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These are Maureen from Cottage 960 legs. Pretty nice legs for a soon to be 50 yr old. Oh, sorry Maureen, did I say that out loud? She tagged me in one of her photos on Flickr. I'm new to Flickr so I don't have pictures up yet. It's been hard enough learning this blogging business so I thought I'd complicate things even more and add Flickr to my whirling mind.

Maureen has some terrific photos and you should really go take a look at her photo stream. It's quite impressive. She's also now part of a new blog called Mortal Muses. I would normally add links for you all but I'm writing this post from Flickr for the first time and well, you know, whirling mind and all. It's not happening. I'm sure there's a link on Maureen's flickr page.

Play the game of tag while you're at it and we can learn a little bit more about each other! My answers are on her page. I'm thinking it's just going to show Maureen's answers when I post this. Or not. Just click on the photo and go over and take a look at some great pictures and play along. Okay, fingers crossed this post works.

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  1. Anita, I am totally unfamiliar with the flicker stream. What is the advantage to it? Is it for the purpose of simply sharing pics?


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