Anger Management

Yet again the simplest task has sent me over the brink into crazyland. All I wanted to do was remove the toilet paper roll thing and give its ugly brassy self a coat of some satin nickel spray. I had replaced all the other towel rods and hooks in satin nickel already but I couldn't find a toilet paper roll thing that had two mounts. The new ones have one mount and then just a bar for the tp. I didn't want to fill the hole from the old one and repaint. So, I just thought I would paint the old one. Easy peasy. HA! I might as well try something like, oh I don't know, rewiring my whole house. It probably would have been easier.

This tiny little set screw was what was giving me problems. I got one side off and the other side well, it wasn't budging. That tiny little screw just wasn't coming out. So, I tried jiggling it. It might help. It was getting looser. But why was it not coming off? Well, I'll tell you why. It was not the set screw loosening up at all. It was that I was pulling the anchor out of the wall.

I was getting desperate. I even tried sawing through the darn screw. I was digging into the drywall a little bit. Okay, more then a little bit. Why don't we have a sawzall? We have every other darn thing. We have 2 compressors. TWO! I had a bit of a tantrum. Yes. I. did. My anger was building. The drywall was crumbling. I wanted the darn thing off. It was coming off one way or another.

Oh, it's off now. Guess I have to repair the wall. My anger management needs a little work too. This is what I was trying to avoid. Think I can patch it or will I have to cut it out? I don't even know if they left me any of this paint. I'm using a free standing tp holder now. And I guess I can take the stupid phone jack out now too. But it's not wanting to come off either. You would not believe how many oddly placed jacks there were in this house. I think he was CIA or something. Couldn't be 2 feet from a phone. Have these people ever heard of cordless phones?


  1. Oh, I hate that happened to you. Can't you get small little drywall patches? I have no idea what I would do but I bet you will get some good suggestions on here. Good luck.

  2. From working on college dorm houses that had plenty of holes, you could try and patch it. But I have a feeling you might need to cut around it.

  3. Ouch! Remind me not to get you mad at me! ;)
    If you patch it might not hold the tp holder or anchors very well. It will need reinforcement in the back so cutting out a square, adding a piece of wood to the backing of the drywall and then patching would be required. Not my fav thing to do.
    Please tell me this isn't your new bathroom!

  4. Is this a different bathroom? Not the new one? Want me to send over my new bathroom art that went wrong to cover up your hole? Just kidding. I don't know much about patching or replacing. If you do the one sided paper holder now then it won't matter if you can't get an anchor in the hole side if you just patch it.

  5. Oh Anita!! you poor thing!!!! I am so bad with that kind of stuff!! dont know what is best!! So long as you dont run out of paper!!! I was meaning to tell you also, you should be able to get hold of Balsa wood at any hardware store;;; either that or an arty place; i think architects use it to make their models with..
    Hope you manage to work things out!!! take care you!!
    Laura xxx

  6. I would have been crying by the time I couldn't get the screws off.

    Ouch. You gave that wall a hurtin'.

    I would give you my two cents, but I don't have any, when it comes to holes in walls or any of the fabulous things you tackle, for that matter.

    My best advice is, give the job to your husband.

  7. In my opinion, you can patch it. I have patched larger holes. http://bit.ly/bsDlgg That is a link to a patch at Home Depot. They are self adhesive, then you mud over them. I have used these several times with great success!
    good luck! And the phone jacks? crazy!

  8. Oh Anita, I feel your pain! I get a touch irritated when I do projects as well. :) Oh and we have a phone jack behind the washer and dryer! Really? Not sure what they were thinking either!
    The holes are pretty easy to patch with little kits that they have now. Good luck!!

  9. I feel your pain! I have the same in my laundry room/half bath. I keep ignoring it because I just done want to deal with it.

  10. Anita...i hate to say this, but your post had me laughing at your expense...you are such a funny writer....."rewiring the whole house....two feet away from the phone CIA"....lol

    thanks for the chuckles....and now it looks like you'll be busy repairing things.

    you just might have to take the jack out and cut a square out and replace the drywall....you can always just tape up the new seams and then wall paper that wall ! I've actually done this before for a quick fix....don't laugh!

    ciao bella
    thanks for your visit....come by again for tag tuesday...!


  11. you could put some cute colored tissue paper in to fill the hole and then draw a pretty flower around it. =>

    or get a fun painting and hang it over the entire space (the phone jack, screw and demolition spot)...then folks could have some artwork to look at while they're doing their business =O

    just some suggestions....


  12. Owie! Sorry this happened, and yes I do have a fit from time to time when these things happen. Have you ever seen the movie "Money Pit". Even though it is old, every home owner should see it. Good luck friend.

  13. Hi Anita-

    We have all been there - me, plenty of times. I just chalk it up to experience even though it is so exasperating. A little patch job and you will be as good as new.
    My best- Diane

  14. I feel your pain!!! As a faux finisher, I am always removing things from the walls such as these!! Thanks for stopping by and taking thyme to leave a comment!! I hope you will check back often as I have some great projects in store!!

    Happy Painting and until next Thyme..


  15. Oh,no! I think you can patch it, though.

    I hate wall anchors. All they've ever done for me is make a much bigger hole in the wall.

  16. YOU SILLY!
    You made my day!
    I get mad at things, too, when they don't cooperate with my plan/timing!
    Did you say a bad word (or 10?)
    I would wad up some newspaper, tightly, stuff it in the crevice, and spackle over it, sand, spackle again, sand. When the sin is hidden ;), stipple the touch up paint-if you have it- on with a brush to create the "texture" to match the wall. I would remove the other bracket and patch/paint. Get a toilet paper stand, or put the paper in a lovely basket! No more bad words!


  17. Heavens above Anita you made a HUGE mess....Sorry to be blunt but I'm just sayin' you know....hahahahaha....Yar I'm crackin' myself up down here at your expense but at the same time I can SO R-E-L-A-T-E....Your reaction is ME TO A FREAKIN' TEE....If at first you don't succeed WRECK IT....hahahahahaha....

    I have my fingers crossed you're able to get the phone jack out & fix the holes....Maybe....Just MAYBE they have some sort of ON-LINE Anger Management course you & I can do TOGETHER....hahahahaha....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  18. Oh my! I am laughing so hard...sorry, I hate to laugh at your bad day. Whew, that is one big hole. I wouldn't cut the drywall out to patch it that would make the problem worse. Try putting some of that mesh stuff over it with some drywall mud. It would be easier to repair if you didn't have textured walls :(

    Good luck!

  19. oh my gosh...you're so funny...totally something I would do too. At some point, you don't even give a rip...for me it's lack of patience plus temper. Anyway, we've all been there and it looks like you have a sense of humor about it and can laugh at yourself, which is a great thing!.. :)


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