Morning Rituals

This is Henry....

this is Henry's Blend.

Both welcome me in the morning. Both make me very happy. One is afraid of thunder and hides under my desk.

I actually tried this coffee because it was named after my dog. I'm simple like that sometimes. This is a great method for choosing other things as well. Like horse racing, lotto tickets, new houses.... yeah, it's worked out well for me. Well, maybe just for the choosing of houses. Every house I've lived in has had a 3 in it. And I've lived in quite a few. If the names or numbers look familiar, I'll choose it. It turned out well for the coffee. It is now one of my favorites and I keep it on hand in my pantry. Trying to avoid the panic that ensues when hubby goes to make the coffee and we have run out.
It is "uncommonly smooth". It's on the label. I also will sometimes enjoy a cup of Kona. But sadly, I don't have a dog named Kona. And no, I don't have floaty things in my coffee. It's quite cloudy again today and I had to use overhead lighting.

This is also another morning ritual of mine. I have gotten addicted to vanilla yogurt with granola. Throw in a little fruit salad and it makes me happy too. Yum! Especially if it's in a cheery red bowl. I told you I was simple.

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  1. Awww! Henry is just too cute! Love your blue Mason jars in the neat wire container. I have several, including a really big one that I picked up super cheap at a garage sale a few years back, and I use it to store dog treats in!

  2. Hi Anita! It's so nice to meet you! And Henry--what a darling! I'm a dog lover, and he's a real cutie. I love that you found coffee by the same name!

    Thank you for visiting me at Imparting Grace. I appreciated your kind comment so much. I hope you're enjoying your venture into blogging!

  3. What a lovely morning ritual!
    I could dig it!
    (I'm simple, too).
    I also love my coffee and love Stonyfield Farm French Vanilla yogurt and Bear Naked granola.
    I could dig it!
    Henry is beautiful!
    I love his chocolate nose, what a sweetie!
    Cute post!

  4. That is THE BEST coffee. I love Seattles Best. I wish they made it for the Keurig Coffee Maker.

  5. Hi Anita -

    Thanks for checking out our furniture blog! I appreciate your lovely comment. :)

  6. Your Henry is such a doll! You can't help but smile when looking into the eyes of a dog!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  7. Aww, I had a Springer Spaniel growing up. Her name was Holly. She looked just like Henry. What a sweet little guy you have!


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