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I was in the mood to sew today. It had been a long time. This is what I had on hand to stitch up. (Well, that is not all I have that I could have stitched up) A fabric sample from Joann's and some grosgrain ribbon. I think the ribbon came wrapped around a blanket I got for Christmas.

I only had enough ribbon to make little pleats in the corners. Pinned then basted the ribbon on to the front. Then I just used some solid cream fabric I had on hand for the back. A remnant from Joann's. Pinned and stitched around all four corners but leaving the bottom open.

Stuffed it with a down insert I had and hand stitched it closed. I need pillows for the couch so if I find some I like and they go with this than great. If not, this really didn't cost me anything to make. No biggie. For now, it's better then the plaid one I had on there.

I need to gather what I already have around the house in one area so I know what I have. I'd like to use some of what I have stashed here and there that I forget about. Am I alone? Do you forget what you have too? How do you keep track of the things you are not using so you don't buy what you already have?

Well, I'm down a bit of fabric and some ribbon. It's a start.

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  1. Love te olors in the fabric...lovely. And thanks for stopping by and being one determined lady. I am glad you were able to get to it! Thanks again. I would love to meet you so I wish you could pop over to the shop!


  2. Well done Anita. I am impressed with your cushion you whipped up. Very impressive for using what you've got! xx

  3. That is such pretty fabric.

    You made a really cute little pillow there~well done!

  4. Love your new pillow! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  5. I think that ribbon worked really well for pillow trim. never thought of that before.

  6. I like the fabric, good job.

  7. What a pretty remnant. I'm never that lucky at Joanne's.

  8. Anita.. thanks so much for your visit today.. and your commenting on "The Gulf".. this also had me confused for several weeks until I really started to listen to what is going on! As a business owner your also responsible for the product you sell and that product is hurting many... This is a hard thing to have to think about I'm sure... Just say a Prayer, that's really all we can do...

  9. I love that you used what you had on hand! Beautiful!

  10. I love how you used the ribbon for trim. I didn't know that little pleat trick for the corners. {I try to make things harder than they should be}!!!
    Love the pillows!

  11. Your pillow turned out lovely...great job!
    Thanks for stopping by and for you sweet comment about my kitchen! Go for it...you can paint those dark cabinets and, viola, new kitchen! :)
    Hope you're having a great week! ~ Jo

  12. What a cute blog you have... I'm your newest follower!


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