Photography of the Past

When we made our trip to Atlanta last month I managed to hit a couple of stores for myself.

In between all of the craziness of getting son #2 a bed that is.

One place was The Classy Flea. It a great little antique mall just past the big chicken.
The big chicken is a landmark in Marietta.

Everything is either near the big chicken… 
north of the big chicken…
south of the big chicken…

When you see it you’ll know why.

Anyway, it was a rushed trip but I managed to find some of these neat old photo processing frames.


The other one was slightly different as it had pieces that pulled out on the side.

frame back

This one has these metal latch things on the back.
You turn them and you can open just part of the back.

frame open 2_edited-1frame open_edited-1

I’m guessing so that you can check on the development without exposing the whole print.
Actually son #1 suggested it and it sounded right to me.

I wish I had taken a picture of the other one before I gave it to my son.
It had a loose piece and he said he would fix it.
He better have. I will hound him about that.

Where was I?

Oh yes, it really need a cleaning.  

I use this this stuff called Kramer’s Best.
It’s good stuff.

It cleans really well and then brings the wood back to life.


I love the way they are put together.

See how dry it was?
It would really amaze you on a larger piece of furniture.
No stripping or anything.  It just enhances the wood.

frame corner  papa_edited-1

I had a hard time with the glare.
It looks a little darker in the photos then it really is.


I think it makes a wonderful frame of my father in his Italian Air Force uniform.

I’ll be on the lookout for more of these.



  1. very handsome man, your dad. I've not see frames like this before but I think I will be looking out for them now. They are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! I have never seen that wood cleaner, have to check it out. Love the look!

  3. What a handsome man, your father.
    I'm afraid I was distracted and forgot to look at the frame :-)

  4. It makes a great frame! I think it's perfect for that picture of your dad.
    I'll have to look for some Kramer's~it does great things!

  5. Wow. Your dad is smoking hot. And he does look so Italian!

  6. That is such the perfect frame for that picture! Nice!

  7. Anita, your dad--so handsome!

    And the frames are gorgeous. Those hinged backs are pretty cool and your son's explanation sure makes sense to me.

    I so envy your knack for having an eye for beautiful, unique things.

  8. I've never seen one like that. Now I'll have to be on the lookout (or put my personal shopper to work on it). And it's totally the perfect frame for your Dad's photo.

  9. Oh, look how handsome your dad looks in that photo! I just love old photos, don't you? I think the portraits were wonderful...they have kind of a movie star look about them. I love that frame too. What a good find.
    Tricia :)

  10. Your dad is movie star handsome. Thanks for the Kramer's Best tip.

    Love your blog. You are so creative.

  11. Oh how handsome your father looks! And that frame is wonderful, and I wish I could get some of that antique improver too, I have a few 'antiques' myself that could do with a bit of a clean and polish.
    It is a wonderful little vignette and having your father at center stage makes it all the more lovely.

  12. Good lookin' Italian Man your father!
    How nice you found such a frame for that special photo! Love it!

  13. This is such an interesting find, Anita. Thanks for the tip on the antique conditioner. Totally love the portrait of your father--priceless.

  14. Oh what a YUMMY frame....Yet ANOTHER Treasure to be on the lookout for when I'm in Texas....**wink**....I think I'll also have to grab me some of Kramer's Best too while I'm at it....LOVE the handsome tone it gives the wood....!!!!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah xx


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