Bucket Head

Bucket head is a term of endearment around our house. Started out when my oldest used to wear one of those McDonald's Halloween buckets on his head like a hat. Back when McDonalds used to give out good crap. Do you know I still have all of those buckets. Yep. Some things I can't get rid of. 

So anyway, I saw these galvanized farm buckets on craigslist the other day. I happened to mention them to Yanet from 3 Sunkissed Boys in an email convo that we were having. I said to her that I wasn't sure if I needed them. She said to me...Of course you don't NEED them!  What does that have to do with the price of eggs? Well that cracked me up! And duh, she was right. She's one funny lady that Yanet. And smart too. You must go visit her blog. She has tons of talent and she is full of creative and new ideas. Not to mention she takes wonderful pictures. Her boys are adorable and I like being reminded of when mine were that age. Time goes too fast people, relish the time you have with your kids when their little no matter how crazy they make you.

Boy I'm rambling a lot today. Must be all of this perimenopause crap running through out my body. Loads of fun. Just wait, all you young and fertile chickies. And NO it's not menopause yet. Dr. Oz said so. Most of the time I am not bothered by it but some days I am just off. I am so off today.

I got the buckets. I really like them. Two are 10 qts and 2 are 8 qts. I might plant them up next spring. Or I might sell them in my not yet Etsy shop. Still considering that one. I need to do something. I'm starting to accumulate too much stuff again. So, I met the lady at the Walgreens parking lot. I wish I had asked her if she would take less. Hubby said it was too late to ask, I had agreed to meet her, so I paid the lady and left. What do you guys do about haggling on CL?  Do you or don't you?

see you later,


  1. Great post! WOW!!!! I Love the buckets, and what a great find. I've never shopped on CL, will have to check it out. The way I see it, junk addiction is a good thing. :)

  2. I just made my first CL purchase, and after the seller agreed to hold the item (chair) until I can get there to pick it up, I asked if he would accept a bit less. He said no. Oh well - still a great deal! And I tried. But I think that before you go is the time to haggle - decide on day, time and price before even going. Then each party knows what to expect and everyone's happy (hopefully!).

    Love the buckets - good find!


  3. Hmmm, are you going to leave them as is or turn them into a fun little project???


  4. Yanet was right. The buckets are so cool. I read her blog too. I like yoru rambles. This premenopause thing could be entertaining for your readers. Watcha gonna do with your buckets? I have bought 3 things off of CL. I never haggled. I have sold 2 things on CL. One person haggled with me.

  5. Hey Anita- Love your ramblings!! :) Too funny, I have a picture of my oldest wearing one of those Mcdonalds Halloween buckets on his head too!! Boys!!!! I love your buckets, I know what you mean about need... but they are darling! I do haggle on craigslist.. but usually ahead of time or when I go to take a look at the item. If the buckets were not what you were expecting, you could offer less, but then again, the lady met you so it's kind of hard to do then. Enjoy them! :)

  6. Love the buckets, and everything is negotiable!! By the way, McDonald's gave my kids Halloween buckets last week!!!

  7. Thank you for the sweet ramblings, Anita! You're so kind. I am so glad you got them. Perhaps if you stencil "No. 3" or something like that, then distress the stencil paint so it looks like part of the old bucket for your future Etsy store. Whatcha think?!

    Erin's right. McDonald's is giving out buckets now. I find that they give out better junk than the rest of the other junk food restaurants. The fact that I know this is a little scary.

    Thank you again for the shout out.

  8. Oh see I ramble too and I'm not perimenopausal. I forgot to mention about my CL experiences. I always negotiate and always before going. I find I have more guts to ask for a lower price over email than in person. Plus, I try to ask for pics sent via e-mail. I find CL pics are too forgiving on damage, scratches, rust, etc. If that's not available, ask as much as possible. With the boys' schedule, time is precious. I don't need to drive 40 minutes only to find out that the Coca Cola vintage cooler is all rusted at the bottom (which really happened because I forgot to ask).

  9. Anita I'm so glad you listened to Yanet and got those buckets. They are awesome! And I can think of so many uses - aside from putting them on your head!

  10. Cute buckets :) I've only bought one thing on CL, an armoire. We haggled and it worked.

  11. Love love love those buckets. You can do som many things with those!

  12. Hi Anita,
    Love your pails! Looks like we are on the same galvanized kick! I would say treat Craig's List sales as you would a garage sale or flea market, I think people expect you to bargain. But, before meeting someone, I would ask over the phone if they would be willing to take a bit less, rather then waiting til you actually meet. Oh, I think you & I are both on the same peri track, too! What fun, isn't it?!!

  13. Love your buckets! I have never shopped on CL so I don't know how it works. Good luck with your future ETSY.

  14. Love the buckets. I am imagining what a fun end project they will turn out to be! I haggle on CL but, yes, ahead of the agreed purchase. Sometimes it works and sometimes people just turn me down outright, but at least I tried!

  15. Love the buckets! Love your blog! And love how funny you are! CL....ask ahead of time about price but, if you get there and it isn't exactly as represented in picture (damage, discoloration, etc) ask then...I don't think it's too late until you've exchanged items. I just try to be as nice as I want the people buying from me to be!

  16. Love the buckets!! We sold a couch on CL and no one ever haggled with the price but I have seen people do that, you never know until you ask! Have fun with them!

  17. I only ask for a lower price if the item is different than the picture or description. ie: damaged, paint chipped, wobbly, etc. Case 1: 2 black PB like chairs. on the screen they were in mint condition. in person, well, not so. So I asked if the gal would take $10 less. She said yes.

    I also figure that if people don't want less they should say so in the CL add. Most do.

    Love the buckets.

    And I'm in PM too. And I have two little ones. How crazy am I???? I'll answer...OFF THE BAROMETER CRAZEY!!!!!

    Have a great one!

  18. Cool buckets! I like that old weathered galvanized look.

    You could do what Amy did with her sap buckets on Whisperwood Cottage. I thought it turned out cute.

    I don't haggle on Craigslist at all. Just at yard sales and estates sales (but only on the last day).

  19. I got that wrong! It was Miss Mustard Seed.

  20. Great score on the buckets. Can't wait to see what you do with them, I'm sure it will be creative.
    I've only purchased one thing off CL and I did haggle. But, it was a sofa, and I think he had OBO or something like that in the listing.
    and? perimenopause sucks, for the record.

  21. I am in the market for a galvanized bucket.... looking for one that is around 15" tall, if you decide to sell one, please let me know. great post - those buckets are adorable! i so know what you mean about buying & not needing....lol xoox


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