Fall Mantel

I don’t know what happened to this week. It flew by.
I have a feeling the next few months will do the same.
So much to do, so little time.

I thought I’d show you what I did to the mantel. I did leave some of my summer things up and mixed in some fall-ish stuff. It works better that way for me. I’m still wearing shorts here.
Oh how I long to wear some boots and a sweater.

mantel 2 copy

So my seabirds stayed along with a few shells. I used the two glass hurricane covers. One filled with wheat and the other has a strand of berry garland just wrapped in there.

leaves copy

I just added some fall leaves to the sand and shell I already had.
I think they made a pretty filler.
  bucket copy

My bucket of driftwood on the hearth got a few leaves as well.

bucket2 copy
mums bucket copy

On the other side I filled another old farm bucket with some mums. The mums are real but the gourds in the twig basket are fake. They are pretty good fakes though.

caddy copy

Some smaller mums fit right in a couple of milk glass pots in that old tool caddy.

compotes copy2

I love these little beaded Indian corn.

mantel copy

Did your week fly by as well?

I worked in the yard a bit yesterday. I’m trying to refresh some of my pots with some pansies. I need more. 
I still have more weeding to do as well so I can lay down more mulch. That’s the part I don’t like. 
But it does make it all look so much better.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys a little time outdoors.

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  1. Looks amazing. I may have to steal a few of those ideas. Living in California, it's hard to get into the "fall" spirit when it's 80 degrees out.

    Love the old tool caddy and milk bottles!

  2. I need to come visit you to pick up a couple of new starfish - my little puppy visitor ATE mine last week!

  3. Beautiful! I love the leaves with the shells and the driftwood. I wish you could come visit me and help me decorate. I'm in a rut!

    And yes, my week flew by as well...In fact, this year just seems to be flying by! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Hello Anita,
    You made it look really lovely and fresh, like the entire blog. I love that the oak leaves aren't yet crumpled but still colourful.
    What I wouldn't give for being able to wear shorts: it hasn't been warm enough for that all summer. You may crave a sweater and boots, but I'd gladly swap you for a few days :-)

  5. I really like the mixture of summer and fall. It is so you and Florida! Guess what? I am wearing boots and a sweater today! I will enjoy it for ya!

  6. I love the tool caddy! Your mantel looks great, too.

  7. Anita, it looks Great! Love the birds mixed in with leaves. Every week flys by. And I'm still loving my shorts with the doors now open instead of the AC. Just don't want to rush the cold...I can only handle a week or two of it.

  8. Love the shells mixed with the fall leaves! And the tool caddy - why can't I ever find stuff like that?! Looks beautiful!

  9. Your mantel is perfect. You did a great job in keeping the Florida feel, yet adding the cooler elements of Fall!

  10. Oh yes my week flew by! We had our last fall fair to attend yesterday and it is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Expecting tons of company. Love your photos and mantel display. The mirrors are awesome and I love the contrast with the sprarkly glass and natural elements. The vintage tool caddy looks great too {I adore old and aqua mason jars.}

  11. It is hard to think fall when you're in a bathing suit at the beach all week. I'm going to be freezing when I go up to CT in 2 weeks. I dread that. The cold nights are making my back lock up dreadfully so I can imagine the shock when I get up there. But it's so worth it! See my son and my baby girls! Yay! I love your pictures. It's a nice mix with beach and fall combined. I really like that. Gave me some ideas. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. All the weeks fly by. It gets worse the older you get. Love your fall touches and those mirrors on the mantel are perfect layered.

  13. The vase is so pretty with the leaves, shells and sand!! Wish we could swap houses..., you would get to wear the boots and sweater!

  14. I like your buckets! The whole mantel looks really pretty, Anita. And yeah, the week flew by!

    It was sweatshirt weather here all week and I see a lot of snow on the mountains. I think our first frost is coming soon. I'm a little envious of your warm weather!

  15. Just Lovely ! I just picked up some Pumpkins and Mums tonight for my Front porch. I really liked your post :-)

  16. i want your warm weather.
    even though it's been quite warm here, it won't last much longer.
    Love your little touches of fall, really like the tool caddy

  17. Love, LOVE this, Anita! Your mantle is so peaceful. I have to say, I really liked the shot of the stones in the silver (pewter?) pedestal with the starfish oh so daintlily hanging out. sweet.

  18. Hi Anita,
    Your fall mantle looks great! I never would have thought to display shells and fall leaves together, but you make it work beautifully! I think I must be the only person in blog land who isn't going to get around to fall decorating:) I also love your wooden tool caddy, and I adore your silver pedestals. I must get some of those for myself!!

  19. So pretty! I love those little indian corns. and the shells with the leaves on your mantel are perfect. I wish I lived near the coast:(

  20. Hi Anita, Love how you made you mantle look..lovely for fall..even though you are still wearing shorts...we head for our winter home in AZ..and it will feel so different than here in BC...where it looks and feels like fall...your photography is really wonderful

  21. This is so lovely, Anita! I love all the elements you've combined...especially the beautiful stacked mirrors and the leaves with the shells!

  22. What a lovely mix of coastal and traditional foliage - delightful!

    I know you will have a delightful week with those lovely decorations surrounding you - enjoy!

    Best Wishes,

    beachside cottage


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