Chocolate Cake

I made a birthday cake this afternoon for my youngest. Chocolate, just like the one I made for his 1st birthday. Funny how that is what he asked for. I always end up with cake bits in my white icing. Too lazy to do a crumb coat so I just went with it and threw some sprinkles on it. But I'm not showing you this to brag about my baking skills. I'm a lazy mom and used a box. I really just wanted to show off my pretty cake stand from Pottery Barn. My sister got it for me as a gift last year. I just love it. I happened to find the cake dome at a thrift store and it fit perfectly. It was fate.

Happy Birthday to #3! It was 17 years ago today that this little guy came into our lives. He was the easiest of all the deliveries even though he came out a whopping 10.5 pounds. I was in labor most of Halloween weekend that year. I could not waddle down the street to go trick or treating so I stayed home and gave out candy. When we finally made it to the hospital I was so grateful for the wonderful nurse we ended up with. She had me laughing the whole time. Maybe that is why  he was such an easy going baby. Tagged along with his brothers to all their games waiting for the day that he too could play. He would go with just about anyone. People were always amazed at how well he spoke. He was a little chatter box. He's more on the quiet side now. And not so little anymore. At 6'2 I have to look up at him now. He only has a year and half and he will be off to college. That will be one sad day for me. All of my kids out of the house. What will I do? I try not to think about that. He still can make me laugh like he did when he was little. He will always be my baby. No matter how far up I have to look.

I will leave you with this Bill Cosby clip. Every parent should watch this among all of his other ones. He's a wise parent. I hope you enjoy. Makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. And for crying out loud, let them eat chocolate cake :)

Bill Cosby Chocolate cake

see you later,

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  1. how sweet that he still wants your chocolate cake after all this time! :)

  2. Wonderful and so stinking sentimental....I can't even imagine...my boys are 10 and almost 7.

    Cute cake, too! Love the stand!

    And as far as Bill C. goes...well, we were sitting here a couple of Saturdays ago listening to him and laughing ourselves silly!!!! Love him!!! Have you ever heard the one he does about Noah??? oh my!!!!!

    Thanks for this post!!! Loved it!!!!


  3. Frankly, I always like box cake better than homemade...I don't know why, I just think it tastes better.

    Wowza I can't believe your guy was 10.5 pounds...ouch. That sure is one cute cake face. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy :)

  4. Haha! Avery had chocolate cake today for her b-day too. Love the cake stand. BTW, he was a big boy!

  5. Well Happy Birthday to #3! Mine is 16 yrs. old and I am right there with you!

  6. Happy birthday to your "baby"! I was an 10 1/2 pounder, too! Yikes! And I love your cake pedestal and dome!

  7. Happy Birthday to your son. I like your cake, stand and cover! Love the video of Bill Cosby. It is definitely a classic.

  8. What a sweet post Anita! Happy Birthday to your baby boy! Your cake looks so yummy and that cake stand is beautiful!

    The Bill Cosby clip is a classic!! It is even funnier now that I am parent!

  9. How sweet that your son wanted your famous chocolate cake. I could go for a slice of that right now! Looks yummy, Anita. Fun cake stand!

  10. Happy Birthday to your baby! Time goes by quickly, enjoy these last couple of years at home.It's so sweet that he requested your cake.
    Love the pretty cake stand.

  11. Wow, that IS a pretty cake stand and dome!! Happy birthday to your sweet boy. And 10.5 pounds?? YIKES! Kids are just the greatest. Hopefully you will get some grandkids soon?! :)

  12. Anita, I just saw that cake plate on the Pottery Barn site and thought how beautiful it was! It is even more beautiful with that lovely cake on it!! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  13. Chocolate cake... and a Pottery Barn cake stand... what more does one need? Very sweet, that your son still requests mom's chocolate cake. My kids are 11,8 and 6. Trying to cherish every moment of it. Love your waddle comment. I had to lol!

    And, the Bill Cosby skit... is the best. My sister and I loved that skit when we were younger. "Dad is great, give us the chocolate cake...: Enjoyed it!

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy! That cake looks delicious and the stand is pretty too!!!

  15. Aw, what a sweet post Anita - and I'm not talkin' about the cake! That is a priceless picture of your little man, though not so little anymore! Ten and a half pounds? Wow!

  16. Time goes waaay too fast, Anita!
    Gorgeous cake stand and thanks for the laughter today. It's been a long time since I have heard this one!

  17. Hi Anita, Happy birthday to your son! I still ask for chocolate cake every year too! Your cake stand is wonderful.
    xo, Sherry

  18. I like the clip from The Cosby Show, where he's eating cake, and suddenly there's a big slice missing, so he puts a paper towel over it and puts frosting over the paper towel, so it looks like the whole cake is there.

  19. How sweet. Isn't it fun to look at the old photos. Your cake plate and dome are gorg, it was fate for sure.

  20. Wahhhhhhhhhhh!
    I only have 2 years with my last one, too, till mine are adults, too.
    Doesn't necessarily mean that they will be gone though, LOL!
    My Alyssa weighed 9 pounds 15 ounces, so I was waddling around, too!
    Happy Birthday to your "little" big boy :)
    P.S. The cake stand is wonderful!!!
    You know I love me some cake! :)

  21. P.S. What were you and your hubby dressed as--You are a something with horns and a yellow dot on your shirt-which probably means something, and he is an animal with a snout?
    I do not know. I give up.

  22. Happy Birthday to your Big Man! None of my girls are taller than me. I can't imagine how that must feel. And as undomesticated as I am, I adore cake plates. I collect them. Now, if I would just make some cakes.

    My parents owned all of Bill Cosby's albums growing up. His, "To Russell, my Brother Who I Slept With" is just absolute comic genius. Love the man.

  23. Happy Belated Birthday to #3. Both the cake and the stand look divine. This post was written with so much love...very wonderful.

  24. I can not believe how perfectly that dome fits that pretty cake stand.
    I love that photo of your son. I have one just like it of each of my boys. :)
    ♥ maureen

  25. Hi Anita, I came across your blog while looking for cake stands and I love yours. What kind of icing have you used on the cake? Looks very pretty with sprinkles on it.


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