Sticks and Stones

I was gathering some pictures of all my twiggy things I have around the house. I think my favorite has to be the large tall tin vase of the curly willow on the mantel. It's tall and sort of wiry but I think it fits with the height of the fireplace and the ceiling. I actually found the willow at a thrift store. It was still greenish when I got it. I chose not to plant it. Let's face it it. It would have ended up dead either way. So I let it turn into this golden brown  color which I really like. I stuck in some fake berry stems for the fall.

This is actually two twig wreaths and a white berry wreath all bound together. It's hanging in my sad little guest room that really needs some attention. So this is the only view you're getting.  I am still trying to find a trundle bed that I like so I can get rid of one of the twin beds and make room for my sewing stuff. Craigslist is not cooperating at all for me. 

And lastly I will leave you with some stones. Since it was in the title of this post and all. Donna has a twiggy themed link up this week so I'll join up over there.

see you later,

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  1. See now, you have lovely brick around your fireplace. It doesn't suck light out of your room like mine.

    I LOVE twiggy branches. I need to go collect some big branches to spray white tomorrow while we have our family raking party. I want them ready for Christmas. If I don't get to it, it will be too cold to spray paint and I'll have to buy some.

    Love all your twig-stuff. :)

  2. The branches look so pretty! I just love how something so simple and FREE can make a difference! Love the berries too! The twiggy and berry wreath is very pretty as well, I love the pip berry things! :)

  3. Those willow branches look great paired with that old frame. I do like the height of them. Love those stones.

  4. I love the willow on the fireplace. It's a great look and really goes well with the other pieces you have on the mantel.

  5. Alright. That all looks great. I even have a curly willow in my back yard. I think you inspired me to go do something seasonal!

  6. Love the willow sticks. I also LOVE the old, chippy window with the star fish.

  7. Love the sticks! and the window with the star fish. These are two (3) of my favorite things to use in decorating...sticks, old windows...and star fish.

    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. I knew you'd be a good decorator with some twigs. I had a fight with a pine cone today and lost. I may be going with my son tonight to cut some pine tree twigs for project I have in mind.

  9. I love curly willow too, yours looks great on your mantle. I especially love your silver pieces, is that a silver ice bucket I spy? It's great!



    I love your willowy branches, dead or alive!
    and that smallish pumpkin basket thing on the hearth? cute!

    You pretty much always make me laugh! I LOVE that about you!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. All of your outdoor stuff looks great indoors. Isn't it great to be able to use beautiful and free stuff from nature to adorn our homes?

  12. Love it all Anita. I especially love the willow and the stones and shells in the silver! Great, all of it!

  13. I love all the twiggy stuff that I am seeing around the internet. To bad I am unpacking boxes and not having fun decorating anything. I will just enjoy yours!

  14. Love the twigs and the bucket, well everything! Wonderful job decorating! Hope you had luck with cragseasy :)XO

  15. Anita, I love the way you used all these natural elements throughout your home... beautiful! I see a couple of other things I like too, like the vintage window (of course) and your chippy white fire screen... lovely!
    Have a great day!
    xo ~
    Jo :)

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love your wreath. Such a good idea to tie all three together like that.

  17. OHHH! I love it all especially the branches on the mantel, loves it!! By the way, thank you for the Halloween wishes, I know I'm late in thank you, sorry about that :(

  18. I love the willow, I've been trying to find something just like it but didn't know what to call it. I was wanting to try doing something similar to this and I think your willow is prettier than the wiry branch in this picture...


    Anyhow, I'll have to keep my eyes out for something similar to your willow. You did a beautiful job with it!

  19. Niiiice collection of all things twigs, my friend! Love the silver bucket thing, you know, the one that Kolein was yelling at you about. Does she yell alot? She kinda scared me... ;)


  20. You really do a great job of accessorizing. I love the willow branches and I love that enamel tray you scored.


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