Clearance Deals

Howdy ho everyone!
(not sure where that came from)

I just wanted to get out a quick post to show you some recent deals.
My mom is flying in tomorrow so I will be busy this week.
I’m sure there will more shopping to be done.
I think I’ll drag her to the outlet mall. I haven’t been there in quite some time.

Okay. Back to the deals.
I saw these at Lowes in with the summer clearance.

bucket2 copy

They were only 3 dollars! So I got 2.
I went looking at another Lowes for other colors and they still had theirs at 6.
But they did have red and green. I held off for now.

bucket copy  bucket3 copy

The yellow was Fall-ish enough for me.
They are sold as ice buckets. They even came with instructions which cracked me up.

I filled one with some quilts in anticipation of some cooler weather.
One can hope.
The other one might get filled with some fall mums.
(note to self: buy fall mums)

Then I went to TjMaxx and they had a ton in their clearance isle.

bowls2 copy

These were marked down to only 2 dollars. 
I bought the last of the green ones but I like the mix.

bowl copy

I also like that they have a design on the inside as well.

bowls3 copy

So those are few of the deals I found this past week.
I hope to find more when out shopping with my Mom.

Have a great week everyone!  

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Framing Quilts

I showed you some of my old quilt pieces the other day.
I was on ebay looking for a larger quilt and came across these. 
I thought I could find some uses for them.
And I was excited to be the winning bid.

That place can be quite dangerous.

framed quilt copy copy

This has to be the easiest way to use one of the pieces.

You could use any of our favorite fabric scraps.

There are a lot of gorgeous fabrics that would look great framed.

framed quilt3 copy

I had this frame that I picked up for .50.

It was green and had a couple of dents that I filled.

Then I painted it white. I used another sample pot, this one from Glidden called Muslin.

framed quilt6 copy

Sort of too easy to even call it a project.

I just laid it over the frame and popped the back on.  

I didn’t even have to cut it. It fit it perfectly.

framed quilt2 copy copy

I still need to use up the other pieces.

But for now I love the way this piece looks in the cute wavy frame.

framed quilt4 copy

What do you think?

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Newel Post Fern Stand

I remember finding this post at the market in Mount Dora.
You have to buy things early if you want the good stuff.
I had the seller hang on to it until the end of the day.
It would have been a bear to lug around all day.

Rose showed us her post and it was then that I realized that what I thought was the mark from and old number 8 was really where the hand rail had been attached. You can see it on her post.

That was a palm smack to the forehead moment for me.
Ever have those?

pillar_edited-1 copy

It looked like this when I bought it and stayed that way for a long time.
They are great to add a little architectural interest to a rather nondescript space.

pillar before_edited-1

But it was a bit dark in this house so I decided to lighten it up.
Martha Stewart’s Heavy Cream to the rescue.

pillar5_edited-1   pillar3_edited-1

It has these great little details on the corners.

bucket_edited-1 fern_edited-1

I shined up the champagne bucket while I was at it.
I like the mix of the shiny silver with the old wood.
I’m not sure if the fern will stay but I picked it up the other day and it fit right in there.
I'm picturing a big pumpkin or some tall wheat for Fall.

pillar2_edited-1 copy

The post fits into this little corner that is part of my foyer.
And it doesn't take up much space.
I have a very little foyer. I can’t really even call it that.

But I guess I just did.

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End of Summer

Sadly summer is coming to an end. You can feel a change in the air.
But I’m sure we still have some hot and sticky days to come.

With the highs in the 80’s we spent Sunday on the water with some friends.
I was a little late for the sunrise but the morning light was still gorgeous.


bridge sunrise_edited-1

sunrise textured copy
I used a couple of Kim Klassen’s older textures. Chamomile and Water stain.
Kim’s Skinny Mini class is open for registration now. 
It is the best class to introduce you to the ins and outs of photoshop. 
I highly recommend it.  It’s self paced and it’s free!
Kim also has Photoshop Elements class and an Art of Texture class. Go here for more info.

big house
It’s always fun looking at all the dreamy houses on the water.
They recently finished building this one.

dream house
I’ve shown you my dream house before. But lets look at it again shall we.

These aren’t as big but this one has an infinity pool. Don’t know how I feel about the elephants.

house2a copy
This cottage style home caught by eye. The stone fireplace is so pretty.
It even comes with a sailboat.

the enforcers 
The enforcers were keeping an eye on us.

pelican diving  
That is when they weren’t busy fishing.
They were better at it then us. I only caught a fat catfish.

wispy clouds_edited-1

It was a relaxing day and I sure slept well that night.
Hope you guys had a relaxing weekend as well.

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I try to be more aware of the things that get thrown away around here.
I like to repupose things, to see what else they can become.
Give them another life if you will.

I know I’ve shown my sewing room before. 
But since Donna’s themed link up for this week’s SNS is repurposing.
So, I thought I’d point out a few thing of the things I’ve done in here.

sewing table_edited-1
(look, more trim to paint. will it ever end?)

The table was put together with some new wood for the base 
but the top is one of the flat paneled doors that we are replacing in the house.
 All that was needed was to add a bit of trim.
I left the doorknob hole for the cord to go through.
You can see how it was put together here.

memo board_edited-1

The memo board was an old window frame. 
I just added some chicken wire for one side and some foam board covered in burlap for the other. 
You can see how I put it together here.
The ribbon holder was just an old shelf I had picked up at an estate sale.


I added some old jars with some plumbing straps. 
They make great holders for brushes, scissors or a jute dispenser.


Jars are great for holding a lot of things. 
Here I just replaced the top insert with some fabric and stuffing and it’s now a handy pincushion.


I picked these quilt pieces up from ebay the other day.
I’ve been hanging out there looking for some vintage quilts.
I haven’t had any luck winning any big quilts but I did get these pieces.


They are waiting for some repurposing of their own.
What have you repurposed lately?

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The new source book is here…
the new source book is here!

I have been doing nothing the past few days except painting trim white.
So I have nothing to show you guys. It’s just been prime, prime, paint, paint.
The doorways are the worst. But boy is it looking better.

We’ve been putting in all new doors. 
No more flat paneled, stained doors that suck up every little bit of light in this house. 
The difference in lighting is amazing. Especially upstairs where there are not a lot of windows.
I will show you the new doors soon. They have yet to be painted!
But even with just primer they are so much better.

I did get this in the mail the other day.


The new Restoration Hardware catalog.
Oh wait, excuse me…..Source Book.
Yes, It has morphed from a simple catalog to a source book.

Look at the size difference.
(yes, I still have last Fall’s catalog)

RH 2

It’s bigger then my phone book. And heavier too.

It’s 615 pages.

Yes, that’s right, six HUNDRED and fifteen pages!

It’s so big that it’s awkward to hold and flip through.

It is the War and Peace of catalogs.
Sorry, source books.

RH 3

The thing is, they have a lot of the same stuff in it from last years measly catalog.
Same girnomous sized furniture. Same greige tones.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the look of a lot of their pieces.
And I do like things a bit on the larger size. 

It’s just I don’t live in the type of house that most of it could fit in.

RH 4_edited-1

This bed is pretty normal sized. I could swing that.
That is if I had $2195 burning a hole in my pocket.

But this sofa….

Yeah, not so much.

And the enormous birdcage lights are a big no too.
I would need reeeeally high ceilings.

I just think that it was a bit of an overkill sending out a book this size to everyone.
I can’t even throw it in my bag so I can flip through it when I’m out and about.

I could pull a muscle or something.

What about you? Have you seen the new….book?
Any favorite new pieces or is it more of the same?



Photography of the Past

When we made our trip to Atlanta last month I managed to hit a couple of stores for myself.

In between all of the craziness of getting son #2 a bed that is.

One place was The Classy Flea. It a great little antique mall just past the big chicken.
The big chicken is a landmark in Marietta.

Everything is either near the big chicken… 
north of the big chicken…
south of the big chicken…

When you see it you’ll know why.

Anyway, it was a rushed trip but I managed to find some of these neat old photo processing frames.


The other one was slightly different as it had pieces that pulled out on the side.

frame back

This one has these metal latch things on the back.
You turn them and you can open just part of the back.

frame open 2_edited-1frame open_edited-1

I’m guessing so that you can check on the development without exposing the whole print.
Actually son #1 suggested it and it sounded right to me.

I wish I had taken a picture of the other one before I gave it to my son.
It had a loose piece and he said he would fix it.
He better have. I will hound him about that.

Where was I?

Oh yes, it really need a cleaning.  

I use this this stuff called Kramer’s Best.
It’s good stuff.

It cleans really well and then brings the wood back to life.


I love the way they are put together.

See how dry it was?
It would really amaze you on a larger piece of furniture.
No stripping or anything.  It just enhances the wood.

frame corner  papa_edited-1

I had a hard time with the glare.
It looks a little darker in the photos then it really is.


I think it makes a wonderful frame of my father in his Italian Air Force uniform.

I’ll be on the lookout for more of these.



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