What A Pain In The Neck

So, I pinched something in my neck the other day. Not really sure how. I now feel like Dwight here. Hard to get the motion in a photo. He's a bobble head.

It could have been from all of this trim priming and painting. I am bending and squatting and twisting in all sorts of ways to get every little edge covered. And the sad part of it all, I haven't finished. I ran out of primer. I had to move on to the top coat. Which is fine, I have company coming in two days. One...Two. Do you know what my house looks like right now? Ack. Let's not go there.

My bobble head could be from the dreaded Shred video I've been trying to do. That Jillian chick is just evil.  Do you know what she said to me today? "I want you gargling your heart when this two minutes of cardio is up." Excuse me? Gargling my heart? What kind of person says this? Um, evil incarnate, that's who.

Let's just add a couple of more things to do today.What the heck. This is getting some paint.

Just a peak of this. It's on my porch but I may have to drag it inside. Mosquitoes are on attack.

And my son is still in bed. I better wake him up. It's almost time for dinner!


For The Love of Paint or Me

I'm still here, painting away. Mostly trim work. I've used over a quart of primer on baseboards, doorways and spindles. 

The stairwell walls still needed to be painted and hubby was not too thrilled about getting that done. It involved tall ladders leaning precariously on stairs. Something I am not coordinated enough to do myself. We didn't have enough paint left from the family room. As I am standing there with a paint brush in my hand, covered in primer, shower? Um, that would be a no. Hubby asks me....Are you going to Home Depot for more paint? NO, I say sweetly. Why? he asks so stupidly. Because I'm painting, I shriek like a woman possessed.  Silence. Henry looks at him as if to say, are you insane? I mean really, when will they learn? No really, when?

So after some groaning from the one who balances well, he went for more paint and we he got it done. And just as we he was finishing off the upstairs hallway (it all connects so it had to be done too) look what I saw on his back.

Okay, it's a little gross, sweat and all, but I couldn't help but laugh. Love is what got him on that ladder. Maybe a little fear too. But mostly love I'm sure.


Getting Primed

Finally got around to priming my trim. It is the most tedious job. But it's looking so much better. When I asked son #3 what he thought he gently asked. You're not done are you? No brainiac, it's primer. Squint your eyes and envision it with paint. So, we sat there with our eyes all squinty and it looked so good.

This is as far as I got. Then I ran out of primer. I do like the 1-2-3. So I have to make a run to the Depot. It's early. I need a second cup of coffee first. I had to use my flash because it's so darn early. The birds are still sleeping for crying out loud. The flash probably really ticked them off.

Henry is a bit annoyed with it all. He'd rather sleep in.

But I need to get back to this. So I am off for my supplies. I might as well drop in at GW too. It's just down the street. I don't really find a lot at that one but hey, you never know.


What I Love About My Home....

I first read Janice's post on what she loved about her house. It was so lovely and her home so charming. I then read Grace's post. She also wrote a wonderful post on all the things she loved and showed us her beautiful home. Grace was doing a round up of other posts and I wanted so much to join in but I was really struggling with the "love" part. I've had a love/hate relationship with this house since we moved here. I wouldn't say this is my ideal house. Sometimes I wonder if we should have rented until we found more of what we wanted. But we didn't. And after leaving a house I did love I had to remember again what makes a house a home.

When we put our home in GA up for sale it took less than a week to sell. So, we were a bit pressed for time to find a house. We had to get our youngest registered for school. We knew we wanted a smaller house with a pool and it had to have room for a boat. So, that narrowed things down. We ended up with this house after seeing it once before. I knew it would need a lot of lightening up since it had all of this stained wood. Nothing was painted. They had just put in all stainless steel appliances and granite but did not do anything to the cabinets. More paint is needed. So, while I love my appliances, I have no pictures of the kitchen. Not until I do some painting. I do however have a pretty nice view of the pool from my couch.

 Which Henry enjoys as well.

Flowers and shells always make it feel like home.

We moved here a year ago due to my husband changing jobs. It was a hard move for me to make. Everyone kept saying I should be used to it by now since we had been in the military and we have had our share of moves. But this was the first time we were moving and two of our kids were not. I think that left me in a funk for awhile. I did work on my bedroom pretty quickly. Only because it was covered in wallpaper that made me nauseous. It had to go if I was going to sleep well!

My hall tree with a peek into the family room.

Keeping treasures around that remind me of the ones I love even if they are no longer with us all the time.

I love this house for what and who is inside it. Family and friends and my treasures. It has just taken me awhile to get here. I'm making progress. While I work on painting and decorating to make the house something I love more, I began to realize that I love the home that it is already.

Pictures were taken my son #1 except for the bedroom and hall tree.Thanks.

My Jewelry Hanger From The Purple Pea

I wanted to show you all the jewelry holder that I won from The Purple Pea. Isn't it cute? Kristina made it herself and she has many other great projects so please stop by and take a look. Thank you again Kristina for having the giveaway!

Son #1 took the photos for me. It was in a tight space and his talents out number mine in the photography department. As well as his camera equipment. But I do believe his creativity come from me. All those days of markers, crayons and glue sticks paid off.  You can check out his work at Justin Hadley Photography. He also has a blog which is on my blog list on the side bar.

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Southern Hospitality Giveaway

Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality is have a great giveaway. But really, if you are too busy to go over and have a look, I will understand. All the better for me to win!

southern hospitality


Tuuuuubing and A Coastal Charm Giveaway!

It was a beautiful day out on the water yesterday. Son #1 came into town for Father's Day. He went fishing with his dad early in the morning then #3 son and I met up with them so they could do a little tubing. They, not me.

#3 son showing his moves

Son #1 did stay on the longest until he finally wiped out.

We passed this wonderful house on the Boggy Bayou with these two cute little boys fishing on the dock. The house had this huge screened in porch on the bottom and a big deck up top. I just had to take their picture. Of the house and the kids. They probably thought I was some strange old lady. One still had his little baseball uniform on and they were yelling out Happy Fathers Day to us. I'd love to have a house right on the water like that. 

Then we went fishing again off the shore. Well, they did, I took pictures.

Another beautiful day on the Emerald Coast. So far so good with the oil. We did have some tar balls wash ashore on Okaloosa Island but the beaches are all still open and the boys were able to get through the pass to go into the gulf to fish during outgoing tides.

I also want to mention that Linda over at Coastal Charm is having a giveaway. A Coastal Living magazine subscription. Wow wonderful is that? Very! She also has some news about a free Jimmy Buffett concert that is going on July 1 on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores AL to bring awareness to this horrible BP mess. She may be in AL and I may be in FL but we are Gulf neighbors just the same. Just click on the Love the Gulf button below and it should bring you right to Linda's post. She has more info on what is going on down at the beach concert. You can enter the giveaway and spread the love of the gulf at the same time! So go, spread a little love today.

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Two Tiny Tables

I have had these two little tables for quite a few years. I got them on a sisters trip to NC where we all came back with a  crazy amount of tables for some reason. I think I had 4 tables myself. But they didn't fare well on our move here to FL. We were using pods and it was like 175 degrees out and we just wanted the whole thing over with.

I realized I didn't have a before pic of this guy until I started on the leg. This shot reminds me, I need to get that trim painted. Oh, and you can see part of my dark (in need of paint) cabinets.

 Supplies I had on hand for the job.

 Here they are all painted up. They are two different colors. It decided to rain today when I needed to take pictures so it was difficult. I don't normally have tables on my hearth but it was where the best light was since I have skylights in there. But they also give me shadows.


This one is taller and I used a silvery blue on it. I had a quart of it and I'm not sure why I never used it. I rather like this color. I gave it two coats. Then used some burnt umber and glaze mixed together and put it on are the little appliques then wiped off leaving it just in the nooks. I also put some glaze mix on the edges that I sanded a bit.

Then I used some white glaze on top of the applique so that they stood out more. There is one above each leg. This one will go at the end of the hall.

This little guy got paint with what was left of a sample of some BM paint. I had about half of one of those little jars and I had just enough. Could of used a tad more but I made it work. I'll put him next to the couch in the family room.

Instead of the burnt umber I used just the white glaze on this one. No sanding, just got it into all those little grooves. I know it's hard to tell. It did give it a nice sheen and a bit of a white washed look. If you make it bigger it might be easier to see.

Can you see the difference in the colors of the paint? Darn those shadows!
A little more life into some beat up old tables. I have more tables to do. I'm thinking white.

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