Cloudy Skies Can Clear the Head

When things get complicated and your head starts to spin it's always good to step back. Life can just be messy sometimes. Some things are out of our hands and we we realize we have to let go. Let go of things we have not control of. 

We took a drive tonight. Just in time for the sunset. Hubby brought along his fishing rod and I my camera. Here are some shots that helped me clear my head. The beauty that is around us is something we should take the time to enjoy and appreciate. These two fellows below were trying to work out their differences.

Both tried to lay claim to the fish that these two guys were catching with their nets.

The osprey went and got some fish of his own. Now, I only have a 10x zoom on my camera and I wasn't using all of it for this shot. He was just that close.

I think he went off to feed his family. We also saw a pod of dolphins but I didn't get a great shot. 

Look at the top of the tree below and you can see the nest. You can also see a wall of rain. That's how it rains around here. You will get rain on one side of the street but not the other.

The sky was forever changing. Doesn't this sky remind you of that scene in Ghostbusters? Who ya gonna call?

The clouds were amazing. Dark and mysterious but yet glowing.

Thanks to the sunset (and a beer) my head is feeling better :)

Going to an estate sale tomorrow. Fingers crossed. My lazy butt slept in today and I didn't have enough time to go. I hope there is still some good stuff left. Oh, sorry about not editing the photos, still in lazy mode. You're getting them au naturel!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Nothing better to fix anybody up than a beautiful sunset!

  2. Your photos are beautiful! good luck tomorrow at the estate sale. I hope you find lots of goodies! xx

  3. Sigh...sometimes I miss Florida! What gorgeous au naturel photos you got!!
    I miss the patchy rain every day at about 3 P.M.
    If you see tureens at an estate sale YOU BETTER BUY THEM (I am yelling at you--lovingly).
    The, I'll buy them from you, that's the plan.
    Got it?

  4. Yes maam! I will. Todays estate sale was a bust. More of a glorified yard sale, wanted 65 for a dough bowl that wasn't even very big. Thought that was high. But I did get some ironstone at another place. A gravy boat.

    Leslie, I tried to email you but you are a "noreply", did you know that?

  5. Gorgeous photos. What an amazing cloud display you saw.


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