A Thank You

I want to send Gail over at My Repurposed Life a huge thank you! She recently had a giveaway with UPrinting.com for 250 die-cut business cards. And guess who won? Yes, me! I am so excited. Hubby is starting up a new business and this will come in quite handy. Of course I could just keep them myself and design some gift tags. There are lots of uses for them. The web site looks very user friendly and you can design your cards right there. There are so many options. Rounded corners, slim cards, round cards, they can even print on the back. You could design them so they really stand out from all the others. I love that. Thanks again!



  1. yay! congrats Anita! I hope you enjoy your prize.

  2. Congrats Anita! How nice of you to share with your hubby! (now it sounds like he owes you a favor!) Rounded corners on a business card sounds so neat!

  3. So glad to hear you won Anita!! good for you, or should I say your hubby?
    Thank you for your funny comment this morning about your brown leaves!LOL

  4. Congratulations! I would be tempted to keep them myself, though. Perhaps you could print the title: Craftswoman Extraordinaire.

  5. Congrats Anita on your win. Thanks so much for your input, my friend sure is going to appreciate it. That is awesome your sons girlfriend is from Buffalo, see I told you us gals have that going on:)

  6. You did not!!!! That's great! Congratulations!


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