Recycled Wool Ornament

The other day I showed you those cute little advent calendar bags I recently made.
So I thought I’d also show you what I stuck in one of the bags.

wool house ornament_edited-1

My oldest and his family just bought their first house. I can’t wait to go see it!
I couldn't find a First Home ornament so I thought I’d sew one up.

wool house ornament 3_edited-1

I just used some of the scrap pieces of felt wool that I have. The windows and doors were needle felted.

wool house ornament 4_edited-1

Then on the back I printed out Our First Home on some transfer paper and ironed it on some cotton fabric.
  Then machine stitched it on the back. The rest was hand stitched.

wool house ornament 2_edited-1

It’s not a Hallmark but it’s a cute remembrance of their first home together.

Can you guess what the roof is made from?

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  1. Girl, these are better than Hallmark! I love the little wreath on the house!

  2. I think it's way better than a Hallmark! What a wonderful keepsake for them to remember Christmas in their first house!!!


  3. How adorable is that little house and such
    a special gift.. gave me an idea to make such
    an ornament for my daughter. She bought her
    first home this year... off to make one and
    hope it will be as cute as yours..
    Happy Holidays

  4. Such a sweet, sweet project! I really like the personalization. I also live on the coast. The Gulf Coast!

    Like your blog a bunch!

  5. Ohhhh...too sweet!!!! Is the roof from a sweater?

  6. This is so cute and what a great keepsake for their new home. How sweet. Thanks for sharing, liz

  7. I love this ornament you made Anita! It is so special and meaningful. Congratulations to your oldest and family on their new home.

  8. I'm happy you couldn't find one to buy! this is soooo much sweeter anita. LOVE it, it's perfect, something they will cherish for years!

    great job mom!

  9. It's so much better than Hallmark! It's so sweet. You are so thoughtful.

  10. Adorable! You did an amazing job and it will become such a great memory to unpack year after year.

  11. Shut. Up. That is darling, I'm certain they will treasure it.

  12. Anita,
    This is way better than any Hallmark ornament. I have just gotta share it at my party next week...happy that you shared it at the party this week. Roof=maybe a collar from a sweater.


  13. Recycled Wool Ornament is cute.I love this ornament you made Anita! Best Eye Mask
    It is so special and meaningful. Congratulations to your oldest and family on their new home.

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