about them. 
I have some thin melamine and I’ve had things slide right off if you aren’t careful. 
Especially if you’ve had a glass of wine or two!

shell cup

crab cup_edited-1

The colors and patterns are just beautiful.
The set of 4 cups each have a different design on them. 
A conch shell, a crab, a starfish and seahorse.  
The set of 4 salad plate are sold the same way.

dinner plate_edited-1

They are dishwasher safe but they are not for the microwave.
I hope they will add more of a description on their site to include this information. 
Some size information would be good too.
Looks like they may still be tweaking their website a bit.

two plates_edited-1

Dune Road also carries serving pieces, stationary and candles.
The serving pieces are really cute. 
There is a three sectioned appetizer dish that I really like.
What a great gift any of these pieces would make.

I hope you’ll stop by Dune Road Designs and see what they have to offer.

disclaimer: I have been given a sample set from Dune Road Designs but my opinions are my own.

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Summer Garden

The garden is starting to wane a bit.
At least the vegetable garden is. The bugs and heat are starting to win the battle.

I have a few watermelon that are hanging on for dear life.


But the zinnias out front seem to be pleased as punch with the heat.


zinnia 2_edited-1

zinnia 3_edited-1

 Their bright pink petals seem to thrive with the heat.

zinnia 4_edited-1

The pentas love the heat as well.


I planted a limelight hydrangea for the first time this year.

It looks like it’s happy under the trees out back.


I’m so glad I bought it because my blue ones have refused to bloom for me this year.

I need to start taking notes on my garden. This year has been a bit of a trial on what grows well and where. I want to work on better forming the beds out back. Build some raised ones for the vegetables. Do something about all the weeds that keep popping up.

When my son and I pulled into the driveway the other day he said to me, the yard has come a long way Mom. That made me feel really good. It has come along way. It was mostly a sandy mess for a long time.  We’ve only lived here 2 years and I know it takes time.

But it’s getting there.

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A Boring Job That Is So Worth It

I have to keep telling myself that.

Because it’s beginning again……


that tedious job of painting trim.

I was on a quest not too long ago to rid my house of all of this stained trim.

I stopped short in the kitchen. I have cabinets to paint in here too.
They just seem to overwhelm me.

Maybe if I just started on the trim then that might get me going and I might get the cabinets done too.

Sounds good right?

We shall see.

p.s.  As I was going back to find the post about the trim I already painted so I could link to it, 
I discovered it was over a YEAR AGO. 
What?? Could that really be?

That is just pathetic. I am going to go paint right now. 
You guys just bug me about it until it’s done, okay?

I’m counting on you.

Crap, it's 9:00

I'll start in the morning. 

I swear.



Uprinting Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway.
And thank you uprinting.com for providing the rolled canvas print.
It's a great prize and I wish you all could have won.

I let random.org do the pickings.

The winner is:
uprint giveaway

Lucky number 7, Mrs. Ohtobe who blogs @ mrsohtobe.blogspot.com

Yay, Mrs. Oh!

I will be sending your email on to the people at Uprinting.com

I’m sure they will get in touch with you soon.



Marietta Square

On our trip last weekend we made a stop at the farmer’s market in Marietta.

I always love going to Marietta Square.

I wish the weather had been better. The gray skies did not make for pretty pictures.

The market was filled with lots of home grown and home baked goodies.

I would have loved to take some of these home.



 The Strand theater was brought back to it’s old glory.

It’s so pretty inside. It’s been around since 1935.


In the center of the square is a beautiful fountain.

The kids can run around and play.

There are lots of benches to sit and read or just people watch. 

There is always something going on in the park.


So many gorgeous old homes are around the square.

Look at that deep wrap around porch!

I wish I had taken more shots. But it was starting to rain.

Do you know who lives in Marietta?

Aton Brown from The Food Network.

Not in that house though.


Also, have you seen the movie Zombieland? You should, it’s hilarious.

Anyway, there were some scenes shot in Marietta.

That evening we stopped in a coffee shop for some cappuccinos.

A friend, who’s more like a 4th son, works there and he made them special for us.

They were so good!


I hope everyone is have a relaxing weekend.

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Okay, I’ll make it even easier for you,  you can click HERE.

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Road Trip Tales

We had a great trip to Atlanta this past weekend.
I thought I’d share some of the shots I took while driving. Well, I wasn’t driving.

It helps pass the time.

They have absolutely nothing to do with the story I’m going to tell you.
Just so you know.

old signs_edited-1

Our main goal was to get #2 son a bed for his apartment. Something I didn’t think would be such a problem. But nothing is easy for us. Oh no.

We get to the land of the Swedes and enjoy a nice lunch of meatballs and crepes.

Let me just say this here and now.

Never, NEVER go to Ikea on a weekend. And especially right before college is starting.

As my son so eloquently put it: 
It’s like the 3rd level of hell.





After we were all herded through the showroom, mooing along the way, we made our frame and mattress selection and squeezed our way downstairs to the market place. 
(Why do people insist on going against the flow?) 

We picked up a few nonessentials. Does my college age son need a wine rack? 
No. But I’m so frazzled I buy it anyway.

Then it’s time to locate the bed, load up and then proceed to spend hours putting it together.

clouds_edited-1(find the car in the clouds)

We find the frame, the platform and then the mattress.
Where is the mattress? The big empty palette is not a good sign.

I check with the man.
Nothing until maybe Tuesday or Thursday he says. Maybe.

So we decide to just pick up a mattress elsewhere. Yes. That’s a good idea.

So we unload the loot at the apartment. 
Which by the way, is quite the hike from the parking garage to his door. 
Then the bed is put together. The boys handle this since we did not have a power drill.
It went together surprisingly well. That should have been a clue.

We will shop the next day for the mattress.


After a few issues we locate a full mattress to go into the full frame. We hurry to pick it up.
What? There are no more in stock? The truck is late they say, should be here any minute.

We do a little browsing at the antique mall next door while we wait. 
Go back. No truck. Not until tomorrow they say.
Off we go to find another mattress.
Finally, someone has a full size in stock. Hubby wheels and deals and gets a lower price. Yay!

We squeeze it in to my Trailblazer. We had measured and it should fit. Whew, it’s in. 
Off we go to deliver it to the apartment. The boys are putting it in the bedroom while I’m removing sticky stuff from the thrift store lamp I found. 

Then I hear… what the hell? 

That can’t be good.

train caramel dreams_edited-1

It is not fitting in the frame. What the…..enter whatever swear word you’d like.
There were many.

Is a full size bed different in Scandinavia? The sizes must be off. 
They must make the beds so you have to buy their mattresses from Ikea. Ugh!

It fits perfectly on the outside of the frame but not down on the base. 
The engineer-to-be devises a plan. 
No one wanted to take the frame apart and return it to Ikea. 
So we head to Home Depot, in the middle of Atlanta, so they can build up the platform. 

Some plywood and 2x4’s, a few nails and we’re good to go. College is paying off. It worked.

After some dinner we head to the hotel.

bed room(i really loved the color of this sofa)

It's late, we’re tired. The phone rings. I hate when the phone ring late at night.

Son #2 is calling. What now?

I know why the mattress wouldn’t fit, he says.

He must have been struggling to put the sheets on and then looked at the tag.

It was a queen!

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