Hall Tree

I have a very narrow hallway and not much of a foyer. Sadly I didn't have much of a foyer in my last house either. This was what I came up with so I would have something by the door that wouldn't take up a lot of room. Tall and slender. Oh, if only I were the same. It got a little beat up on the trip down here. Hey, people pay good money for these dents and dings. They blend nicely with the old crackled and chipped corbels.

I used an old louvered bifold door and some corbels that my sister had given me. I attached a shelf on top and hubby added the crown and base molding. Then I just got a couple of hooks and added the antique mirror. The mirror is hung on screws and the ribbon is just added to a knob for looks, it has no weight on it. And I can switch it out whenever. It is a very hard space to photograph. Not much light so the colors are tad bit off.

I am still working on painting the trim in the house. As you can see I have filled the knot holes on the doorways but they still need paint. Also, the mantel is currently in line for some paint!

I am going to attempt to do my very first link up over at Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday. Someone tell me if it doesn't work!

I am also linking up to Funky Junk Saturday Nite Special and The DIY Show Off.

I'm linking up with Saturday Nite Special's Door Themed Party. So many great door projects to see!


  1. Hi!
    Well, Anita, the link from Miss Mustard Seed worked :)
    Welcome to blogging!
    I am new, too- just been blogging 2 months- you'll love it- it's almost addicting!
    You'll find yourself wanting to take pictures of most everything, intending to blog about it, and driving your family crazy ;)
    This hall tree is genius!
    I have copied the pictures
    (I hope you don't mind)
    I think that this is just the solution for my daughter's dorm room foyer which is postage stamp sized.
    (She will be getting out of school in a few days, but I have all summer to build her this for next year- and look for shutters and corbels!)
    I love your vignette on top, too- simply sweet!
    My favorite thing to do is make ugly things beautiful again, too :)
    I look forward to more of your posts.
    And again: WELCOME!!
    Blessings from my home (in SC) to yours!

  2. Oh this is soooo clever! I had to read your post word for word to capture the simple items you used to create your hall tree. Love it! Those corbels are incredible... drool.

    Thanks for linking this up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  3. Hi Anita
    I just love your hall tree. What a great idea! I love the mirror that you added, and I love anything made with shutters! I am new to blogging to, as of last week! It has become quite addictive!

    take care

  4. I adore this!! Wow, what a fantastic idea, great job! I'm going to do the same thing at our place at the beach! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Hello Anita..
    and new bloggers also..
    love your neat idea!!
    fresh and clever!!
    thanks for stopping by!
    warmest hugs..

  6. I really love this. Such clever use of all the different parts. A truly original piece of DIY!
    Welcome to blogging and to linky parties.

  7. Super job, my daughter just got some of these and I have sent her your idea.

  8. I want to thank everyone for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. I had emailed you all individually but I just realized some of you are "noreply" and I guess my emails never got to you! I'm so sorry! I need to figure this out!

  9. Hi Anita,
    This is gorgeous! I love it:) We are going to be ripping out a closet with bifold doors and this gives me tons of ideas for what I could do with them. We also have NO entry way space. Love those old corbels.Have a great weekend

  10. Great idea! I have one of these in my garage and have been waiting for a vision for it. This just might be the one. Well done, girl! Feel free to check out what I've been up to at Learn and Go. www.learnandgopollyco.blogspot.com

  11. This is wonderful! I have no entryway, either, and this would have been a great solution! (It still could be if I put my mind to it!) Love the detail and the little odds and ends. It looks perfect.

  12. How cool is this!!!! I love it!

    m ^..^

  13. Hi Anita -

    How clever are you? VERY. This is a terrific re-use of the doors. I just love it. What is really nice is that it doesn't take up alot of floor space, but visually does.

  14. MMM! Love this. So original and practical. Love the tone on tone whites too.

  15. I love your simple version of the hall tree. I wouldn't have thought to use louvered bi-fold doors, but these look really good! The crown molding at the top really dresses it up, and of course, those corbels are to die for! Perfection!

  16. absolutely delightful! so full of charm! Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place when you get a moment. I have become a follower and would be honored if you chose to do the same!

  17. I absolutely positively LOVE and ADORE this! We have no room in our entry way either! OH my goodness this is so delicious and creative!

    I'm new to blogging too! Welcome! And now there are 10! You wait those numbers will increase rapidly! Beware though. This can be a rush!!!! In a good way, of course!!!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Funny how I just picked up two sets of bifolds at a local thrift a couple days ago. I'd planned on using them for corner shelving units not now. This is a much better idea. Thanks! Looking forward to following your blog.
    Well I'd have left my typo there if I'd have known it would show I deleted my message. Can you tell I'm rather new to this too? (face turning red) If there's another typo I'm leavin' it!

  20. What a clever idea. I love the old chippy paint on the corbels. I agree, people are paying big money for dented and dinged up furniture ... you can say that yours are the real thing!

  21. That's ok Becky, I learned the same thing when I deleted something on another blog!
    And thank you to you , Carolyn and Lucy for your comments! I appreciate you all stopping by. :)

  22. I love it! What a great job! I love the chippy paint and the corbels and your creativity! Genius!

    Thank you so much for sharing in the DIY Project Parade. ;) It's nice to "meet" you! Welcome to blogging! I'm a new follower now. :)


  23. That is such a clever use of shutters. I love your hall tree!

  24. Cool idea...lovin' the look you have here! This would be a great idea for my daughters condo at college...thanks for sharing it!


  25. What a clever hall tree! I love those corbles (sp?) Anyway, it all came together nicely.

  26. I love it! The corbels are awesome, and the pieces made as a whole just look like they all belongs together.


  27. There she is again. :) This is an awesome project for the door linkup! So glad you brought it on over. I love this creation!


  28. anita--thanks for telling me about this in your comment. It's too darn cute! I love everything about it, and sort of wishing I had seen this before I did mine. But it is what it is, and now I MUST find an oval mirror! Everyone suggested that, and now I see that it will be the cherry on top!
    great job girl!

  29. Very clever, creative, fun, cute, useful, inventive, re purposeful, darling, narrow and smart ( = Welcome to blogging, I'm new too and have made many goof-ups learning this new world but it's all part of the process. Looking forward to seeing more of your talent.


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