Pendant Lights

We had a nice dinner. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, it was pretty good.
Son #3 put the dishes in the dishwasher while I washed out a pot.

Then this happened.


I think it was the potato peels.  What good is a disposal if there are more things that you can’t put in it then what you can? Potato peels seemed like a pretty easy thing to chop up.

So anyway, while I was being the flashlight holder I thought I would take a really crappy shot of my new lights. We put them in awhile ago but I sort of forgot about them.
Well, I didn't forget. I was not wanting to show you my kitchen.

pendant lights

Why yes, those are paint chips still adorning my unpainted cabinets. I got completely off track in this room. I still haven’t painted the walls either and those darn dreary cabinets keep screaming at me….


Back to the lights. They are these easy to install pendants from Lowes.
Zoomed: Portfolio Recessed Can Conversion Pendant Light with Glass Shade
They just screw into the light socket wherever you have a recessed light.
You can find them without shades as well but these accept a higher watt bulb. I can always change out the shades down the road. I like the brush nickel finish and the white shade give a nice clean look. They give me more direct light and it’s such an easy solution if you are in the mood for a quick change.

I guess I will do a little online browsing for some new cabinet hardware.
Maybe that will give me the kick in the pants I need to get moving.

Do you have any projects that are staring you in the face?
Wish you had a magic wand to wave too?


Facebook, Etsy and Blogs, oh my!

You know you are behind in blog posts when your husband ask when you will post again.

So, while I chat with you all I thought I’d show you some shots I took when we went walking with some friends at Blackwater Creek State Park.


I have been busy trying to get my etsy shop set up and a facebook page for Skyland Drive.
I have the facebook page set up so now I just need to be active on it. I have to get on there and do some liking. Also, I should do some moving around. Those of you who have FB pages for your blogs which I am following, are done so under my personal profile. So, what I may do is like you all again under my FB Skyland Drive page.

tree trunk_edited-1

light in pines_edited-1

Does that make sense? Because I see no other way of doing this. After I go through all of that I will just hide you under my personal profile so your blog updates don’t show up twice in my feed. 
Or will I have to delete you? That sounds so harsh.



And I keep forgetting to link up my items to facebook when I list a new item on etsy. Even though it asks me after I publish it! I see no way of doing it at any other time.


I am learning as I go here. Bear with me.
 I kept trying to share some of my etsy items already published and it will not let me!

no jumping

blackwater river2_edited-1

I had to color my hair yesterday because I gained a bazillion more gray hairs from all of this.
Tomorrow it’s getting cut.

I hope you will stop by and see me on facebook. You can find me here.
Some friendly faces would be great.
There isn’t a lot on there right now but it will get better!


pine trees_edited-1

Oh and one more of this little guy. It was the cutest mushroom I ever saw.
I guess it’s really a toadstool.


I may lose internet for a bit. We are canceling Cox TV so we have to get our own modem for the internet.
And because nothing is easy around here I'm suspecting there will be problems.

Have a great weekend.


A Mom Has Rights

Time for a little bragging.

I can do that.

I’m a mom.

It’s in the rulebook.

Justin Hadley and Rickelle Gurell are two talented Marietta photographers who have recently gotten engaged.

I think I mentioned that my oldest son got engaged. Well, they were both interviewed by a friend for the Marietta Daily Journal Online. It’s a very cute article about the two of them both being photographers and how they make it all work. I’m so proud of them both. They work so hard and they are so very talented. I know their time will come when they will be famous. The little Tom Sawyer in the slide show is Rickelle’s son. He’s a cutie, and loves to model for them. 
Okay, well maybe not love, but he is a trooper!

I also want to thank Cassie from Primitive and Proper.

She was my very first customer at my Esty shop, Skyland Drive!
Cassie bought my rice grain sacks which she plans on making into some pillows. I can’t wait to see them. They recently bought a new house and she is redoing it to fit their style.  If you haven’t seen her amazing furniture transformations you need to stop by and and take a peak.

Oh and I even made one more sale since then. So, yay me!

I know it will take awhile to get going. I will keep plugging along and adding things. I hope the sun will be out tomorrow so I can take some photos.

henderson beach fence sunset_edited-1

I snapped this the other day. I wanted to try out my new lens on some birds. 
But it was so windy they were all hiding.

And thanks for all your input on my new/old birdcage. I think I will be leaving it as is. 
I fear you all would come after me with pitchforks if I didn’t! ;)


Rusty Old Birdcage

How is your weekend going? It’s still chilly here but the sun is out and the sky is blue.
Can’t ask for much more then that.

I got a lot of great gifts for Christmas and my birthday but I thought I’d show you something a friend of mine found at a yard sale for me.

bird cage2_edited-1

She saw it and thought it was something I’d like to redo.

bird cage4_edited-1

But the thing is, I don’t want to redo it. I like it the way it is.

Is that crazy?  

She sounded a little disappointed when I said I loved it like this.

bird cage_edited-1

It has weathered wood trim and scrolly accents on the bars and door.

bird cage3_edited-1

The roof is metal and sort of a blue green color. 
It has bits of rust here and there but still a lot of the great blue green color that I love.

I’m not sure what I’ll put in it. If anything. The door doesn’t open very wide.

So what do you think?
Would you leave it or paint it?  


Why I Love Target

I do, I love Target. I wish it was closer. Living in this tiny town I admit that sometimes I have to run into that blue store when I don’t have time to drive the 20 or so minutes across the bridge to my beloved Target. The blue store in my town is new and small so it’s not horrid as some of the other blue ones are. Yes, some are horrid.

What is it that draws me to Target instead of the other place you ask?
(I’ll tell you anyway)

Exhibit A:
Pajama People

I have never seen pajama people at Target. I’m sure there must be some. But lucky for me I have not seen them.  Don’t get me wrong. I love, LOVE my pj’s. I have been known to lay around all day in my pajamas. I have lots of them. I may even admit to driving my kids to school in pajamas. With my cup of coffee and my huge sunglasses, praying the whole time that I do not get pulled over or that someone doesn’t rear end me. It's a risky game I played but as my kids could tell you, and I'm sure they'd love to, I was always running late.

However, I would never go into a store in my pj’s.

And if you are someone who shops in your pj’s, I’m sorry.
But stop it. 

Exhibit B:
The Noise Leval

photo via dailycaller.com

Target is not loud and obnoxious. It’s calm and soothing. Like a spa, without a massage. 
They should look into that.

I can easily wile away a good couple of hours in Target. Checking the clearance racks, seeing what’s new. Grabbing a Starbucks and sipping as I shop. Not at that other place. Everyone seems so frantic. As soon as I walk in my heart starts racing, I get this twitch in my left eye and I just want out. Maybe it’s so frantic because everyone else wants out too.

By the way, I can so relate to how she feels. My hair looks like that every morning.

One more reason.
Exhibit C:
C  for Clearance!

Those little red clearance stickers still make me giddy.

I found the photo above at this blog called Thrifty and Thriving and she has this page which is all about shopping in Target. Maybe you’ve been there but I thought I’d share in case you haven’t. Not that you need a manual or anything. Click below to read about how Target does their markdowns.

Target has not compensated me in any way to write this. 
Although, they can contact me anytime if feel the need to do so.

Have a great weekend!


Skyland Drive is OPEN! and it’s time to say goodbye to my little friend…

Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to my little starfish. I have been wanting to change it for quite some time now. I worried you guys wouldn’t know it was me. He was a my security blanket.  He’s what you saw when I left my comments. He’s been around since I started my blog.

Yes, It’s a little sad. But truthfully……he was starting to get on my nerves.
It was time for a change. Change is good. And I'm ready for some changes.

Now you will see me!


I’m over there on my sidebar. Under my etsy-mini.

Yes, my Etsy shop, SKYLAND DRIVE, is open!


skyland drive center copy

I have some vintage items listed. It took longer then I had imagined to get all the photos and descriptions done. Plus, the holidays sort of slowed things down a bit. But now that I have a handful of items listed I will plug away at adding more. And I will be adding some handmade items too. It was the initial listing that was stressing me out. Now that it’s over and up and running I feel more relaxed. Not totally, but more so. :)

Thanks you for all of your sweet words of encouragement. I really appreciate it so very much. 
You guys are like my own personal cheerleaders. I love that!

I hope you’ll visit often and see what items I will be listing.

And feel free to spread the word about Skyland Drive!
Thanks so much you guys!


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