Two Tiny Tables

I have had these two little tables for quite a few years. I got them on a sisters trip to NC where we all came back with a  crazy amount of tables for some reason. I think I had 4 tables myself. But they didn't fare well on our move here to FL. We were using pods and it was like 175 degrees out and we just wanted the whole thing over with.

I realized I didn't have a before pic of this guy until I started on the leg. This shot reminds me, I need to get that trim painted. Oh, and you can see part of my dark (in need of paint) cabinets.

 Supplies I had on hand for the job.

 Here they are all painted up. They are two different colors. It decided to rain today when I needed to take pictures so it was difficult. I don't normally have tables on my hearth but it was where the best light was since I have skylights in there. But they also give me shadows.


This one is taller and I used a silvery blue on it. I had a quart of it and I'm not sure why I never used it. I rather like this color. I gave it two coats. Then used some burnt umber and glaze mixed together and put it on are the little appliques then wiped off leaving it just in the nooks. I also put some glaze mix on the edges that I sanded a bit.

Then I used some white glaze on top of the applique so that they stood out more. There is one above each leg. This one will go at the end of the hall.

This little guy got paint with what was left of a sample of some BM paint. I had about half of one of those little jars and I had just enough. Could of used a tad more but I made it work. I'll put him next to the couch in the family room.

Instead of the burnt umber I used just the white glaze on this one. No sanding, just got it into all those little grooves. I know it's hard to tell. It did give it a nice sheen and a bit of a white washed look. If you make it bigger it might be easier to see.

Can you see the difference in the colors of the paint? Darn those shadows!
A little more life into some beat up old tables. I have more tables to do. I'm thinking white.

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  1. I love the shape of those tables. They make cute accents around the home. Your blues are beautiful!

  2. Your little tables look great! You did a wonderful job of capturing them and you can tell the difference in the colours. Well done! xx

  3. Awesome makeovers...beautiful colors! Luv the size of these tables...they fit in just about anywhere. Hope you have a great weekend:)


  4. Your tables look fabulous!! Love the color on them. I have some projects in the work and I've been well lets say not excited about them, you have given me a little push :)
    Take care

  5. I love your tables! Those shades of blue are glorious!! Love the antiquing finish too. Great job!

  6. Beautiful little tables--they have lovely legs!
    thank you for giving me some ideas, yet again--
    I wish I had more time in the day and more paint!
    I like the shadows, it gives depth to the image!
    I also like your fireplace screen :)
    Hugs to you sweet thang!

  7. Hi Anita,
    your tables are just adorable! the colors are perfect! And I really love how you added the wooden applique, too. I bought a bunch of wooden appliques at Hobby Lobby this week (40% off!). They add so much interest! thanks for the great idea about painting the trim around the glass block wall. I had never thought of that, and you are right! I think it really would make it stand out less!

  8. Thank you all for your sweet comments! The appliques were already on the table I just glazed them a bit.

    The fireplace screen was 3 separate pieces that I got at an antique market and hinged together.

  9. I love your tables they are so versatile...would go great in any room. They are my new favorite color since I have been redoing the condo.
    Have a great week-end.

  10. Anita... your tables look great! They have a cottage look... love that!

  11. Great to see the difference that a glaze can make. Thanks and pictures were great.


  12. Sooo pretty! You simply nailed the shape of the tables to the colour. Both delicate and tell a story. Lovely!


  13. Very cute, I especially like the gray.

  14. Your tables came out really lovely. I have two tables that I have never figured out what to do with, perhaps something like that would work.
    Thanks for letting us see them.

  15. This table is adorable, and I love the color choice. Anita you asked me about that piece outside....I bought that many years ago at a garden shop in South Florida....it rotted and looked like junk that was til I painted it this season. I do see things like this at Hobby Lobby, do you have one?

  16. I love the colors and details of the tables. You did a very good job of painting those.

  17. Great job on these sweet tables. I adore demilune tables ~ you can ALWAYS find a place to decorate with one more! :0)

    Love your choice of colors and the pretty little applique, too!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  18. Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments. Love the paint job on both tables. Great color choice, very fresh and coastal looking! I love those kinds of tables too!

  19. It's nice to keep such treasures over the years only to find the perfect way to transform them.. I love the blue!
    Thanks so much for your visit today.. the "Bar vs Church was funny"

  20. LOVE those tables! Great job! And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Stayed tuned to see what we did with our shutters. I finally got them up. :)

  21. Wonderful colour and redo.

  22. Stunning transformations, love the blues. Aren't you glad you got them out and got painting!!

  23. I really love the shape of the tables. Good job.

  24. The tables look amazing! You did an incredible job on them.

  25. I absolutely love the colors of your tables! They turned out wonderfully. Great job!

  26. wow, just one of those little bitty sample jars was enough? I have two of these tables I trashpicked, one is newer, the other is very old and someone painted it red with pennsylvania dutch designs on it...it is so charming that I can't decide whether to paint over it or not...but the new one, wow, I could just go dig in my garage for BMoore samples and that would be all I need! Thanks!

  27. Lovely! You did a great job bringing out the details.

  28. Aqua is my current color affair, and those tables are just wonderful.

  29. Great job! Perfect color. I really love them.

  30. They are adorable! I love both colors!

  31. This is just too pretty! Love the color!

  32. They look great and I adore that color!


  33. Cute and cute! I love the details and the shape. The colors you chose are beautiful as well...very nice:)

  34. Wow - Anita - Love these two tables. You did a great job with them. And the colors...and the shells...love those too :)

  35. They look stunning, Anita. That sea shell pink with it is genius!


  36. Both of these tables are FABULOUS! I love love the color you painted them and the glaze! Gorgeous! I'm so glad you shared on Funky Junk!


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