Window Frame Memo Board

I finally hung up the ribbon rack I made for the blogiversary celebration we had. You can see the before here.


I have had this pinned on my Pinterest board for awhile. I’ve been wanting to do something similar.

So this old window frame has been lying around so I thought I’d do something with it. Here is what it started out like. Just brown.

window before

The middle piece needed to be glued again. I don’t think it was clamped the first time and the gorilla glue really should be clamped. I used some rope since I didn’t have clamps long enough.

frame glued

First I painted it with some blue paint I had then dry brushed some white on top. Sanded it a bit then added a little more blue back to it. I used a piece of foam core, wrapped it in batting and then with some burlap. I just taped it in the back with duct tape. Then I used jute to make the X’s on the front and tied them in the back.

window clamped     back

I popped into one side of the frame and used tiny nails to hold it in. The other side I stapled on some chicken wire. Then along the bottom I used some pipe clamps I found in the plumbing section. Screwed them into the bottom of the frame and then inserted some jars.


The middle of the X’s were tufted just by using some jute and a needle and bringing it through the foam core. Now I can use tacks or just tuck thing under the jute.


I have room on either side to add some hooks or more jars.


I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the lid and glued on some of the paper I used on the desktop. Then just cut an X through it to run the jute through.

Here it is all together with the desk. The desk was a pretty easy project to put together. If you are in need of a table or desk you can put this one together pretty cheaply.


Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend. The weather has been great. We’ll be going out on the boat if the water is good. I like a calm sea :)

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A Visitor

He’s back!

We seem to spot him in the yard around the same time each year.


I’m not positive it’s the same one.
How fast do they grow? But it’s fun to see them hanging out in the yard.

yurtle copy

#3 son picked him up so I could get a closer shot.
What a grumpy face.

turtle2 copy

He has been named Mikey. My boys were serious Ninja Turtle fans.

Kirsty has 3 boys also. They are so cute! I miss mine being that little. Sometimes. She said they are into reptiles lately so I thought they might get a kick out of seeing Mikey.


Okay, he’s had enough.

He kept peeing. I think that was a sign.

Oh and we picked these.
First harvest this season!


Enjoy your weekend!

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Or more commonly known as the coneflower. At least I think that is what it is. The tag is in the garage and I don’t go in the garage at night because that is when the monstrous palmetto bugs come out. So lets just go with coneflowers okay. I love the bright red and yellows. Apparently so do the bees. Well, I think they are actually wasps. The little buggers did sting me a bunch the other day. I never felt the sting. I thought it was just mosquito bites when they started to itch. Until the next day when it got really red and hot. 
I ended up with a big ole welt on my thigh.

Can this post be any buggier?

One wasp….

one bee_crystal clear

Two- 2 Wasps…ah ha ha ha

two-bees-textured_edited-1 For Texture Tuesday. I used Yesteryear, overlay 38%; Yesteryear, soft light 41%; Photo filter in violet 19% density. I also tried something I learned from Kim Klassen recently. I added a blank layer, brushed with black over part of the large flower and set it on soft light at 48%. It deepened the color.

Three! 3 Wasp….ah ha ha ha…


okay, I’ll stop
I have no more wasps.

I really find the seed heads of flowers so beautiful in their own special way.
So I had to include one. 

For this one I did a levels adjustment, Magenta Filter 28% density, Pour Vous, multiply 53%;
Pour Vous, screen 43%;  Yesteryear, soft light 82%

Lots of different looks from the same bunch of flowers.

And I have veggies ready to be picked too. I think tomorrow might be the day. Waiting for that first tomato to be as red as the flowers.

What’s growing in your garden?

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Old Wooden Tool Caddy

Exams are done for #3 son. Yay for sleeping in tomorrow. I have been so sleepy all day. Not sure what it is. Just don’t have any energy.

I want to show you my recent find at an estate sale. It was a good drive away so I couldn’t leave empty handed. All the pieces I went to see had that ugly SOLD sticker on it. Ugh. But out in the yard I found this old tool caddy.

I have been wanting one for awhile. It was longer then I had envisioned. Almost 3 feet long. And it was pretty dirty as you can see.


I couldn’t decide what to do with it. My first thought was to keep it outside and fill it with geraniums.  But I thought I’d clean it up a bit first and see what it looked like. The veneer peeled off the ends like paper. So they are looking a little newer then the rest of it.


I washed it well and then I took the sander to it. Mostly inside because it had a heavy coating of black gunk. You can see it in that first shot.


Then I waxed it well with some clear wax. If I keep it in the house I may try some brown wax on the ends. They’re bugging me.


It was originally painted white as you can tell from the inside and bits of the outside. I wish more white would have remained on the outside. I thought of dry brushing more on but thought I’d try the wax first.


I’m not sure why it has the hole at each end right under the handle. I love the rusty metal strip that goes all around the ends and the warm patina of the wood.


I’m not loving it on the table. Sort of too big. I just filled it with a few things for the pics. Now if I had a nice long farm table, would that look great? If I can’t find a spot for it then I think it would look just as cute outside. I couldn’t buy a pot for 5 dollars so it was a steal. It would make a cute window box wouldn't it? Maybe I'll put up some brackets on the fence and put it up there. Any other ideas?

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Project Reveal and Winners

Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to come by and celebrate with me, Suzanne and Maureen. It’s been a lot of fun this past year. I look forward to another year and getting to know more of you.

Well there is no beating around the bush since you can see the picture. Yes I did C. I tell you what, some of you should be PI’s. You have some great detective skills. There were 15 correct guesses. That’s almost half of you. Some recognized the bead board. Some the ribbon. Well done ladies, well done.

shelf 2

Here is what it looked like before. Plain and beat up. I added the bead board. Drilled a hole for the dowel and slipped on some spools of thread on the ends. It will be going in the sewing room. I will show that to you another day. Let’s get to it.

shelf before

So out of the 15 correct guesses my winner is:

blogiversary winner
And the 13th person that guessed correctly is:

Congrats Yanet!

For the grand prize of the Home Depot gift card this is what we did.
Maureen was A with 38 comments, Suzanne B with 33 comments and I was C with 33 comments. So we added them up in that order. And the random winner for this group is:

grand prize winner

And the 79th person is:

Congrats to Stacey!

Did you guess Suzanne's and Maureen's projects correctly? Go over there and see who won. Yanet and Stacey, please send me an email with your info so I can get your prizes to you.

Hope everyone has a great week. :)

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New Tenants

I just had to show you guys something.


No, not my messy garage. Look again.


Look what was in my drawer. I was just in this drawer. How fast do these guys work? Maybe I should charge rent. And right on top of the planer. This is not a safe place to be raising babies.

#3 son ran right into them when he was going out to the car. He said he saw 3. Three?  We will have none of that kinky stuff around here.


I tried to take a picture through the window on the door. It’s sort of foggy looking. So I went in the garage and stood there. They chirped at me at first. Umm, hello, I do believe this is my house. But then they just went on with building. It looks pretty done to me. They must be adding an addition. Doing a little remodeling perhaps. She probably got all up in his beak and insisted on a bigger place.


I feel really bad but I’m going to have to move it out of there. Why would they put it right there next to the most used entrance to my house? They are risk takers those little wrens. I think they are Carolina Wrens. There were only 2 that I saw and they were working in tandem bringing in more twigs. I made sure they were outside when I closed the door. I just bought a blue bird house too. If I run out tomorrow and buy a wren house will they just move in there? I wish I could just move the nest in there for them.

What if she is like ready now to lay those eggs? Oh I feel horrible. She could be out there breathing, hee hee hee hooooo, with no place to go. I can just hear her, What do you mean the door is closed? But I need to push now!

Any ideas on what I should do? I hate making them start all over.

Oh and a friendly reminder about the blogiversary giveaway!

striped party button_edited-1

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Hydrangeas Blooming

Hello?  *tap*tap*tap* Is anybody out there?

It wasn’t so bad, the quiet I mean. From blogger being down. I got my plants in the ground. The weather was cloudy. It’s really the best time to plant. Did you know that? Planting in a light rain is less stressful for the plants. Not so much for my hair. It’s stressing big time.


I didn’t get to take any shots of my new plants since the rains came. So I thought I’d show you my hydrangeas which are starting to bloom. Its really amazing since they are is still so small. But this one has 3 large blooms on it. I thought I had killed them. I bought them last year and never got them in the ground.


I have one Endless Summer and two lace caps. And they hung in there. They’re tiny but they are coming back. They looked like sticks after winter was over.  


The lace caps have this interesting flower head. I find them sort of alien like. Can you see the water droplet? I had not even noticed it until I uploaded the pictures.
If I had I would have tried to focus better on it.

I used two textures on this one. Shadowhouse and SKC Photography
The sun was trying to come out and reflected off this leaf for just a few seconds. And then it was gone again. We need the rain. I just wish I had time to plant my big lime light hydrangea. I have been wanting one and found it at a small nursery in town. I can not wait until it blooms.


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