Camera Bag Insert

I have been wanting to find a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag. 
You know what I mean? Some look like big coolers, some scream I HAVE A CAMERA IN HERE. 
I just wanted a tote bag really that would hold my stuff.
And I wanted it to be cute. That's important.  
So here is what I came up with.


I needed it for my trip so I put together this insert rather fast. I already had the tote bag. My sewing lines might not be straight and I have a few adjustments I’d like to make but I think it came out rather well.

I had the fabric too and just needed some foam and velcro. It’s the iron on velcro. It works really well. Oh and I used some cardboard on the bottom for some stability.


The padded dividers are sewn so they fold down to cover the top. That is part of the adjusting I need to do. They need to be a bit longer I think.


It has pockets all the way around so I can stick my cleaning pen, filter case or lens cap in there.  


This tote has pockets on it’s own so it holds a lot of stuff. That I like.


But I had originally made it to try to use it for this new bag I bought. Isn’t it cute? Very summery. It just didn’t fit right.  Since it closes with a snap and not a zipper it wasn’t staying shut. I need to come up with something smaller for this purse.


I’m sorry I didn’t put together a tutorial. I was doing this at 11:00 the night before my trip! I have got to stop waiting til the last minute! I will put something together for my next one if anyone is interested in it. Otherwise, here is a tutorial I found online that helped me along from LilBlueBoo

I made a few adjustments for what I needed. Like the size, dividers and I didn’t use cardboard all around as I wanted it to conform more to the bag. I didn’t use the spray adhesive because it was so late and I was getting blurry-eyed. I think I will next time.  I thought her instructions were great. Very easy to follow. Thanks Ashley!

ps. The book was a gift from son #3 for Mother's Day. It's full of tons of information and a perfect size to stash in your bag. I have another book by the same author and he explains things so it's easy to understand.
Understanding Photography Field Guide by Bryan Peterson

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  1. Great Idea! I Love how everything can fit into one cute bag.

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. I am soooo jealous you made that. I have just recently been scouring camera purses. Maybe I will try to make one too. I am not a very good seamstress though. I love your material too.

  3. I would have never thought about that. I'd have gone shopping for the right size camera bag and none would be this cute. Great idea and nice job making it.

  4. This is perfect! I love what you've created here...and yes, you wouldn't even know there was a camera in that bag!

    ciao bella


  5. Wow, girl! You're awesome!! I was checking those out on Etsy just last week! If you do decide to make another one for tutorial purposes, I'll buy it from ya!

  6. I love your camera bag insert! Wow, that is so amazing that you made that! It is SO cute, and I love that you used ticking for it, too. :) I hope you have a fun trip!


  7. This was such a great idea. I have one of those cases that looks like a cooler. I really need a new one but I can't afford a nice one right now so I will suffer with the cooler. Wish I was as talented as you so I could put something like yours together.

  8. Wonderful creation. Now off to find that book I spy poking out of the bag. LOL

  9. What a cute tote, that is a detailed project to be working on the night before you left, Anita. Why do I relate? Your favicon starfish is perfect!

  10. Hi Anita..
    What a great Idea..I have a camera bag with inserts that is really very practical, but not pretty..maybe I will just recover it and use it..thanks for this great post!

  11. WOW! You did a great job! I can't even imagine being able to put something like this together. Love it!

  12. Wow, you could market this camera bag, I would love something like this too, great work and a beautiful bag :)

  13. Wow! That is so much cuter than the big old ones they sell at the camera store. And more functional. Great job.

  14. Wow. That's awesome. You did a fabulous job. Not to mention a fab job at 11pm. It's really cute and looks very functional.

  15. That's great! I think you should make another one for a giveaway. That I'll win. ;0D

  16. Love, love, love it! I hope you perfect it an put it on Etsy or something. I hate my camera bag but want to take it everywhere. A tutorial would be great, too but I'd rather just buy it. :) Anyway, love your photos and your blog. Thanks for following my blog. I'm your newest follower.

    fran @ eleven-o-one

  17. you bag looks amazing! love it! I've been looking for something like that for a long time. I am not a sewer, and I think it's gonna be a little bit too hard for me to make it myslef... too bad! But I'll try I think :). Thank you for sharing!
    Have a great day

  18. Found you via Freckled Laundry!
    Wow, I have been looking for a tutorial for a camera bag insert! It looks beautiful!! YOu did a wonderful job :)

  19. Thanks for the link to the tute! Yours came out beautiful-- I love the fabric choice!
    I'll have to scout out a bag to make a liner for now.

  20. You did a fabulous job, Anita! I need to make one. My standard case is so....blagh! Thanks for linking with Air Your Laundry Friday! xo Jami

  21. Great idea! You're right - the regular bags are so ugly!

  22. This is SOOOOO cute! I love the fabric and the bags and everything - makes me really wish I could sew! : )

  23. That is amazing. I've been wanting to make something like this, but I'm not creative enough to make it up. Please make a tutorial if possible! =)

  24. wait you made this? AH you NEED TO SELL THESE ASAP. I cannot seem to find any 'cool' camera bag and this thing is frickin awesome! Let me know if you ever want to sell them I will be first on the list to buy one.

  25. please post a tutorial on how to do this..thanks

  26. Would love to see your tutorial! You give the bag a bit more freedom to go around the insert and looks like you used more foam on inside dividers!


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