Dreaming of a Half Bath

How many plumbers does it take to put in a bathroom? I'll let you know. This is the 3rd or 4th one that has been out to give our little problem a look see. No, I'm not just showing off my wonderfully organized closet. The crazy thing about this house, we have no guest bath on the first floor. Nope. Only the bath in the master. So, people using the pool have to use my potty or go upstairs. Is this logical people? Who designs houses like this? Men that's who. They can just pee outside. When we bought the house we didn't think this would be such an issue. Adding this tiny half bath. Never again will I think that. Everything becomes an issue. Let me repeat that. Everything. becomes. an. issue.

The door on the left goes out to the pool. Yes, I get to look at the cool blue waters outside while I scrub the stains out of clothes. I'm standing in the door to the kitchen. The door on the right goes out to the garage. Can there be any more doors in such a small space?? The floor of the closet is lower. I have no idea why. So, that all has to be built up to be level with the laundry room. The back wall will be pushed out and we will steal space from the garage. It will still be small, about 5 x5.

All that stuff in the closet is going to have to find a home. This is my only space where I could put a cabinet to hold laundry supplies. Henry is like...huh? You're going to move my food? Look at the worry on his face.

The cabinet will need to be tall, skinny and shallow. All of the trim will be painted, the blinds are coming down and new paint on the walls too. The door to the bath will be a pocket door so we don't have yet another door swing in this small space. So, that is where we are. Waiting on word from the plumber to see how hard hooking up to the main drain will be. He dug a hole in my front yard this morning, so that's a start!


  1. Good luck! It sounds like you know what you want. The pocket door is a smart move. We put them in both our bathrooms and it does make a big difference in the space flow.

  2. I feel your pain. We've got 5 doors in our bathroom area. It's on my blog. So since we started looking for a new house I put in the criteria, 3 bathrooms or more. If the house don't have 'em, I aint livin' in it!!! Hahaha!!!

    And yes. Men pee outdoors. That is a sound reason for why you have only 1 loo!!!

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck!!

    If it makes you feel better, our half bath is only 4 x 5. It's so small we had to order a teeny tiny sink from the States and have it shipped to Canada.


  4. Pocket doors are a great move and I'd go with a pedestal sink to save space. And do not even get me started on contractors. I always think, they all must be loaded because they're never too eager to get the work or once they do get the job, they're sure never in a hurry to finish it.

    I envy your nice and tidy laundry room.

  5. I am excited for you. It will be all worth it in the end.

  6. I know you are anxious to get this done.Our guest bath is tiny but it is sooo worth it.Hang in there.

  7. Good luck with the half bath. It will be worth it in the end.
    Then you get to do some fun decorating!
    Maybe Henry's food dish needs to be built in to your new cabinet? Like a pull out drawer type thing. Might save you some space.

  8. Hi Anita,
    I can SO relate to everything you said in this post. Who designed some of these unbelievably dysfunctional homes???! I LOVE your answer to that question, BTW (LOL)!
    I hear you about having a lot of doors in one room, too. My home was kind of like that, and we actually took out some of the doorways that were inside of our house that were completely unnecessary.
    It's kind of funny... we actually took out a powder room because it was crammed into such a tiny space, so the flow of traffic was completely dysfunctional. It was directly across from our washer and dyer, and when I bent over to get clothes out of the dryer, my bum would litterally bump against the door (that's how tight it was). I hated taking it out, but it was the only way to make the space more functional.
    It sounds like you guys got it all figured out nicely (great idea to use a pocket door!), and before you know it, you'll have your much needed bathroom on the first floor. Can't wait to see it when it's done (I'll be you can't either - lol)!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  9. No wonder you want a half-bath. That is a horrible solution for guests, using your bath or going upstairs. Well, at least you have the perfect space for a potty. Now if he can just gitterdun. I hate to think a hole in the front yard is positive progress. :) I know that you will find the perfect storage piece for your things and will decorate that space over the top cute once it's done.

  10. oh, we will have to post the final design on the CC blog... Good luck. Here's to holes in the front yard! Yay!

  11. Oh I would love a 1/2 bath too. Poor Henry, our puppies get so disturbed when we start re-arranging things. Our girl is still stressed from us being gone over the weekend.


  12. Deliver me from remodeling!

    The shelves in our laundry room alcove start 28 inches up so that Arwen and Sterling's feeding station is tucked under them. Ask Henry what he thinks.


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