The Simple Blue Jar

It is amazing that what started out as something so utilitarian could be so pretty. The simple canning jar. It could be that beautiful aqua color. Though I do love the clear ones too. It could be the thought that years ago it was most likely used to preserve something delicious. Strawberry jam or fresh peaches perhaps. Maybe some summer tomatoes. 


Ball or Atlas. Clear or colored. I’m not fussy. Though I do lean toward the blue shades. The old crusty zinc tops with their porcelain liners. I do have project in mind for those clear jars that are sadly stashed in the garage. Other then cleaning my paint brushes in them. I have it pinned in my Pinterest.


You can fill them up with anything and it makes it that much better. Like sea glass, that I wish I could say I picked up at the beach. Is it horrible that I picked them up at Target instead? Some coastal girl I am. I’m a fraud I know.


I think my favorite thing to do is fill them with flowers. A little or a lot, it doesn’t matter. Those 3 dollar bouquets from the grocery story and some blue jars and you have a centerpiece.

Even when you don’t have flowers you can find something around the yard to fill them up. Some twigs, some pine cones, a little white paint… another centerpiece. 

The old rusty wire bales never seem to fall apart. They might not always have their glass lids but then if you are filling them up with flowers they really aren’t needed now are they?

Take a look through some and see what you can find to do with them. 

atlas jar square

Do you have any jars that you use or display? I have seen a few of the purple ones online but have never run across any. I will keep my eyes peeled for sure. 

ps. If you want to know more about collecting Ball jars. You can go here for a wealth of information.

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  1. Those are darling Anita. I need to pick up some more mason jars..I love all their fun creative ways we can use them:) I know I can't can so I have to figure out other ways.

  2. You've got me curious. I'll have to check your Pinterest! I love these jars.

  3. I have been looking for the blue ones everywhere. I've never seen blue at our Target. I love them used as vases like you've done. Very pretty!

  4. If Ball or Mason would start making blue jars again, they'd make a mint! Who has enough of them? No one I know.

    I loved the picture of the blue jar storage in your Pinterest.

  5. I love my blue jars and use them for anything and everything. Yours are great also.

  6. Anita,
    I too love to display fresh flowers in mine...also some favorite ideas are...seashells..flatware (for a party)...candy..Easter eggs...found one today at a yard sale for $1:)


  7. Anita, Your jars look so pretty as centerpieces. I love them. i also really love your vintage tablecloth with the "Gulf of Mexico" printed on it. So precious!
    thank you for the link to the info on them too. i have a Ball and Atlas from 1908 and wanted to look them up.

  8. I love your photos of these. They are my favorite jars. I did a post on them once, where I shared that when my mom was little, her and her sister would use the little porcelain liners for play plates. Apparently, when the metal would start to rust, my grandmother would let her girls take them apart to play with. I love that. I have several old ones that my grandmother actually used for canning. That connection to the past is wonderful.

  9. I didn't know they had purple Ball jars but I do love this aqua color. Anything and everything looks good in them. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  10. LOVE!!! Have a great weekend :O)

  11. ooooo I really loved the pinecone one! But I'll admit, it was hard to pick a fav. They're all so pretty!


  12. I love your jar collection! I've been eying these while out at antique stores. You've given me great ideas of how to use them. I have a very similar white wire basket. Wonderful idea to group the jars together in a basket! Just might have to copy that!

  13. Love the blue jars!!! I have tons of them and use them for just about everything:) Great ideas for how you use them:):)

  14. Hi Anita! LOVE the blue jars too! My window sills are full of them...and they are full of seaglass, shells, crytal beads, and beach sand. You can never have too many jars.
    LOVE how you use yours as a centerpiece!!!
    Thank you for praying for Susie and her family.

  15. i feel the same way about them as you do, especially the blue ones! i also like the Crown jars, have you seen them? they are Canada's mason/ball jar. they are clear usually, but have a fancy crown on them. i love your table cloth too by the way!

  16. love your blue jars too! They are perfect for flowers and I really like them with your white basket as the centerpiece.

  17. I love these pictures. I have a big mismatched set of pink depression dishes still in my basement up in CT. I can't wait until we have a place of our own where I can pull those out and use them to decorate. My grandmother gave them to me. Square bowls, big pitcher, soda fountain glasses and plates. Someday.....

  18. Great photos! Sadly, I haven't been able to find any blue jars- only clear ones. And I can't keep flowers in them, because my cats destroy them.. But I do like to do little arrangements filling them with colored glass chips and beads, and I have one with all sorts of buttons in it. In a perfect world I'd love to pair something like this blue glass chandelier- http://www.belleescape.com/Blue-Crystal-Chandelier-coastal-lighting.html with a centerpiece arrangement like your 4th photo. Just a dream for now, but maybe someday in the future!

  19. I love these jars. I just received three from an Etsy seller and I put daisies in them. They are so pretty. I love the different ways that you are using them.

  20. I'm lovin' your photography, Miss Anita!!!! The blue jars just pop! Beautiful! I have only clear ones and they make me happy too!!! I've seen some pale green colored jars around at flea markets, too!

    Yours are displayed so nicely!


  21. You know I love the blue Ball jars! I love all of your displays with them too. Lovely! And funny about the sea glass. It's kind of like me buying a bag of shells somewhere instead of picking up at the beach. Oh well! :)

  22. How do you do it, Anita? How do you come up with such beautiful decorating ideas day in and day out? That jar is so simple yet with the flowers in it, it's so wonderful.

  23. I love them. They are so versatile, and pretty. And? my partner just bought a box full of them for $2. for the whole box. Love your ideas, especially the sea glass.

  24. so beautiful. i love the aqua glass too. sadly, there are no $3 bouquets where i live!

  25. Very beautiful. My fave shot is number 6.

  26. Anita~ I love ALL of your photos! I am a huge collector of those jars..have quite a few..thanks for the link...

  27. I love bell jars and I love your photos and how your arranged them with all the different treasures! I am such fraud too, I can't ever find any beach glass so mine is store bought as well. :) The flowers you have are beautiful!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  28. Hi Anita!

    I missed you :) I love your photos and the blue mason jars with zinc lids are my favorite. Nothing prettier than using them with flowers. I never realized that there was a purple version. Hmmm... that would be a fun collection.

    Hope all is well in FL. Have a great Monday!
    :) Michelle

  29. Loved all the pictures my favorite is the three jars in the chippy white wire basket. I love the blue mason jars the best!

  30. I DO have some old blue jars. Thanks for showing how pretty they can be.


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