Cyber Shopping!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! 

I am not one to go out to all the stores on Black Friday. Are you?

Red Floral Dishes3_edited-1

I’d much rather sit back in my pj’s and shop with the click of my mouse.
No crowds, no wasting gas, no whiny children. Just a cup of coffee and some fuzzy slipper. 
Okay, I can’t guarantee your kids won’t be whiny.

silver footed bowl copy

What would make shopping online even better? 
Why yes, Baileys in my coffee would make it better.
What else?

tennis racket wimbledon3_edited-2


Skyland Drive is having it’s very first sale.

Just enter the code CYBERSALE at checkout for 15% off!!

glass pitcher_edited-1

It will run from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. 
So you will have all weekend to pick out your special treasures.

blue quilted heart_edited-1

But don’t wait too long. 
You never know when someone else will fall in love with the very same thing you've had your eye on.

yellow floral bowl3_edited-1

Did you know that if you follow Skyland Drive on Facebook you’ll get to see right away when I list a new item? So stop by for a visit on Facebook. I’d love to see you over there.

I’ll occasionally post specials on my facebook page just for all of the lovely folks that like my page. And remember if you add your favorite pages to an interest list, it helps them show up in your news feed.

So go, shop and save!

Use CYBERSALE for 15% off



Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be thankful for this year.

Family, friends, health, jobs and home.

tday banner_edited-1

And I’m thankful for all of you! For coming by and leaving me such sweet comments.

It puts a smile on my face every time.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend.




Thanksgiving Tables and Place Cards

I cannot believe how fast Thanksgiving snuck up on me.
I confess. I did not even get any of my fall decorations out. 
I might as well just zip on into the Christmas stuff. But not until we get back home.

thanksgiving place cards 2_edited-1

Right now I’m working on place cards for Thanksgiving.
And if you need a last minute idea, then this is for you.

place card holder 2_edited-1

We just cut down a little sapling from the backyard. A thick branch would work too. 
Then we chopped it up into little chucks with the chop saw. And by we, I mean he.

place card holder_edited-1

And then HE used the Dremel tool to make little slits. 
All he had was a metal cutting disc but I’d recommend one for wood. 
It took a bit of effort which isn't really safe.

Thanksgiving place cards_edited-1

I printed out the cards on some olive green card stock. I downloaded a brush set from Shadowhouse Creations that had a variety of tree silhouettes. Easy peasy. Except for a little printer glitch. There is always a glitch it seems.

Those of you that have been around here for awhile might remember me mentioning our big Thanksgiving feast that we have at my sister’s house in Jacksonville.
We’re down to 24 this year.

candle copy

We like to eat outside under her big old oak trees. But Thanksgiving 2011 was too windy.

table copy

sugarbowl copy

We had to move it indoors and the table overflowed with kids in the kitchen!
I think we were over 30 last year.

Here is what it looked like outside for Thanksgiving 2010.

And then back in 2009 we were able to set up outside as well.

Place cards can be really simple to do. They have to be when you make so many!

place setting copy


I hope we can be back under the oaks this year.

I’ll let you know if the weather holds out!
What are your Thanksgiving plans this year?
Will it be big and loud or small and quiet?

And come back later this week. Skyland Drive has something to share with you all!
Think Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


Empty Nest

It's quiet around here.

We helped son #2 with his big move to Wichita KS. And we all survived!

I passed the time taking pictures out the window.
I shared a lot of these on Facebook so if you follow me there, sorry.

We went through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.
1040 miles.
Through tunnels,

over bridges,

We even went through Transylvania.

I was really happy to finally see some fall colors.

It was so very windy. I found bits of cotton that had blown from the fields to the rest area.

Did I mention the wind?

I'm missing my boy.

No more "What's for dinner?" every day at 5:00.
No more empty milk carton.
No more smelly boy funk in my sewing room.

I think I'll be okay.

He found a great little apartment in the historic downtown.
Lots of great antique stores nearby. I'll be back for a visit!


Guest Post At My Repurposed Life

Hi everyone!

Today I'm visiting with Gail over at My Repurposed Life.
I'll be talking about repurposing some wool sweaters.
Some of you might remember this stocking. 

Yes, that used to be a sweater. Don't toss those moth eaten sweaters! 
It's a great project for Christmas. Which will be here before you know it.

 If you have never been to My Repurposed Life then hurry up!
Gail can teach you a thing or two about building and repurposing.
What a talented lady.

I hope you'll stop by and say hello.


The Little Engineer That Could

Well, the time has come.
Son #2 graduated from GA Tech back in May. He moved back home while applying for jobs.
It's been really hard. He had a job in CA and then it he didn't. Lots of interviews and then nothing.
Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

But there is good news.
 A job has been found!

Yay, Hurray and Hallelujah! 

So it's time for a road trip.

We're heading out to help him find an apartment in Wichita Kansas.
A little further than I'd like but I'm not complaining. It's a job. A good job. 

Anyone from around that area? I've never been there before. 
We used to live in Little Rock but that is about as much of the mid west as I've seen. 
But I do remember that drive from Little Rock to Florida is god-awful! 

So it will be 3 people, 2 cars and Henry. Driving. For 1000 miles. 
And then back again. 




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