A Fish Fight

We finally have sun today! It’s so nice to see blue skies again.
But it did get chilly again too. I don’t mind as long as there is sun.

6 image template horizontal 

It was cloudy the day when I went to the dock with my husband. He did a little fishing and I brought my camera. I was hoping to get some shots of the osprey that hang out down there. I had actually forgotten about these pictures until I saw this shot of an eagle on Michelle’s blog.

photo from Emerald Cove

Isn’t that a great shot? She has a whole lot more photos of these magnificent creatures. Michelle took these shots at Lake Michigan. It looks like a gorgeous area.

After looking at her wonderful shots, I remembered about the day we went to the dock. 
I had to wait a bit but then I saw this.

osprey fish2_edited-1

I had just put on my new lens and I was fumbling trying to get this shot!
I was so excited to get it and then I realized that the osprey had company.

osprey eagle_edited-1 
osprey eagle3_edited-1

Someone wanted that fish!
  osprey eagle4_edited-1

osprey eagle2_edited-1 

It was amazing to watch.

We had heard there were eagle nests nearby but we had not seen any in awhile.
There was the one we saw last year in the neighbors yard eating something. 
That was freaky because he swooped by so close to us!

osprey eagle5_edited-1

The osprey drops the fish but I don’t know if the eagle got it!
I just kept snapping away hoping I captured something.

rusty hinge_edited-2

I’m glad he found this fishing spot. I’ll be back for more pictures on a warmer and sunnier day.

The sun did start to come out just before we left.

The osprey was off to find some more supper.

Hope you stop by Emerald Cove and see her great shots too.

Have a great week.


Mushroom Risotto



Okay, this is a first for me. I am blogging from my iPad using the blogsy app.

So we shall see how it goes.

It's only taken me 3 hours to figure it out. Okay, maybe 2. Also, I used my new phone to take the pictures. I wanted to see how it did. Plus, I was too lazy to go upstairs for my camera.

I decided to make some risotto for my two guys for a Valentine treat. 

And I thought I'd show you how easy it is to make. 

#3 son has a cold and it's a real comfort food. 

No one makes it as good as my mom but I try to get close. The thing is, my mom does not have recipes. She sort of throws stuff together like a magician. I started with a recipe from the food network and tweaked it a bit. It calls for dried proccini mushrooms and my mom uses them as well. I just always seem to forget them. 

Here is what I usually use.

1 onion

2 or 3 cloves of garlic

2T of fresh thyme

2T fresh parsley (I had to use dried today)

2T butter

2 packs of mushrooms (I used a mix)

2 cups of arborio rice

White wine

Olive oil, salt and pepper

Parmesan cheese

8 cups chicken broth, low sodium

I simmer the broth on the back burner while I sauté half of the chopped onion and garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil until translucent. Then I add the mushrooms, herbs and butter until browned. Salt and pepper to taste. Then I remove the mushroom mixture.

In the same pot I added two more tablespoons of olive oil and sauté the rest of the onions and garlic. Add the rice and stir quickly to break down the starch. Only for a minute or so. Then add about a half a cup of wine. Make sure you have some to sip as well because you'll be standing and stirring for a while.  

 Stir until the wine is absorbed. Then add one ladle of broth at a time, letting each one absorb before adding another. Keep the heat about medium so that it doesn't evaporate too quickly. 

 It will get thicker and creamier. You don't want it mushy, it should be a bit firm and very creamy.

Then add the mushroom mix back in. I leave out all the mushroom liquid because it muddies it. 

Add about half a cup of freshly grated cheese, stir til melted and you are done!

 Garnish with more cheese of course.

I've also used Romano pecorino. Which is why I like to use low sodium broth. Some cheeses are more salty. I do like to use fresh cheese and fresh herbs when I can. 

It is so good! 



Shrinking Sweaters
Is Not Always Bad

I have a new obsession.
It might seem a little odd since I live in Florida.
But I can’t help myself.

felted sweaters2b

It’s wool sweaters!

I am addicted to felting the wool. Have you heard of felting?
Just think of that nice cashmere sweater that your husband threw in the wash.
And it came out looking like something that would fit a toddler.

He felted it for you!

felted sweatersa

These are all nicely felted and ready to be made into something else.
The great thing is, you can cut them up and they don’t unravel. 
Sometimes they need to be washed more then once. 
Hot wash, cold rinse. I throw in an old towel to help with agitation.

sweaters to felta before felting

I keep searching for different colors and patterns.
I even found a hounds tooth wool skirt in some great earthy shades.

orange sweater2

I’m loving the orange in this sweater.
Here it is after I washed it. Fuzzy softness.

Some I will put aside for projects next fall. 
Hey,I’m stocking up.

pearl sweater_edited-1 

This one had these amazing pearl beads sewn onto the front.
I removed them before washing so it would shrink evenly.


Now I am searching for some bright and fun colors for spring and summer.
sweater collage_edited-3

I found just a few at Goodwill yesterday. 
Half off day!
I wish you could feel the softness. :)


Guesting at Primitive and Proper Today!

I am visiting Cassie at Primitive and Proper today.


Come by and see me!

Also, I added some handmade items over at Skyland Drive.
Some sweet smelling lavender sachets. 
Swing by and get a better look. 

Can't believe it's the weekend already. Not that I'm complaining.
Hope you have a fun one!


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