One of Those Days

Well, my day started out pretty good. I sold something over at Skyland Drive and I was getting it in the mail. I went to put it in the mailbox and I noticed it was leaning. Then when I looked out the window I saw this.

photo (1)

Yeah. It just fell over. I’m guessing someone hit it. #3 son said it wasn’t him.
So, I did a little digging to see if I could get the rest of the post out.

photo (2)

Because as usual, my husband is out of town. It never fails. I’d say he’s gone about 90% of the time when something breaks. The dryer, the car battery, the computer, the gigantic roach. Okay, the roach wasn’t exactly broken but I HAD TO KILL IT!

photo (3)

So anyway, I was hitting all sorts of rocks. Big rocks. I don’t know how it was even put there in the first place. I was fearing that there was cement.

So, I waited until the boy got home from school and I let him do some digging. He got down further but wasn’t feeling the bottom. Then we found this.

photo (6)

I think it was the post from the original metal box. Who knows.

I looked up the installation for this mailbox and it said to use a 48 inch 4x4 and 40 inches was what broke off. So I didn’t think it could be that far down. 

But boy was I wrong.

photo (5)

The boy ended up taking an ax to the stump to try to break it up. 
He loosened it up enough and was able to pull it up out of the hole.

photo (4)

And pull some more.

All 40 some odd inches of it! They had buried it almost 4’ deep!

So, off to Home Depot I went for a new 4x4. I had them cut it to 7’ so we could just slide it back into the original hole. It seems a little higher now. Oh well, it’s in now.

I forgot to take an after picture but you know, it’s just a mailbox. 
It was 7pm by the time I got back from HD and the boy was hungry. 
Hey, I had to look at plants and stuff.

I hope nothing else breaks before hubby gets home.



Outside Gardening and Good News

Oh my, time is flying by! Son #2 was home on spring break last week. It coincided with son #3 so it worked out well and they got to hang out together.

red verbena_edited-2

Also too, I had some free labor. Well, not free. He has been going to college for the past 5 years.
Graduation is coming up, yippee!

But as one finishes up college, one is getting ready to start.


We started this last year but only got a little bit done. This time we got the whole back area cleared out. It was just a mess back there. I have visions of layers of plants back there.  So, while both boys were home we spread out all the mulch. Four truck loads full! Now I have a lot of space to add some new bushes and flowers. I can plant a little at a time now which is great.

Some more oak leaf hydrangeas are on my list to get along with another butterfly bush.


I know it looks a little empty now but once I get things planted I’m sure it will fill out nicely.
I am still moving things around. Transplanting a few things too.


I got my vegetables planted in my new raised beds. They are small now but it won’t be long until they take off. I have tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, squash, eggplant, strawberries and some lettuce. I hope it’s not too late for the lettuce. Oh, and I have carrot seeds to plant.


sweet pea_edited-1

The sweet peas are already grabbing hold.


We moved the blueberry bushes last year so this is the first year we actually have berries!
I’m so glad we didn’t kill them.


The almost engineer made me a teepee with some bamboo I had laying around.
I planted my green beans around it today. I’ll show you again once they start to cover it. 

I also want to thank you for all the good wishes for son #3 and his college interview.
It worked! He got accepted to Florida State and even more exciting….

he got accepted into the Film School! Did I mention that part? That was what the interview was for. They only accept a small amount of freshman. He’s thrilled! He will go to FSU in Tallahassee his first year but then he goes to West Palm Beach to study animation and digital arts. So, that means he won’t be close to home. 
 I’m trying not to think about that part.

Hope you all have a great week!



Indoor Gardening

I’ve had this shallow dish for awhile now. Wasn’t sure what to do with it. I bought it an estate sale because it had a frog in it, a floral frog, not a ribbit frog. I just wanted the frog, but for a dollar I got both.


I’ve never grown succulents before but I thought I’d give it a try.


I started with these little guys that I found at Lowes. I bought some special soil for cactus and succulents and some small white rocks. I always plant in pots with drainage holes. It is the smart way to do it. This dish had no holes. I know I could have drilled some but I thought I’d try some rocks on the bottom and just be real careful with watering. Fingers crossed I don’t kill them!


I used the rocks as a cover too and then added some shells and a tiny piece of driftwood.



Have you grown succulents inside before?
Let me know if you have any tips.
I broke off some of that little one up front. Can you just plant those leaves?

I’m also getting busy on my outdoor gardening.
We brought home a truckload of soil to fill my raised beds.


Hubby built me another bed so we needed a lot.
Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!



Spring Cleaning

I have a little problem. I have a magazine obsession.
So, I picked up these cute magazine boxes at Target in the dollar spot.

I knew the time had come.
It was getting way out of hand and taking over the bathroom library.


Remember this recessed magazine rack that we built because of that um….hole in the wall?

If you are new, you might want to go have a peak at that little mess I caused.

Well let’s just say that it was overflowing just a wee bit.

It was time to get rid of some.


So I took a deep breath and started sorting.
I had over two years of Better Homes and Garden.
I would of had more but I already did this when we moved from GA to FL.
There was even a Windows and Walls from 2004. It was out of control.

Yes, I hang on to them way too long.


So all of those on my bed went to the recycle bin. 
The truck came today.There is no turning back.

I just kept a few of the special issues and the more recent issues of my subscriptions.

Okay, I still have all of 2011 of BH&G. I still like to go back to them for ideas.

But now I can store them nicely in my closet.


And the basket isn’t overflowing anymore.
In fact, I have room for some new ones!

Next, I’m going through my bathroom drawers and dumping all of the old makeup, lotions and potions. I've just been dumping stuff in there and it's a mess.

Why do I hang onto this stuff?

Do you?

Please tell me I’m not alone.



Spring is on the way!

The weather has still been rather dreary around here.
The sun will peek out every now and then. But as quickly as it came out, it’s gone yet again.

cherry blossoms_edited-1

I spotted a few trees starting to bloom. That’s a good sign, right?


It’s a busy week around here. We made a quick trip to Tallahassee. #3 son had a college interview at FSU. He felt good about how it all went. He was pretty nervous and we were as well! Fingers crossed everyone!


It’s a pretty campus and it was full of kids walking everywhere.
One thing that surprised me was this….

FSU 2_edited-1

That my friends, is a circus tent!
They have a circus college there. I had no idea. 

I have more traveling to do this weekend. 

Maybe I’ll find the sun!


iPad Cover

Remember all the sweaters I showed you? I know, a bit obsessive.
But I finally got something up on my etsy shop that I made with one of them.

ipad felted cover_edited-1

I made a cozy little iPad cover. I think it came out pretty darn cute!

ipad felted cover4a

The lining was made using a men’s dress shirt. The stripes give a bit of a nautical touch.

ipad felted cover2_edited-1
ipad felted cover6_edited-1

So I repeated a few of them on the front. They were needle felted with wool roving.

Hazy Rainbow Feltmaking Mix - A colourful assortment of merino tops/roving for felting/spinning/craft kit.

Have you tried working with wool roving? 
You can also form it into shapes. Wet felting is something I have not tried yet.

I’d love for you to stop by and say hi.
Let me know what you think of the new iPad cover.


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