Getting Back Into The Groove

Hello all! I am back from my little road trip. There was a gazillion posts in my reader. A big thanks to Leslie for taking notes while I was away. If could have them typed, double spaced and on my desk by morning that would be greaaat. Yeaaah. (name that movie)

Wish I had more time to enjoy this. This is Crescent Beach, just south of St. Augustine.

The beach was pretty wide since the tide was out. The the water was still a little cool. 

It was nice to walk along the shore and look for shells. Though there weren't many. You must be an early riser to get the good stuff. I would rather sleep in.

I wanted to take a picture of my sister's 'shelldelier', as my son has nicked named it. The first shot is a little blurry but I wanted show the shell hanging from the center.

The shades are lined in a coral color. Very pretty.

Now to get back into the groove of things. Time to get out the paint once again. I picked up two more shades of white from BM. I'm going for a record. How many samples of white can I try before I go nutso?

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