Accomplishing Nothing

It’s been an odd sort of week.
I’ve been feeling out of sorts thanks to the party my hormones decided to have.
So I haven’t had much energy and I can’t seem to focus on one thing.

I started three projects today and didn’t finish one of them.

I found these wool sweaters at the thrift store. 
They are 100% wool so they felted better in the washer and dryer then the first sweater I bought.


This is what they looked like before I shrunk them down to a size of a doll sweater.
I loved the color and the little snow flake pattern.
They are ready to go. Now to figure out where they’re going and what they’re doing.


I played with some glitter. Which is very hard to photograph.
I’ve only had this German glass glitter since last year.


I’m glad I took some pictures because now I see I missed quite a few spots.
My eyes seemed to be very blurry today for some reason.
I’ll blame it on that crazy party.


I made this cute little rosette out of some sweater scraps leftover from my pumpkins.
I need to make a few more of these. But they are very easy to do.
I do have a plan for these. Let’s just hope I don’t forget it.
My memory has been in the crapper.


Moodiness, weight gain, memory loss…..
I thought I had another few years before all this fun stuff started. Lucky me gets to start early.
I love how they stick the PERI before menopause now to try and trick you.
So you don’t feel so old.

Was perimenopause even around when our mothers and grandmothers went through it?
Back then it was just “the change”. And it was whispered.
What exactly were they changing into?

I’ll leave you with a bit of my favorite TV mom, Kitty Forman from That 70’s Show.
Only Kitty can make menopause hilarious.

And the next time my hormones decide to throw a wild party they better bring a bottle of wine.

Hope you guys are having a great week.



  1. Hi Anita,
    Welcome to the party! I've been "celebrating" for quite some time, and I sure am ready for it all to end:) So maybe there is some comfort in knowing we aren't alone on this crazy hormonal roller coaster! Are you going to be making stockings out of your felted sweaters? That is my guess! Cheers!

  2. Anita, my friend I am going through the SAME thing these days...It's bad, and now it is affecting my sleep. Hence I have been up since 5:00. I have never had a problem sleeping or for that matter sleeping in. Oh well, what can you do? No meds for me, just try to work through it. I love your glittery letters.

  3. Oh, I feel so much better knowing that someone else is going through the same thing! lol It's crazy, isn't it? For some reason, this week has been worse than usual. I completely gave up on getting a blog post out. I just can't seem to get my brain to work. You seem to be doing just fine though - you definitely seem to have gotten a LOT more accomplished than I have!!

  4. Oh, thanks for the laughs this morning!!! Haven't we all been Kitty about 10 times a day?

  5. Anita, I can't wait to see your glitter, sweater project all complete! I love that green sweater, just beautiful!

  6. You're not alone, Anita. I've been feeling the same way lately. Not even the urge to post even. You're projects will get done. They always somehow do.

    I really like the greens on the sweater and the glitter.

  7. we all go through phases like that! it is ok- you know we are here no matter what. you could not blog for a whole week, come back, and we'd be here ready for you.
    and that glitter is so darn pretty.

  8. Is it worse in the fall or what? It is for me.
    I haven't gotten anything done, either. I just keep rearranging things.
    I agree with everyone else. Those greens are so pretty!

  9. I'm working with a felted sweater myself.... my husband had a panicked look on his face when he pulled it out of the dryer... I think he thought he'd done it!

    Cannot wait to see what your glitter and sweaters bring...


  10. YOU DID NOTHING?????????

    That video had me SCREAMING laughing!!!!!! tears rolling down my face!!!!!!

    Welcome, Fellow Peri!!!! Ain't it grand?????

    oh and about those creative things...yeah, yeah, they'll get done or else like with some of my creations they'll end up in a heap!

    LOVE YA!!!

  11. I'm not at the party yet, but am dreading when the invitation arrives.

  12. Welcome to the party ... been 12 years and it still wants to party! Ugh! BTW, if that's doing nothing in a day, I'm a real slouch!

  13. Forget the wine. I require bubbly!

  14. Oh my! I think I'm entering peri myself. I've been trying to attribute it to other things but your symptoms sound very familiar.
    Love the letters!

  15. oh, how i love this post. i feel so joined. seriously. it has been 3 years at the party (mine feels like a rave) and unfortunately i have the extreme non-textbook peri. and i think it's because i've always been sensitive to chemicals (never took much medicine because of this) so it truly is like i'm tripping on my own dang smack. right?

    gorgeous projects!


  16. Okay, you have me nervous. I don't look forward to that party business...I can barely handle the cold I have right now.

    That is such a pretty green sweater, Anita. I can't wait to see what comes of it :)

  17. Well, I'm a bit too far away from the epic pause but I've dealt with changes, thanks to the various gorgeous ladies of my family. But you know what they tell right? It's all in your head. Just go out with that sexy bikini and make Richard Gere swoon on you. You will always be beautiful.

    I love those glitters Anita. Are they going in a wreath or individually on a Christmas tree? Wherever it goes, I'm sure they'll look beautiful.

  18. Gulp, I know the day will come all too soon, I'm on borrowed time. I can't even imagine being more scatterbrained than I am already. Sorry you got the early invite. That stinks. Looks like you had a lot more ambition than you give yourself credit for. Love that sweater. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  19. Love that sweater!!!

    And, yes, Miss Kitty is hilarious!

    Happy Weekend---

    beachside cottage

  20. OH my, Anita, that video was hilarious...and I have used the "I'm in hell" line many, many times...thanks for the giggles!

  21. Yup!!! my kids call it "mental-pause"....I don't understand why, tho?????

  22. Count me in on your party! I agree, they just made up the "peri" business to fool us. Either we're in "the change" or not, darn it!!! Can you tell I've been a little moody lately?

  23. Thank you SO much for attaching the video -- this "peri" girl had quite the week too! I blame it on the Full Moon...it always seems worse.

    As others said, it is nice to know that we aren't alone on this crazy hormonal journey...argh.

  24. Oh.My.WORD. I have not laughed that hard in a long, long time. Thank you for that video. It basically sums everything up. Maybe I'd feel better if I would just let loose like that last clip. oh, that was too good.

    Just know you are in a strange but wonderful club and you are so not alone. well, maybe you are in your own house, but we are with you in spirit!

  25. You are so funny...the worst for me is the sleeplessness. That glitter is gorgeous...so rich!

  26. Anita,
    We should all get together and have one HUGE party!!!! I'm not sure if we did...if we would all survive:) I feel your pain my friend!!! This weight thing is just about to drive me CRAZY!!!


  27. You have done well and got lots accomplished. I hate hormones and always go through major ups and downs once a month, can't wait to see what menopause brings. I tried to bribe the doctor to take it all when he tied my tubes, no such luck.
    I hope your week is better.


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