It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The tree is up and it's feeling and smelling more like Christmas now. I've been working on inserting tree clippings them here and there. I'll let you know when the tree is all dressed. It's still naked right now. Spreading it's branches and drinking up lots of water. Here's a peek at the mantel. I'll be back with more pictures when I clean up my mess. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow.

Also, today is son #2's birthday. He is 22.  Holy moly. That went by so darn fast. He is in college in Atlanta so we can't spend the day with him. But he will be home shortly after his exams are over. 
We were living in Arkansas when my middle son was born. I had miscarried right before getting pregnant with him so I was a bit anxious throughout the pregnancy. I had so not wanted a December baby since I am one and always hated that my birthday blended in with Christmas. But that's just the way it worked out.

 why can't we dress them up like that anymore?

 I remember going into labor late on the 10th and feared it was going to be a long sleepless night. Which it was. I had an epidural but it did not take. There were lots of colorful words flying around. It's all a big blur. 

One thing that stuck in my mind was when we got back to my room we looked outside and saw that it had snowed. It was so beautiful. We had a new member to our little family. A blanket of fresh white snow. It was a great Christmas that year.

see ya later,


  1. Hi Anita,

    I'm jealous of your tree, I LOVE the smell of a real tree but unfortunately I'm allergic :( So instead I spray this stuff that smells sorta like it haha! Happy Birthday Wishes to your son, what a cutie! I can't wait to have some babies myself, maybe next year :)

  2. I can't wait to see your tree. Happy Birthday to your son. Happy decorating too.

  3. Happy birthday to your son.

    God bless you all.

  4. Aww...sweet story. It sure does fly by. My grandkids are 8 and 9. Yikes! Happy Birthday to your Son.

  5. Happy Birthday to your son! I'm off to get my tree tonight. I love walking in the house and smelling the lovely scent of a Christmas tree. Happy decorating, Anita!

  6. I want the sun to come out too:( Been rainy here today and I am a little under the weather and the rainy weather isn't helping.

    I can't wait to see your tree. I have never had a real tree before but I bet they smell devine.

    Happy Birthday #2 son!

  7. Happy Birthday to your son! Love the picture on the rocking horse! Now that's a happy kid! Ok, did I miss your birthday, or is it still coming up?

  8. Happy birthday to your son and lucky you, a real tree.

  9. Happy Birthday to your son! My son is nine and my daughter just turned four. I wonder where the time has gone, it seems like they were just born.

    Have fun with your decorating :)

  10. Happy Birthday to your son(he was so adorable!)!!

  11. Anita, Happy birthday to your son. My husband also has a December birthday and he had never had a party until we married. I always try to make his birthday special and seperate from Christmas events. I hope when you finish your tree you will join my holiday party starting 12/15.
    Happy Holidays,

  12. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your son.
    Loved the sneak peek of the mantel...I can tell it will be gorgeous!

  13. The mantle is sweet and classy!!!!

    Happy Birthday Son #2!!!!!

    Those pictures of him are just too too much!!!


  14. Nothing beats a real tree Anita. The smell when you walk in the door just says Christmas.

    Happy birthday to your son. And boy do they ever grow fast, sniff.


  15. Oh I love the smell of a real tree! Your mantel is looking great. Can't wait to see your tree. Merry Christmas!

  16. I'm sure it was a very sweet Christmas that year. Can't wait to see your decorations.


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