Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween everyone! Thought I'd share a few of our Halloween pasts. Lot's of fun making the costumes and going trick or treating. Scaring the bejesus out of people. A lot of the costumes got past around. The little devil, Superman and the Ninja Turtle were all big hits. Wish you could see the turtle shell. My kids still talk about that one. Time goes so fast. Enjoy them while they are little.

#2 and #1
#1 and #2

#2, #3 and #1
(did I not have windex??)

#2 and #3
The scarecrows have a history around our house. Every since #1 was little we would put up a scarecrow in the yard. Same clothes, just restuffed every year. Then when #2 was about 8 he dressed up as a scarecrow for a party. The following year my husband dressed as the scarecrow and he would sit in the place of the fake stuffed scarecrow that had been sitting outside our house for the past week or so. I would sit outside to give out candy and put the bowl in the lap of the scarecrow, my husband. They would assume it was the fake one that had been outside. Then, I would tell them to help themselves. They were so excited to grab what they wanted. Then my husband would jump and say, Don't take too much! Oh the screams! Mostly from the parents. Fun times. We would not do this for the little ones. We are not that cruel.

#2 and #3 again a few years later.
And the torch of the live scarecrow gets past down to the kids. The chainsaw was added, without the chain, when the kids were older. Nothing freaks people out more then the sound of a chainsaw. It was hilarious. Some times we would have both scarecrows out and the live one would tie fishing line to the fake one to make that one move. Then people would really be confused.

Here is me and hubby two years ago. Can you guess what we were dressed as? Let's see if someone can guess. I'll let you know tomorrow.
Have a frightfully fun night!

see you later,

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Wacky Weather

Okay, so what's up with the weather? I think someone needs to wake up Mother Nature and inform her that it is FALL and not summer. Remember this old commercial? Well what about us? It's not nice to fool with us either. I had a taste of Fall for about a week. A week. I got to wear jeans twice. I'm back in shorts. It's hard to feel Fall-ish when you are in shorts. I hear that it's going to cool off. We will see.

The humidity is unreal for October. My hair now looks like this. I'm going Friday for a hair cut. I hope it helps. My face is oily again too. I don't think the hair cut will help with that.

Although frizzy, I would love to have this much hair.

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101 Uses For Shutters

Okay, so I only have two. But that just sounded so much better no?  I have shown my bifold shutter door turned hall tree before but it was awhile ago. I thought I'd show it again for those that may have missed it. I made this for my previous house in GA when I didn't have a lot of foyer space. It fit nicely next to the door to drop off mail or keys. Then we moved here and what do you know, no foyer again. One day I will have a foyer. But in the mean time, this was a good solution to place in the narrow hallway that leads to the kitchen.

I gave it a bit of some Fall decor. It wasn't until I saw the pictures that I realized I did not swap out my summer ribbon on the mirror. Isn't it amazing what you see once you take a photo of it. Aside from the dust I mean.

Shutter set number two was made into this shelf. I currently have it by my front door. I talked about it here. I managed to get one recent shot before my camera died.  The rest are from the summer.

I love the old warn red wood on these. I would love to find more with this kind of age to them. You don't see the star and the moon cut outs on shutters much anymore.

So those are my 101 ways to use shutters. Or two, whatev.  Help me fill in the other 99 and let me know what sort of things you have done with shutters.

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Bucket Head

Bucket head is a term of endearment around our house. Started out when my oldest used to wear one of those McDonald's Halloween buckets on his head like a hat. Back when McDonalds used to give out good crap. Do you know I still have all of those buckets. Yep. Some things I can't get rid of. 

So anyway, I saw these galvanized farm buckets on craigslist the other day. I happened to mention them to Yanet from 3 Sunkissed Boys in an email convo that we were having. I said to her that I wasn't sure if I needed them. She said to me...Of course you don't NEED them!  What does that have to do with the price of eggs? Well that cracked me up! And duh, she was right. She's one funny lady that Yanet. And smart too. You must go visit her blog. She has tons of talent and she is full of creative and new ideas. Not to mention she takes wonderful pictures. Her boys are adorable and I like being reminded of when mine were that age. Time goes too fast people, relish the time you have with your kids when their little no matter how crazy they make you.

Boy I'm rambling a lot today. Must be all of this perimenopause crap running through out my body. Loads of fun. Just wait, all you young and fertile chickies. And NO it's not menopause yet. Dr. Oz said so. Most of the time I am not bothered by it but some days I am just off. I am so off today.

I got the buckets. I really like them. Two are 10 qts and 2 are 8 qts. I might plant them up next spring. Or I might sell them in my not yet Etsy shop. Still considering that one. I need to do something. I'm starting to accumulate too much stuff again. So, I met the lady at the Walgreens parking lot. I wish I had asked her if she would take less. Hubby said it was too late to ask, I had agreed to meet her, so I paid the lady and left. What do you guys do about haggling on CL?  Do you or don't you?

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Weekend Fun and Some Exciting News

First up I have some exciting news to share. My little recessed magazine rack made the Top 10 over at The DIY Club's monthly contest!! I was so thrilled to find that out. Especially when you see all the other great projects that made it too. You should go and take a look. I am honored to be among so much talent. Perhaps you could leave a little comment and spread a little love. :)

We had a really nice weekend. Son #2 came for a short visit with his girlfriend. They got to town just in time to see son #3's band march. They had to do an FBA rating thing and got all superiors. Well done Eagle Pride!

Then on sunday we went out on the boat and did a little fishing. There was not a cloud in the sky.

We were 12 miles off shore. We went to a reef so there were a couple of other boats. I was glad to see that. These guys hooked into something big. Look at how low the back of the boat got.

There was an eerie calmness about the water. I was just saying it looked creepy. Like you should see a shark fin gliding through the water. And low and behold one appeared. Wish I had gotten a shot of it. Then this guy showed up. Thank goodness for the dolphins. He hung out around the boat the whole time. He must have brought us luck.

Because this is what we brought home. More was caught but they were under the size limit so back they went. One grouper, 4 red snapper and 1 vermilion snapper.
It was a great day on the water. The water was so clear and it sparkled. Sad to see the two of them go back to Atlanta. Happy that his girlfriend was able to catch her very first fish. It was pretty exciting! Hope you all had a great weekend too.

see you later,

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unrexc: plicrom: tegunt: Just Say No

Lets talk about blogging tips for a moment shall we? Word Verification. These words (lets face it they are not words) are getting a little wacky. I wrote two separate comments today. Rather lengthy ones because I tend to ramble. Word verification sometimes takes forever to pop up so you don't always realize it's there. I closed the window just as it came up and POOF my comment was gone. Even if you see it you don't always get the "word" correct. Won't you please consider turning it off? There has been NO problem with spam for me. Blogger does have spam control now and all spam goes into a folder. Mine has been empty. You can always switch it back if you feel you must. Come on Mikey, try it you'll like it! Okay, did I just date myself?


Here is what you need to do. Go into your dashboard; settings; comments. Your page will look like this after you scroll down:

Where the red arrow is pointing, you click NO. Then while you are there, see the blue arrow? If you fill this out all of your comments that you get on your own posts will go to your email address. You can set up a separate email address just for your blog with gmail. That way all your blog stuff is together and not mixed in with your bills or your emails from your mom. See, easy.

Okay, now since you are in your dashboard there is one more thing that is VERY helpful when you leave comments. That is allowing your email address to be seen by those whom you leave comments for. Otherwise those people you leave comments for get a "noreply" and then they can not reach you. And you want to be reached right?

You just need to go back to the main dashboard and click on Edit Profile. Did you know that if you click on the word Blogger with the orange B it will take you home to your dashboard? Yeah, it took me awhile before I figured that out. Anyway, you will see this:

Just click on the box next to the pink arrow. "Show My Email Address". Now, when you leave a comment and it goes to someone's email box they can read it and just click reply and send you an email back.

If you have any questions let me know and I will help if I can. I'm still learning too. I just like to pass on what I do know. Maybe help make things a little easier for everyone. Feel free to spread the word and pass this along :)

Sidenote: I'd like to thank hubby for showing me how to "print screen". I was trying to take a picture of my monitor with my camera and not getting good results. Doh!  I told you I was still learning.

see you later,


Industrial Bits

I am joining Margo over at Margo's Junkin Journal. She's having an industrial chic party. I would really love to have more. I would love to have a old metal medical cabinet. I am constantly on the look out for one. I just don't come across much of it around here.

My shoe forms (or are they stretchers) that my son got me as a Christmas gift last year. I love that he took the time to go out and find something different for me. The old wooden level is from my father's garage. I recently grabbed when I went to visit my mom.

I have 3 metal trays which I love to use to layer things. The green round one is my favorite but I love the two white ones too. I think they look good mixed in with the silver.

I found this metal cage light at a thrift store. I don't have anything to wire it up with yet so I used it on top of a candle stick for now.

Do you love the look of industrial junk in your home? It blends in quite well with a lot of decor. You should stop by and get some great ideas.

Margo's Junkin Journal

see you later,


Recessed Magazine Rack

Hi everyone. Just wanted to thank all of the new followers that have joined along. I really love hearing from all of you and I thank you for taking the time to leave your comments.

 Let us revisit this little problem shall we?  You can review my slight anger management problem here. So, what does one do when there is a hole in the wall?

One makes it bigger of course. Or one gets hubby to make it bigger. Look what was in there. A metal strap on both sides. I'm no construction guru but this seems excessive to me. This is just a pony wall. He had to work a bit to cut through the metal but he did it. It was opened up as wide as it could be between the 2 2x4's.

This is the bad boy that was used to cut through the metal strap. It's the Dremel Advantage. It's quite the handy tool to have. I must explore it more as it even has a router attachment. It was such a tight spot to work in I couldn't get a picture of it in action.

Then he put this little box together with leftover stuff we had from the half bath. Basically it is just 4 pieces of wood. In this case it's mdf and a piece of bead board for the back. Just measure out the hole that you just cut. Two 1/4 inch holes were drilled in the sides for the dowels which hold the magazines in place. I gave it all a coat of glossy white paint.

He slipped it into the hole in the wall and screwed it to the 2x4's on either side. Then counter sank them so I could just fill and paint. The trim I had to get. I matched up to the trim in the bathroom. The bottom piece of trim creates just a bit of a lip to hold the magazines in along with the dowels. These are simple miter cuts that can be cut with a miter saw or a simple miter box and a hand saw. Fill in any gaps with caulk. Then touch up with paint.

Now I must edit my magazine and catalog stash. It's a sickness. I need help. The ones I will keep will go elsewhere so I don't trip every time I go potty.  Do you have a magazine obsession like me? How do you keep it under control?

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