A Gardening Weekend

Why is it that grass always grows where you don’t want it to? Hmmm? We are planting glass where we want it and removing it where we don’t. It’s madness I tell you. We try to transplant some of it but it doesn’t always take and it’s sort of patchy. I am going to be brave and show you the back yard in 360 degrees. Mostly. It's still a work in progress.


The previous owner was supposed to be a master gardener. I’m not really sure where she got this title because there are some crazy plantings that make no sense to me. Like crepe myrtles planted under trees and 2 large sago palms in odd spots. We put an ad on craigslist for the sagos, free if you dig them up. They were gone the next day. But hubby ended up helping with the digging. They were mosquito breeding grounds because all of the leaves would fall and get stuck in them. Now we can finish this corner. But the magnolia won’t stop shedding.


Moving to the left, this is what we accomplished. Mulch. 25 bags of it. We should have just got a truck load. But it was the weekend and nothing here is open on Saturdays when normal people do gardening. 
I just want an open bed along the back fence so that I have a spot to plant and grow things to my heart’s content. It’s looking a little sad at the moment. But the 3 plumbagos in the back will grow pretty big so I had to space them. I have been known to be impatient and cram things together and then regret it down the road. I also put in 2 butterfly bushes and a key lime tree. Pie and margaritas. What more do I need?

The post was put in to hold the topsy turvy that we got hubby as sort of a joke for his birthday. He’s into growing veggies this year. I’ll probably paint it and get more plants to hang. It’s doing okay but I’m not seeing any tomatoes.


Moving along. We have hubby’s small vegetable patch. It’s a bit too close to the jasmine so it might get moved next season. But they seem to like it there as we have a ton of zucchini blooms and tiny tomatoes already. The chicken wire is something I picked up at GW for a project but it ended up here to keep Henry from stampeding over the veggies. This is as far as we got with the mulch. We just need to curve the bed back toward the fence so it has an ending. Otherwise we could go on forever. Not something that either of us has the energy to do.


I have a whole list in my mind of things I’d like to add to this space. Roses might be next. Daises, salvia and lots of annuals to help fill in all that empty space. Something to hang on that blank fence. Some large rocks would be nice.

wooded area

I might move this bird bath over there too. I need a new base for it. It’s made out of that foamy stuff and is falling apart. I really just want a tree stump. Has anyone used those things you stick in bird baths to keep the water moving? It’s supposed to help with keep the mosquitoes down.


I’m thinking of dividing some of the lirope that surrounds the screen and putting some of it in the back bed.

I’m skipping our driveway and garbage cans. You’re welcome.


But I can’t leave out hubby’s one true love. We had the concrete pad made just for her. I need to figure out something to plant around this. 


Does anyone know what this is? I found it growing in my small wooded area. Sort of reminds me of a bleeding heart.

I’ve been trying to attract birds to the area. They don’t seem to want to eat my bird seed. The squirrels however are enjoying the feast. I caught one stretching himself from the tree to the feeder carefully reaching in. It’s the squirrel proof one that if they get on it it shuts close. Yeah, not so squirrel proof when there’s Gumby the squirrel around.

For those of you that made it to the end of this rambling post, thanks for listening. If you have any favorite fast growing plants that you know of let me know.

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  1. Looking good Anita!!! I'm not surprised that those palms went so fast. Looks like both of your hubs are having fun with their gardens.


  2. Looks like you have a good plan and have made great progress.

    You wrote that you might move the veggies next year, so I want to share a link with you about the importance of crop rotation. Coming from a very long line of farmers, I know this is something a lot of home gardeners don't really understand the importance of. This article is so well written and easy to understand, I hope you find the information useful. Here's the link:


    Great idea to get rid of your sagos through Craigslist!!!!

  3. Anita, I loved having a tour of your yard. I love to garden but really am not very good at it but I keep trying. Can't wait to see how things come along. Looking good so far!

  4. You have a nice sized yard to work with. Sounds like you have some great plans. I had a topsy turvy tomato planter. It worked great but they do need a lot of sun. We put a small pump (like you use in a fountain)in our birdbath. We kept it on low. It seemed to keep the mosquitoes away and the birds loved it. Good luck this week! :)~M

  5. Wonderful garden. The flower looks to me to be wisteria. Though I never seen this color.

  6. The only flower that I know attracts some birds like mainly hummingbirds is the petunia. I am sure if you googled it you may come up with something. It probably depends on your location in Florida too. You are working hard girl!

  7. Love that chair planter. Looking good!

  8. I gave my sister a Topsy Turvy as a joke and she it getting a bunch of tomatoes! Great improvements.

  9. All I can say is SUNSHINE!!!! Wow! We had a sunny day here today! I think the last time was 117 days ago! Did I go out and garden? Are you kidding me! I sat, stood, leaned, lavished, commented, laughed, smiled BIG, danced, skipped, walked, talked and laughed again WITH THE SUN!!!!!!!! Then I went in because clouds rolled in and there was a tornado watch!!!!!!!

    OK, your yard is lovely! And it will become lovelier, because I KNOW YOU! Stores aren't open on Sats by you??? That's different. Why, I wonder?

    I think maybe that flower is Sweet Pea. I know nothing of flowers or gardens or anything, but my neighbor has those flowers on a gangly little tree next door to me. Here's a photo I just found on line:


  10. I think your yard is looking good. It would be fun if you do another post at the end of summer to show the changes. I had a few ideas. I was wondering if a metal architectural piece would look good on your fence until the Plumbago grows. I think your flower might be a sweet pea, but I am not sure. 25 bags of mulch. Oh my. Thanks for linking and being my blogging friend. :)

  11. Thanks for the little tour. Gardening is so much work, isn't it? I think mulching is always the worst part...ours seems to melt away and be replaced with weeds.


  12. Wow, you've accomplished a lot, and have some good plans. I love when a garden is new and full of possibilities. Hubs pride and joy looks a bit lonely out on that pad all alone. :)

  13. Wow...you've accomplished a lot!! I love gardening! Makes me so happy!!!
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my last post:)
    and ps....I'm having a little give-away on my blog! Stop on over if you have a minute:)

  14. Hi Anita,

    Well, thank you for your lovely tour. Your garden's a great size, and it's so great to see that other people have similar issues to work around to me!! My maon garden problem is tricycles and bikes in the garden. Darn those pesky children!!!!

    I think that might be a perrennial sweet pea.


  15. Nice tour, thanks! Love that chair with the plants in it, so quirky. Will have to get into the garden soon too, but there's still so much to do inside.

    Suzy xxx

  16. That's a lot of work! You've made some good changes, it sounds like. I mostly keep going back to look at your pool. I can only think of one house in our entire county that has an outdoor pool.

    I wish we could blame some of the weirdness in our yard on someone else. But we did it ourselves. Back when we were clueless about what we really wanted.

  17. You are killing me with Gumby the squirrel.
    The yard is enormous!! What a project. We have tons of rosemary growing and the birds adore it. It's hanging over the retaining wall and they like to find their favorite spots and peck away. It's not a very fast grower, though. The plumbago with go fast. We have 3 very large bushes on our hill. So will the butterfly bush. Lantana grows quickly and attracts all kinds of birds and butterlies, as does the salvia.
    A tile roof and a barbeque seems to attract birds as well. They nest in both.
    Have a great day!
    p.s. let me know when the pie and margaritas are ready.

  18. Hello, Hello! First, everything doesn't look as bad as you think! :o) Quite cute areas!!!!
    Second - you have my sympathies! I live in So Flo and right now, our tree out front has a fungus on it that drops down and kills the lawn. We have a nice green front lawn, except for barren patches around dat tree! Hubby hopes to consult with landscaper this weekend and find a cure!

    Best Wishes on your landscaping projects!!! Linda Lan

  19. I went into the comments to tell you it's sweet pea but it lookds like you already found that out :) Good luck with your yard, it looks great!


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