Baby Steps

Fall is all gathered together in my kitchen. I just have to drag out the boxes now. I still have stuff on the porch though. We had some crazy weather today so it got a bit wet. I swear it was raining sideways. And, and.... it was a high of 76 today but it's dropping to 36 tonight. How's that for a drop in temperature!

Looking at all the mantels that everyone is showing off over at The Lettered Cottage is quite inspiring. I'm just not used to decorating this early. I at least have to be in the same month as the holiday. Which is tomorrow so I better get the lead out.

Oh look, a half done project is underneath all that fall crap stuff. I'm so glad I didn't put all my crap stuff out this year. It would just take me longer to put it all away. (note to self: do not put out all of your Christmas stuff) I know I'm not the only one taking their time *ahem* Sandra and Kolein.  Come on, anyone else not quite ready?

see you later,


  1. Don't worry, you are not alone. I just started yesterday. And I have a bit pile of fall stuff on my kitchen table waiting to be packed up. And yes, there are still pumpkins on the front porch. It's a big job to transition from one holiday/season to the next!

  2. Ya know, since I started blogging, I've gotten into the habit of decorating for the seasons a bit earlier....and I've found I really like it because by the time the actual season arrives, I can sit back and enjoy my decor and crafts.

    But....my porch is still fallified, and there's still boxes of christmas stuff laying around. I"m not done yet :)

  3. I just started packing up my Fall decorations so hope to start Christmas decorating soon. I can't believe that tomorrow starts December so I better get a move on it, too!

  4. I am dragging my feet too. I have to say, blog land put a lot of pressure to get things out. I've seen several blogs fully decked out. But it's there's so much to take out that it can get overwhelming! A good plan would maybe be to grab a bottle of wine and head to eachother's houses while we decorate one house on one night, then the other house on the other. What do ya think?

  5. Well...truth be told, I'm almost done with my Christmas decorating. I just want it to be over with so I can enjoy it and move on to all my other projects ;)

  6. My dining room table looks almost just like that! I have a finished mantel but the rest of the house is a complete pile of fall items to put away and Christmas items that need to be put out :) I'm with you about the note to self: don't put all the Christmas stuff out....I'll regret it after the holiday!!

  7. I really had to hussle to get some of my Christmas decorations up last weekend. We all have our own way of doing things and our own pace... you do it your way girl!! :)
    Weird weather, btw... short sleaves during the day... flannel at night... lol!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)

  8. Hey there Anita....!

    I would LOVE to be able to put my Chrissy stuff up early in the month but I must admit to feeling overwhelmed by it all....I have 15 x vintage suitcases FILLED to the brim with DELICIOUSNESS that it all but paralyses me....hahahahaha....This coming from someone who lives by the "A girl can NEVER have too much vintage Christmas" rule....GO FIGURE....!!

    Once you post that you've made a start I'll get going myself....Sound like a plan....???

    THANKS for popping in to help celebrate our 100th posts....It wouldn't be a party without ya....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. I thought I was doing so good by starting a few Christmas-y crafts before American Thanksgiving but it didn't really work. I made one stocking and one bell garland and that's it!!!!! The rest of my Christmas stuff is buried in the storage room in the basement.


  10. Anita, we were playing so much over on FB last night I totally missed this!

    I know. I cracked. It all started with me bringing the boxes of Christmas stuff upstairs and then I looked at the blogs and the mantles and...well, I was spinning out of control. Forgive me. I'll try to slow down a bit so you can catch up.

    I still have gourds in my window boxes if that makes you feel any better.

    Love ya!

  11. You know, Anita, I didn't have a thing done until this morning. I fought with my mantel, last night, and the mantel was winning. I thought I'd never pull it together. Your photo made me smile.

    I'll be sure to stop by and see what Christmas goodness you come up with. More pictures of Italy wouldn't be bad, either :) Beautiful!

    Take care! xx

  12. LOL, I love the shot of your table. The only difference here is that it's all thrown into a box and overflowing on the dining room floor.
    And I still have pumpkins on the front porch.
    But, I do have a cute header on my blog of Christmas ornaments, LOL. And that's the only Christmas thing going on at my house right now.
    Maybe this weekend . . .

  13. Bless you, Anita!!!! my sentiments exactly!!! My vote is that there should be 2 months between Thanksgiving and December 25.....


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