Baby Steps

Fall is all gathered together in my kitchen. I just have to drag out the boxes now. I still have stuff on the porch though. We had some crazy weather today so it got a bit wet. I swear it was raining sideways. And, and.... it was a high of 76 today but it's dropping to 36 tonight. How's that for a drop in temperature!

Looking at all the mantels that everyone is showing off over at The Lettered Cottage is quite inspiring. I'm just not used to decorating this early. I at least have to be in the same month as the holiday. Which is tomorrow so I better get the lead out.

Oh look, a half done project is underneath all that fall crap stuff. I'm so glad I didn't put all my crap stuff out this year. It would just take me longer to put it all away. (note to self: do not put out all of your Christmas stuff) I know I'm not the only one taking their time *ahem* Sandra and Kolein.  Come on, anyone else not quite ready?

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Shifting Gears

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I want to thank everyone for all of their sweet comments on my last post Giving Thanks. Thanks to those who joined in on the blog hop too. I've been trying to catch up on some blogs but there is just no way. You guys were busy while I was gone.

We had a great time with the family at my sister's house. We were busy little bees preparing food for 25 this time around. Two 14 pound turkeys and a 10 pound ham later, we decided we must go with bigger birds next year. Less pies, more bird. We had way, way too many pies.

I had camera problems so I didn't get a lot of great shots. We were able to eat outside since it was a warm day. My sister put together this arrangement the night before. We had to run to Publix to get some pans for the birds, we decided last minute that they needed separate pans, and I decided to pick up some more flowers. I thought she did a great job with it. She had this moss wreath that she bought on sale last year and I liked it flat on the table. I stuck a silver bowl in the wreath with some twigs around it. Then she put the arrangement in another silver bowl that fit right inside it. She added some leaves from the yard and some curly willow to fill it out. Isn't it gorgeous?

Here is what I ended up doing with all those tiny pine cones. I printed out the place cards on some card stock. Cut them out, rounded the corners and glued them on to some plum colored card stock. I had a leaf punch so I added some of the leaves. I folded the leaves and only glued one side down. They were stuck in the cones as a stand but we got some wind and they kept blowing over so they ended up side by side.

We also potted up some plum colored pansies in some silver bowls and added them to the ends with some leaf garland and small turkey votive candles

Now it's time to start thinking about Christmas. It's coming fast whether I'm ready or not. And just so you know, it did cool off yesterday on our drive home. We got down in the 30's last night. Not sure how long that will last.

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Giving Thanks

There are a lot of things I am thankful for. Among them are my family and friends. Good health. My home and having things around me that allow for a comfortable life. But one thing that I am extra thankful for is a trip I took to Italy with my family. It was a trip that seemed out of reach but with the love and generosity of family we were able to go. There were 21 of us that went on this great adventure.

My father is from the small town of Lucca. He would try to go back every other year or so with my mom. Sometimes he would go back with one of us 5 kids. Sometimes just the two of them. We could never afford to all go at once. But it was a dream of his to take his American family and bring them to Italy so we could all be there together in his beloved homeland. 

My father was getting older and his memory was starting to wane. We knew that we needed to go soon. It was early summer in 2007. The craziness that ensured trying to get this all planned was unbelievable. There were passports, plane tickets, sky miles, side trips and reservations. Somehow we got it all worked out.

My parents didn't go on the side trips with us but we were still a lot of people. Restaurants and hotels are normally pretty small in the towns we went to. So when we'd ask for a table for 19 we would watch them scramble but somehow those remarkable crazy Italians would make it work. Sometimes it was a table in the basement but there was always lots of food and wine. Lots and lots of wine.

We visited Florence, Rome, Venice and Cinque Terre. We packed a lot in to the time that we had. How I wish we had more time. The happiness that was on my father's face was the best part. We had a huge family reunion at my cousin's home in the country. We got to know family members that I hadn't seen since I was 12. I was now introducing my own children to them.

It wasn't long after we got back from this glorious trip that my father's memory worsened. He started to forget that we had all gone on this trip with him. The one thing he had wanted for so long. But we all held on to the memories for him. When my father passed away at the beginning of the year, we knew his dream had come true. So I give thanks to my father's dream of us all being together in Italy. It left us all with memories that we will forever have. Memories of being together with la famiglia. With hopes to go back and do it all over again.


Where Has The Time Gone?

Boy it sure is zipping on by isn't it? I'll be off the grid for awhile while. I'll be cooking and preparing for the big feast over at my sister's house. I hope to share some pictures when I get back. I'm going to try to schedule a post for while I'm away. Fingers crossed that it works. I will be joining the Mortal Muses. They are having a thankful blog hop starting Nov. 25 and will be open all weekend. There is a button on my side bar if you'd like to join along. It's always nice to stop and give thanks. You know for like wine, pie, chocolate, the important stuff.

I would like to throw a little thanks out right now. I am in the Top 10 over at the DIY club. Yea me! They seemed to like my little round table revamp. I'm up against a lot of great projects but I have my fingers crossed. If you have a minute you could stop by and maybe share a little love. I'd appreciate that.

I'd also like to thank Beckie from Infarrantly Creative. My new bathroom that used to be a closet was her fav pick over at The CSI Project. You should go over there an see all the amazing bathroom redos. Lots of talent. It's amazing. Beckie herself is one talented and creative lady. And she happens to be having one sweet giveaway right now. It might be one of these.

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool
Okay, it is. Oh how I'd love to wrap that puppy up and stick it under the tree for myself. You can stop by Infarrantly Creative yourself and enter. Tell Beckie hi for me.

Before I go I want to show you that I got the framed coffee sack hung up. Almost had to make a run to the ER after hubby slid down the stairs. See how the steps curve at the top? That is such a pain. No pun intended. But all is well and it got up. I had thought about hanging it on the opposite wall. That would have required the really tall ladder and I wasn't going to push it. No time for the ER this week.

 Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

 See you later,


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

While I do love brown paper packages tied up with strings, I could do without the schnitzel with noodles. Name that musical.  

I'm joining Melissa @ 320 Sycamore. She is having a party about favorite things. These are a few of mine in no particular order.

Scarves. I love a long scarf loosely wrapped around my neck. It can dress up a casual tee shirt, keep your neck warm on a windy day and help hide things like extra chins or sagging skin. And they make great gifts.


Fresh flowers. Hydrangeas are a flower that I love. They are easy to grow and cut and bring inside to enjoy. One bloom can fill up a vase.

Lotions and potions. I've mentioned this hand cream before. When I found this set at GW for under $10 I was thrilled. A great cream that is not greasy. 

Burt's Bees makes great lip products. This one I love because it's slim and can slip into your pocket and gives a tint of color.

burts bees lip shimmer photo
Treasure hunting. Going to sales that look like this. I love digging through stuff. Finding that treasure that puts a smile on your face like you just won the lotto. Oh what a feeling! You fellow junkers know what I mean.

Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares are always in my desk. It's a joke around here that I'm hiding them since everyone knows that they are there. But I keep them close by and have one or two almost every day. Life is too short.

I have no idea how many times I have seen this movie but I laugh each and every time. We are a movie quoting family around here and The Princess Bride is filled with great lines. "Inconceivable"

The Princess Bride Poster

Lastly I will say sunsets. Corny I know. I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset and I never tire of photographing them. Each and every one is splendid in it's own way. It's like a gift that is given to you at the end of each and every day.

favorite things button

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Fancy White Frame Meets Rough Old Burlap

The heck with daylight. This darkness at 5pm is killing me. I decided to just try some pictures without a lamp and some photoshop.

This is what I found at GW the other day for $5. It was a good size frame. About 33x24. Though the lovely painting did not go with anything around here. The frame I thought was worth the five dollars.

 Look what was behind it when I started to take it apart. The corn ad was the paper that topped the cardboard dream whip. I sort of like the corn ad and thought it might be some fun pop art framed for the kitchen. It's a bit torn though. I'm not sure why dream whip wants to pay me .25.

I started off spray painting the frame but all I had was glossy and it was too shiny. So I brought it inside and used a brush and some creamy white paint. Then I tried some glaze but I wasn't thrilled with it so I just went back over most of it with the white. I may give it another go later but for now I like the white. I had this coffee sack with a pretty cool graphic on it. I wrapped it around the old cardboard print and duct taped it on the back. Then popped it back in. The sack is still in one piece if I want to use it later for something else.

I may hang it at the top of the staircase since it's a good size and I need something large there. Well not I, he. Hubby will be thrilled to get back on the ladder and do another balancing act for me I'm sure.

So what do you think about mixing the rough burlap with the more ornate white frame? Too weird? Come on be honest, I can take it.

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Dressing Up A Plate

I finally got around to rehanging an ironstone plate in my window frame. The first one fell and broke. The new dish was a little plain so I added a fern to it today.

If I had glorious fall leaves I would have used one of them. But I love ferns and it sort of looks like a little Christmas tree. Don't get excited. I am not ready to decorate for Christmas yet. I know a lot of you are but I have to get through one holiday at a time.

So here's what I did. I took a fern frond. Frond? Not sure, anyway, part of a fern from outside. I ironed it between two pieces of wax paper. No steam. I learned later that I should have dried it in the microwave first so we'll see how long it lasts. I cleaned the plate with rubbing alcohol so there would be no residue.

Then I used some spray glue. I gave it a coat and let it sit for a minute while I ate a fudge mint oreo and a glass of milk. I didn't want it super sticky and it said to let it sit if you wanted it removable. What better way to pass the time then with chocolate and mint? They're only out for a limited time people.


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Silver and Glass Finds

I haven't been doing a lot of thrift store shopping. I'm trying not to buy too many more small items. I always have my eyes peeled for furniture. But I came across this cute little creamer and sugar. There was also a coffee pot but the lid was broken so I left it behind.

They have some cute little flower details on them. They make great vases for a single hydrangea bloom. Fills it out like its a mini bouquet.

I add them to my list for my not yet Etsy shop.  As much as I love to polish silver I think I might keep it tarnished. What do you think for selling purposes?

Then I came across these old bottles. Two are old whiskey pints with old metal caps. The brown one has some pretty embossing on it.  I'm not sure what the other was for but I liked the shape of it.  The brown one still needs to be cleaned.

Both of the whiskey pints have a warning on it. It says: federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle. I am living on the edge people. 

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One With Nature

How's your weekend going? I was outside amongst the trees today. It was a bit jungle like with all those thorny vines. I hate those things.

I was collecting these. I need them for the big Thanksgiving feast. No, not for a new recipe. Though, that would be very organic of me. Talk about fiber.

I gave them a nice soaking and they closed up tighter then a clam. Hopefully they will fluff back up tomorrow when the sun comes out. I just wanted to drown any little creepy crawlers that might be hiding. 

I'll show you what I am using them for. Just not today. The days are getting so short and I need to remember to take pictures early so I have light. 

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