Clearance Deals

Howdy ho everyone!
(not sure where that came from)

I just wanted to get out a quick post to show you some recent deals.
My mom is flying in tomorrow so I will be busy this week.
I’m sure there will more shopping to be done.
I think I’ll drag her to the outlet mall. I haven’t been there in quite some time.

Okay. Back to the deals.
I saw these at Lowes in with the summer clearance.

bucket2 copy

They were only 3 dollars! So I got 2.
I went looking at another Lowes for other colors and they still had theirs at 6.
But they did have red and green. I held off for now.

bucket copy  bucket3 copy

The yellow was Fall-ish enough for me.
They are sold as ice buckets. They even came with instructions which cracked me up.

I filled one with some quilts in anticipation of some cooler weather.
One can hope.
The other one might get filled with some fall mums.
(note to self: buy fall mums)

Then I went to TjMaxx and they had a ton in their clearance isle.

bowls2 copy

These were marked down to only 2 dollars. 
I bought the last of the green ones but I like the mix.

bowl copy

I also like that they have a design on the inside as well.

bowls3 copy

So those are few of the deals I found this past week.
I hope to find more when out shopping with my Mom.

Have a great week everyone!  

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  1. these are my two most favorite stores! Great finds!

  2. So how exactly did they say to use that as an ice bucket? That is too funny! I like the yellow~very pretty. The bowls are great, too!

    Have fun with your mom!

  3. Looks like I need to make a trip to Lowe's, I love the ice bucket and the color is lovely.

  4. Oh how cute...love that $3.00 price and you had a great idea for it!!! Have a great time with your mom. I will be taking my mom to Crestview tomorrow to visit with her sister...I hope to do some shopping...making a stop at Homegoods in Pensacola...I so wish we had one here.


  5. Hi Anita~

    You found some wonderful things! I love the large yellow bucket~ and filled with quilts, it is to die for! And those sweet bowls are so cute! I love the colors together, too. :)

    I hope your Monday was a lovely one, and that you have a great night! :)


  6. The bowls are so pretty! Makes me think of cafe au lait bowls! And I love the buckets, so funny they came with directions! Have a great time with your mom:)

  7. Lovely plates. I also like how they have designs inside and out. I try to ignore such deals because I have way to many plates already. Sometimes they are so pretty I can't resist.

    I found your blog via Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.

  8. Instructions came with the ice bucket.. too funny! "Stand upright, put in ice"! Enjoy your time with Mom....

  9. Love the buckets...and they are displayed so pretty with your quilts...I also saw the bowl on sale, but they don't match my dishes :-( they remind me of bowls found in Anthropologie!

  10. Great deals! I love them all! Your quilts are so beautiful and look perfect in the bucket. Have fun with your mom!

  11. wow! you found some great deals! i LOVE those bowls!

  12. One of these days when I actually have some money to spend, I'm heading to Home Goods. I love them, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They are all the same company but each is unique in different things. Great bowls!!!!

  13. Yellow is a colour that I always wish I had more of. I hae a gorgeous yellow jumper and whenever I put it on I feel so happy!

    That gorgeous container in yellow makes me feel just the same! Lucky you!


  14. Aren't you a good bargain shopper! Love your finds. Maybe you should go back and get one of those buckets in red for Christmas :)

  15. That bucket was meant for your quilts.... perfect match!

  16. Anita,
    LOVE the colors ad the quilts and bowls...they all look wonderful together. I have an ice bucket that we use for pool toys. It's pretty grungy, but it sure was cute when I first got it!

  17. Those buckets are great! Your quilts looks so pretty in them, Anita. I found a few of those bowls at Maarshall's the other day and love them. I got a couple green and then a couple orange for Fall. I wish they'd had the blue. Have a good visit with your Mom!

  18. Loving the yellow bucket. Is that galvanized on the inside? I'll have to check our Lowes out now. I never seem to hit them when they have good clearance sales.
    Now I did find a deal on fall Mums though. 3 HUGE mums for $12! I was so happy! It was at a local farm stand.

  19. Hi Anita;
    I loooove what you did with the quilts in the bucket! You have such a great eye. I think it's time for me to head south of the border for a little shopping...
    Thanks for your encouragment over at home sweet nest! I really appreciate all the comments - especially as a new blogger! I'll be following you too!

  20. Hi Anita, The bucket is perfect for Fall decorating and I love your new bowls. Have a great time with your mom.

  21. What wonderful finds! I love the yellow bucket - I think it is perfect for a bit of Fall charm. Hope you have fun with your mom. :O)

  22. I'm generally not much of a "yellow" person but I love that bucket ... in that color! I also love a bargain and spend WAY too much time at TJ Maxx.

    I'm so impressed with your finds.

  23. I saw those buckets at Lowe's too. (although i didn't stop to see the price) Love them. I also saw some in darker colors today at WallyWorld (shhhh don't tell anyone I was there)Your quilts match perfectly with the bucket. Nice find.

  24. What pretty bowls! I like the yellow bucket too. Of course I love he quilts in the bucket even more. :)

  25. Hi Anita - just stopping by to say hello and see what you have been up to. I'm a little backed up on my blogging - trying to catch up this weekend. Hope all is well. Have a great weekend.

  26. Hi Anita, That bucket is a great find. I can imagine all sorts of wonderful things going in there. I love the quilts all ready for the cool weather!

  27. The bowls are so cute!
    I have to admit, I have a thing for bowls :)
    Have a great visit with your mom and happy shopping!!

    Deborah xo

  28. That bucket would look great filled with ice & Champagne for an outdoor Spring party! When not in party mood then filling it with gorgeous quilts is a perfect idea!

  29. The yellow "ice bucket" is so cute! I like Melissah's idea - hmmmm..... might have to run down to our local Lowe's and see what I can find! Yellow works year-round for me.


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