There are some great photo assignments out there.
  I really should participate in more of them. 

I did do one called Ten on Ten back in March. 
That was a lot of fun and I had intended on doing it each month.

Intended is the key word here.

Maureen of Cottage 960 and Urban Muser are both doing Week in the Life.
A great way to photo journal your day. 
They have both captured some great images from their daily routines. 
Beauty in the everyday. I love it.
Go check out what their days are like.

I had good intentions to show you my day. Maybe not a week but at least a day.
There is that word again. 

coffe mug2_edited-1

It was a rainy day and I had a hard time with getting some shots.
Then the day sort of disappeared and I had to hurry and make dinner.

I made a pork tenderloin. You’d think I would have shot that. No.

Me cooking? No.

The dinner table? No.

Instead I get this.


As my mother always taught me…
a little wine for the (insert whatever you are cooking)…
…a little for the cook. 

What can I say. I listen to my mom.

But then the rain passed and the sun came out.

I grabbed my camera and we drove down to the point in hopes of getting some shots.

Here are a few.

I was crouching to get this shot and then realized I was in a patch of sand spurs.
Those buggers hurt!

sunset osprey_edited-1
I love watching the osprey in their nest.

osprey trees_edited-1

sea oats 2_edited-1

sunset kayak_edited-1

Not exactly what I intended for the day but not a total loss either.

see ya,



It’s Happy Hour at 3 Sun Kissed Boys

Not FOR 3 sun kissed boys, AT 3 Sun Kissed Boys.

I just wanted to get that part straight for those that read fast.

I’ll be in south Florida today while Yanet is on vacation.

I know it’s not the weekend yet but why wait?

This will give you time to get what you need or heck, just have one early.

I know a lot of you are having some major heat.

mojito 3_edited-1

So come by and visit me over at 3 Sun Kissed Boys.

I’ll show you how to whip up this refreshing mojito.

It will cool you off in an instant.

See you over there!



Curb Shopping

Last week went by way too fast.

I had company come in to town and they are looking for a house here.
So we did some driving around. And as luck would have it we spotted something at the curb.


I never find anything good on the curb around here.

Were they really throwing it out? It seemed just fine to me.

We were unsure so I went up to the door to ask. No answer.
So we drove around some more and went back.
Again no answer.

We couldn’t fit it in her car so we decided to wait and come back with hubby’s truck.

You see, there was also this.


A very cool table.

So, later that night hubby and I went back.

Hubby went to the door.
Still no answer.

He’s like, I don’t think it’s trash.

I’m all, it’s on the curb with the yard waste. Of course it’s trash.

After driving around a bit more and after one more knock on the door we took them.
Then we ran them home really fast.

They weighted a ton!

There is a little bit of rot on the back leg so I am sure it was trash.

And no police have showed up at the door.

I’ll work on that back leg to level it out a bit.
See the stick? I need to replace that.


I have been looking for a garden bench and I think this works out perfectly.

I haven’t finished clearing out the planter bed but it will be all mulch where it sits now.
It’s just a little too hot to be clearing it out now.

They look like they had some sort of high gloss on it at some point.

Or paint. You can see it on the table legs. 

What do you think I should do with them?
Paint? Stain? Clear coat?

henry garden

Henry looks like he’s guarding my garden.

Actually he’s eyeballing the mailman.

That’s not what I want you to look at though.

See that little plant to the right? In front of the purple salvia?
That’s my tiny key lime tree.

And guess what I have?


Baby key limes!

I didn’t think that I would get limes until it was bigger. 

The bees are always all over the salvia so I think they did their job with the lime blossoms.

I see margaritas and key lime pie in the future.

Let me know what you think I should do with the bench and table.

I’d love to hear some ideas.

Would you have picked them up?

see ya,



Ironing Ferns

I did a quick little update the other day.
Yeah, I don't iron my clothes but give me some fern and I whip that iron right out.

Remember when I showed you this back in November?


Well it was looking like this recently.

old fern

It had faded. But it lasted quite awhile.

I do like the color it faded to.
It just didn’t seem summery so I just peeled it right off and saved it.
It came off in one piece too.

I thought I’d try a different fern this time.


I grabbed a couple of supplies after finding some fern in the yard.

wax glue

I just ironed the fern between the wax paper. It’s best to use a dry iron.

It doesn’t take much heat.


Peel it off the paper carefully.
Spray it with a bit of glue and just press it on a plate or wherever you’d like.



They stay flexible so you can bend them into different shapes. 


I’m still not sure how I feel about these fern leaves.

It will stay for now. It just seemed to darken a bit. 
I think the iron had some water in it or it was too hot.

But I have a ton of fern in the yard so I can try again and again.

I guess I could try some flowers too.

It’s a quick and easy way to make some white dishes stand out a little more.

see ya,



Coastal Stripes and More Flowers

I have more plants to show you that I rescued from the half dead section.
I mean clearance section. I showed you the watering can pots here.

I could not find the picture of the plants when I first brought them home.

But they were you know, half dead.

Now they are not.


This whole plant assortment was already put together. It was just in a much smaller pot.

And part of it was brown-ish.

 I had these 2 cheap plastic terracotta colored pots and well, they needed something.

So I decided to stripe them.

striped pots

First I primed them both with a plastic primer.  I painted one all white and one all blue. 
Then I taped them off and reversed the colors.

Take off the tape and voila! Striped pots. 

The spray primer for plastics is right there with the rest of the spray paints. 
That way you can use whatever color you want.

striped pot3_edited-1

Gives them a coastal vibe I think

The croton in the back was on clearance but not half dead at all.
I guess they just wanted to get rid of them.

I added a sweet potato vine and a petunia. It’s just not blooming yet.

striped pot 2
I really like the bright green of the vine.

It give a nice bright glow even when there are no flowers.
 striped pot

These guys just needed a bigger pot and a little trim and they bounced right back.


I had someone watching me. He was on the inside of the screen. I hope he doesn’t end up in the pool. We’ve had a few casualties. But I’m not one to pick them up, I leave that for others. Unless their tiny.

Oh, I saw the teeniest lizard the other day. It was so cute. I wish I had my camera on me.


Anyway, now I have 2 more pots full of color for next to nothing really.

I need to get some new plants for my hanging baskets. I lost 2 of them.

I need something that likes the heat.

I will leave you with this shot of Henry.

henry flower

He was outside and came in with this plumbago bloom stuck to him like a bow!
Hmmmm, I wonder if he’s trying to tell me something. :)

see ya,



Visiting Completely Coastal and Rescuing Some Flowers

Today I get to go on a little road trip.
I’ll be over at Completely Coastal visiting with Maya and showing off a few things.

So come by and say HI!

Completely Coastal is filled with coastal inspiration and lots of great places to shop.
A one stop shop so to speak. You’ll love it there.

I've been spending a lot of time outside lately. Before it gets too dreadfully hot to go out there. I have been battling with the mosquitoes though. They are extra tough this year. Fleas also seem to be horrible. Is anyone having problems with them even though your pet is on meds? Ugh, hate it!

Anyway, I got a few new plants for the patio around the pool that I found on clearance at Lowes. Even plants go on clearance. You just have to catch them before they are totally fried. 
Some can be saved, some can not.

watering cans

I came across these 2 watering cans. They were left over from Mother’s Day I think.
I picked out the 2 best ones. Each container originally had 3 plants in it. 
One was dead. The other 2 needed a little TLC.

I really didn’t want a pink can. It was cute but not the right color for the patio.
But I could change that.

blue can


The pot slipped out and I removed the fabric.
Then I painted the watering can in Peekaboo Blue by Krylon which I used here also.

blue can2

I trimmed off all the dead parts and just watered it.
It filled out nicely.

yellow can_edited-1

I liked the yellow can so I left that one.
I added a white petunia to this one. It’s a little slower coming around.
But it will.

I need to trim off the ends so that it fills out more in the center.
It’s hard to cut off the flowers but it really helps the plant in the long run.
Tough love.

yellow can2

They ended up being 1.80 each. The petunia was .99 and the paint I had.
I got 2 nice pops of color for the patio for under 5.00.
I think that was worth it.

I have some more rescued plants I’ll show you soon.
Have you checked out the clearance section for plants?

Now zip on over to Completely Coastal and see what I’m up to over there!

see ya,



A Great Weekend

I can’t believe the week is almost over already.

Wasn’t it just the weekend?

We had a house full for the July 4th weekend and it was so nice.  
My two older sons, son #1’s girlfriend and her son. I love having them all here. 


The big kids were fearless and did a little tubing.

grey boat_edited-1

The little guy was not so sure about all this boating stuff.

He watched them all take their turns while he mulled over the idea for himself.

grey boat2_edited-1

The little guy was brave and conquered his fears and had a blast!  

He did quite a lot of firsts on his visit here.

Jumping into the pool with no floaties.
Touching the bottom.

Big firsts.



Fish were caught.

Fish were grilled.

Fish were eaten.


Some lounging around.


Lots of splashing.


Then the weekend ended with some light painting with sparklers.

I love lazy relaxing weekends like that.

Hope you all had a great one as well.

Now that it’s almost the weekend again can we have a repeat?

Linking up to:
A Beach Cottage: Good Life Wednesday 

see ya,


July 4th Pennant Banner

I know I’m running a little late on this.

But it’s not like there is a July 4th season right?


I just wanted something a little festive to hang outside.

I had no time to go to Joann's for fabric so I just used what I could find.
Which happened to be bandanas.


I wanted this to be fast and easy so here is what I did.

It took me about 30 minutes.

I folded them in half. Used a paper template to give me a general size idea.
Then cut them out with a pair of pinking shears.


Then I took a long piece of jute and folded over the edge and sewed a zig zag stitch.


It went really fast and I wasn’t all that neat about it either.


I hung it on the mantel to get a few pictures.
Tomorrow I will hang them by the pool.


I was going to just glue them but the tacky glue was not water proof.
The sun would have probably softened any hot glue.


I was going to try to find something that was water proof since they would be outside.
But really, for $3, I don’t care what happens to them.

I got 2 strands out of 3 bandanas. Not too bad.

I’ll show you how they look outside after I finish up a few more things out there.

I really wanted striped fabric and I was a little worried they looked too western.

Oh well.

The old west seems very American to me. :)

update: I have kept this banner up all summer. It's hanging by my pool and I've loved it!

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Funky Junk Interiors: SNS 88 and SNS 97

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