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Hello everyone! Thought I'd show you some of my recent finds. I went to an estate sale to look at some quilts that I saw in the preview. But they were way out of my price range. Then, I spot a lady holding an old weathered oar. Why did I have to have that second cup of coffee? If I had been 10 minutes earlier I would have snagged that wonderful thing. I wish I had not seen that it was only $8. Oh well. I was about to give up hope on finding something when I came across this beat up old stool. It was only $7 and I loved the yellow paint. I wish there was a bit more of the yellow still showing on the legs but I was okay with it.

The two lower steps fold up into it. I will probably just seal it so it doesn't rust anymore and then use it for display. Not sure if it will go inside or out. Most likely inside for a bit.

Then I headed to some thrift stores and came across these taller milk glass vases. I didn't have any this tall so I was happy to find two. I can not for the life of me photograph them well. Anyone have and tips please pass them along.

Just when I was checking out I spied the picnic basket. Still had the yellow dishes and the removable shelf inside. It will look great stacked with my others.

So what has everyone found lately?

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  1. Love the little step stool. I came across one like that last week, only it was robin's egg blue. I didn't buy it and now I'm mad at myself.

    Those vases are a cool find! I really like the swirly one.

  2. Great finds!!! Love everything!!!

  3. Your tall milk glasses are gorgeous. I am not starting to find those because it seems that it is rare now a days!

    Just cutie

  4. Love the milk glass too. Gorgeous!!

  5. I love your treasures. My folks had a step stool like that when I was little. Their's was red.

  6. I really like that stool. The color is wonderful.

  7. I like the stool and the picnic basket. I love a good picnic, although it's been forever since I've been on one.

  8. Hi Anita,
    That stool is so cool! It would make a really neat plant stand. I love milk glass, too, and know what you mean about it being hard to photograph. Have you tried the "macro" feature? On my camera, it is a little flower icon. And your picnic basket is a fun find, too! You'll enjoy using it, I'm sure!

  9. I too am in love with that stool! So cute!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and your cute comment .. yes we all tend to call the Gulls "Sea Rats"...lol
    I just love the milk glass you found!

  11. Cute finds! Love the step stool/seat. Been looking for a good painted one like the one my grandma had that I used as a high chair. I am always finding rusty ones,, I didn't realize you could just spray with lacquer or something and seal the rust, Might try that. I am weird about the crusty germs left over .

  12. I got a picnic basket with those same dishes at a garage sale for $5. My dishes are avocado green and yellow - too fun!

  13. I have a red step stool. It provides instant charm wherever I put it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh my gosh I love the step stool. So cool!

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog and I'd love it if you stopped by.

    Laura @ along for the ride

  15. Love the stool and the basket. Never met a picnic basket that I didn't love. Great finds! Since my flood, I haven't been out hunting. :( Hopefully, I'll get a chance to get out before the end of the summer.

  16. Love that picnic basket! I've been looking for one like that to store a mismatched tea set for my kids.

  17. You milk glass is lovely....I have a few pieces myself, but would love to find more. I have my garage salen party going on now...starts every Friday, would love to have ya! Debbiedoos

  18. Thanks so much Anita....I hope you enjoy the party...there are so many great finds and I have great participants that you will love to get to know. Enjoy.

  19. Wow! That stool is amazing. The paint on it is very cool, don't think I would paint over it either. Just something to seal the "patina" in is the way to go.

  20. I would add more yellow paint to that stool, and then rough it up a little to make it look like it belonged there. And don't fret - white objects are notoriously harder to photograph.

    Lets see, this week:
    Yard sale: ($10)
    Tons of candles and picture frames
    long wooden tray (want to fill it w. white candles with little shells around them)
    French Provin. style waste basket...made out of wood, gold and white paint
    Antique Thonet bentwood chair (made for cafes and icecream pallors) Now I have 3!

    Farmers market:
    Doilies (2)
    chalkware 8" St Ann statue
    Vintage print (1910) of the Holy Trinity
    aqua blue canning jar w/ zinc lid

    10" chalkware Sacred Heart Madonna statue
    very old brass candlestick with sailing ship design (awesome)
    8 cake plates, pink transferware, made in England

    Bar stool with swivel seat, old
    new glass lamp (looks antique)

    Chalkware St Bernadette (8") should be here any day...

    Given to me by
    Elderly neighbor moving into smaller place:
    Pair of Noritake bone china Mandarin ducks made in 1940's (go for about $200 on ebay, not that I'd ever sell)

    And I think thats it, though I may have left out a few items....hey, you asked!!


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