A New Lens

I also got to play with my new lens today. It came in a day early from Amazon. It is way too easy to order stuff from Amazon. I ordered a 50mm for my Canon T2i. I think it will help with my indoor shots since it has an aperture of 1.8. But I went out in the garden in search of something pink.

f2.2- 1/320- ISO: 100

Tricia of A Rosy Note is having a photo party and the subject was pink. With 3 boys, a husband and even a male dog I don’t have a lot of pink indoors.

f2.2 - 1/250s - ISO:100

It will take some getting used to. I have to remember that with the aperture open that wide I will get less detail. So I stepped it down just a bit to get more.

lantana-auto lantana-shady
f1.8- 1/160s- ISO:100

Here is the same shot, or close to the same, but the one on the left I had the white balance on auto and on the right I tried shady. I was in the shade so I thought I’d try it. It gave it a more golden tone. A little blurry but it was a good example of the difference in color you can get.


This guy was ticked off and kept squawking at me. I was just waiting for him to jump on my back while I was taking a picture.

This guy could care less and let me get pretty close. I did crop it some. Isn't he cute?


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  1. Gorgeous photos!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. Beautiful shots with your new lens.

  3. Congrats on the new lens. I love it for the 1.8 aperture. Hey, what's the deal with the boys in your house not letting you paint the house with the color of the year?? :•)

  4. Looks like that will be the next lens I need. Great shots.

  5. Good luck with your new lens Anita!!

    I am dying for a macro lens but haven't been able to do it because the prices are ridiculous.

    Maybe for my birthday though....

    Your new lens is already taking really pretty pictures!

  6. Oh, I KNEW you would rock the nifty fifty! That shot of the lizard {or whatever it is} is fabulous! Great DoF, perfect focus and gorgeous dappled sun light. Can't wait to see what you do with this lens!
    happy weekend!

  7. Know the feeling on the "pink". I sneak it here and there. The first photo is amazing! My Cannon Power Shot is envious. You are going to have a lot of fun with the new lens.

  8. I should just print these posts out and use them as a textbook! I'm so in love with that second photo!

  9. Oh swoon, gorgeous photos. Maybe one day I'll get a big girl camera LOL. Have a great weekend.

  10. How fun, a new lens!! Oh, how I envy you. Your photos are beautiful Anita. I love them all, but I think the first one is my favorite. Thanks for linking up to Photo Feature Friday this week :)


  11. Beautiful shots - you're going to love that lens although I think it's sweet shot is more like 2.2/2.5 rather than wide open. Have a great weekend!

  12. Gorgeous! I have to start playing with my camera more. I have never used my new lens.

  13. If a different lens helps make beautiful photos like yours, then I have to get one! Just wish I knew more about apeture, f thingys and ISO.

    Hope your Sunday is photo-worthy!

  14. Wonderful photos!! Great blog - glad to have found you!!

  15. Wow - these photos are amazing. Such wonderful quality.

  16. Love the second photograph in your posting today. The detail is divine. Thank you for visiting my blog & for your lovely comment.

    daisy xx

  17. Aren't new lenses fun. I've just ordered a wide angle lens 10-22mm and can't wait to try it out. Great images, have fun with it.

  18. Hi - We live in South Florida so we're always seeing those little lizards running around everywhere! My husband loves them!

    All the photos are lovely!
    Linda Lan


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