Commenting Problems

Blog commenting.

This is what I want to ask you guys about today.
Not very exciting I know but I could use some help with this.

I will throw in random pictures of our very windy day at the beach because…..well, just because.
Maybe it will help keep you reading :)

(this was like a giant sculpture on the beach)

The other day one of my followers emailed me and let me know she could not leave a comment.
I was perplexed. I googled and googled and I think it might have something to do with browsers.

But then I decided to try to switch from embedded comments to a pop out window type.
And it helped her. I was thrilled because I figured there must have been others out there that were having issues too. I was so happy she took the time to let me know.


But then soon after I made the switch I started getting spam.
They are being caught by blogger and not getting posted. 
Well, except for that one dude that really hates women from the USA. Oh he’s a delight.

But the rest are just advertising type spam. They are going to my email but that's it. 
Good but still annoying.

FlagDiptych 3_edited-2
floats copy
 (tail of a shark that was getting weighed)

I’d still like to figure out how to get them to stop coming in my inbox.
I can not figure out the connection to having the pop out comment window and the spam. 

The spam usually comes from anonymous. Big surprise there. 
Should I just ban anonymous comments? 
Do you think that doing that will leave some people out? 

shadows_edited-1 sparkles_edited-1

I usually just mark them as spam and then delete them.

But since they are anonymous they are sometimes connected to the same email thread of the “noreply” people.When this happens I can’t mark them as spam because the noreply people that are stuck in this thread will be marked as well. At least it's like that in gmail. 
The noreply people get lumped together.

Are you following me on this?

Those of you still in the “noreply” mode should read this post that Donna wrote on the how and why you should consider changing that. She also goes over a few other things  like getting rid of word verification!

Sand textures triptych_edited-1

I think that if you are having problems commenting on people’s blogs then perhaps you need to update your browser. I use google Chrome and I really love it. 

My son and I finally convinced my husband to switch over from Internet Explorer and he even said it was a lot faster. IE seems to have a lot of glitches when it comes to blogger. 

CS classic bw_edited-1

I may have to switch back to embedded comments and see if it helps get rid of those pesky spammers. I hope you’ll consider updating your browsers as well. It really helps.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this.

Embedded vs pop out comment windows.
Allowing anonymous vs blocking them.
Or anything you know of that might help out.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes for #3.
You guys are all so sweet. 
He read my post and got up and gave me a big hug! :)

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  1. Oh, Anita, that's so sweet about your son. I glad he was happy and so lovey to you :)

    Anyway, about the commenting. I knew many moons ago that the embedded comment form was having problems so I switched to a full page pop up. Yep, I've been getting spam too...maybe a few times a week. It always ends up in the spam section and doesn't get posted though. Thank goodness. As for the gmail thing, I have that too, but really, I don't even care since they are all the no reply people and I can't email them anyway. Ugh...I was people would change that in their settings.

    Well, that's my thoughts :)

  2. Anita--I have lots to say, I'll try not to ramble.
    1)In g-mail you can click on the little arrow by reply and delete JUST the bad comment without deleting the entire thread.
    2) I have not noticed that the type of comment (embedded or not) makes a difference in spam
    3)I get tons of spam in my inbox too. I allow anonymous because of all of my giveaways.
    4)I use chrome and I love it
    5)no-reply---I come across that way in reader (I subscribe to my own blog so that I see how others see it) I have no idea why I am a no-reply. I have my email listed and connected.

    Let me know if I confused you on the gmail delete thing.
    have a great weekend,

  3. I know very frustrating. I stopped allowing anonymous, and a lot of the spam went away. It is a catch 22. That dude that hates American woman, LOL..yeah who is he anyway? Hope you get this resolved it is frustrating.

  4. Good grief. I obviously don't get enough comments to warrant this problem!
    But I really loved the photos...

  5. 1st- How sweet your boy!
    2nd- Awesome pictures (as always)!
    3rd - I had both your issues and had to resolve them the same way you did. Use pop-up for comments and block anonymous. It stopped the spam and it has not affected comments from non-reply comments.

  6. I have to look into blocking anonymous. I get spam too but it does go into the spam folder. I just delete..., don't read them. I use chrome as well and love it!

  7. I love Chrome. Don't allow anonymous comments, in my humble opinion. Every time I do, I instantly get uglies coming from the woodwork, like they were just waiting at the door. I have people complain they can't comment on my blog no matter which format I use. I don't have that answer. Don't you just love the "guy who hates American women?" Love to see his face.

  8. All my comments have to be published by me. That way I get to check off any spam and delete it. I do have about 7 anonymous followers so I don't want to prevent them from commenting. Also, when my followers have had problems leaving comments, they would be able to as anonymous and they would identify themselves. I switched to Mozilla Firefox browser and I've been pretty lucky. Great pictures too Anita. Driftwood is so amazing isn't it?

  9. I have not been told of any problems on my site so I can't say one way or the other. But..interesting info on comments. BTW - GREAT photos!

  10. I have the same issues. When I switched to pop-up people were able to comment but then it seemed like I got a lot of spam, not sure if that is related or not. I just looked in my spam box and I had 17! I am not sure if I am going to allow anonymous anymore or not, I don't know how many anonymous followers I have. So after all that rambling, you are not alone. :)

  11. I have a theory that because Blogger is a Google product they have optimized it for use with Chrome and Firefox and IE users be damned. I almost wonder if they haven't set it up so that the experience is worse in those browsers in hopes of making people switch.

    Re: comments. I'm using Disqus and it's great about letting people sign in with Twitter, FB, a Disqus account, or Google. It's a little buggy at times but I've stopped getting spam replies entirely.

  12. First of all - I love the photos here! :-)
    I had the same problems, switched to pop-up comments and got spam comments from Anonymous. I blocked the possibilities for anonymous comments in blogger and it has stopped since then. "noreply" people are not affected and can comment as usual. Maybe this helps?
    Have a wonderful weekend, Anita!

  13. I do not allow anonymous because any comment that is not logged into google or another legal web page has nothing to say!
    (that I want to read anyway). I do use the pop up for comments along with Fire Fox...
    hope you get it sorted out soon!
    Love the beach photos.

  14. Your pictures are all beautiful!
    LOVE the driftwood and sand.

  15. I don't use the pop up comments but so far no one has said they've had trouble commenting. It's been so long since I've messed with any of my settings, I've nearly forgotten what all this means.
    So happy to catch up with you today. Can't believe I missed some of your great posts! That cabinet redo was marvelous! So pretty. Love it!

  16. The reason you need to do this is that you do not want your comment to seem spammy at all and it should be well written enough to guarantee approval.I knew many moons ago that the embedded comment form was having problems so I switched to a full page pop up.

  17. If you want to give a boost to your SEO efforts find do-follow blogs that accept comments. It is going to take you some time to find the blogs that are do-follow but it is worth your time in the end because these are the back-links that still get counted by the search engines.

  18. Thank you for sharing your beach scenes. They always evoke memories of my dad who loved the beach and the ocean since he first saw it during his time with the Coast Guard in WWII.

  19. You are the most amazing photographer! I haven't gotten too many spam comments...but when I do this information will be helpful and I guess I will stop anonymous comments. Thanks.

  20. Hi lovely,

    The one thing about those annoying spam comments is that they haven't really increased in number. I get maybe three a day and I just delete them. A bit annoying but no biggie.

    I don't get many anonymous commenters but because I get some, I didn't want to block the spam. It's a tricky one!!

    And that beach looks GORGEOUS!! I wish I was there!!


  21. I love the opposing lines you caught Anita! Just beautiful with the sun coming through. I know switching to Wordpress for me has had a huge impact on spam comments. I thought I was going to have to moderate every single comment - which I don't want to do! Thankfully, I found a plug in to help. It opened my eyes though, I didn't have a problem with spam on Blogger before - no idea why.

    Thanks for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

  22. I use the pop up. I do get a ton of spam, but never noticed it to be linked to changing to the pop up a few months ago. One thing that I did to cut down on it was to put up comment moderation on any posts over 60 days old. Because it seemed like the spam was going to my very old posts, not to the recent ones. This did help wuite a bit. And I used to get a ridiculous amount of spam on one particular post that happened to have a youtube video attached to it (I think it was the only one that I ever attached a video to), so I deleted the youtube video and have not had spam on that one since.

    I had thought about not allowing anonymous comments, but I have quite a few non-blogger readers and they rarely have a login set up.

  23. Great pictures!
    I think if you leave the pop up comments up and let people comment anonymously, but moderate comments on older posts, the spam will probably decrease a lot. I'm still using embedded comments, but I've always moderated posts older than 14 days, and I've had maybe a handful of spammy comments in a year and a half. One of them that guy who hates American women. Someone burned him but good, I'm guessing! Or else he just strikes out time after time. That's probably it.

    The nastiest comments I've had were NOT anonymous, interestingly enough.

  24. Oh - I thought I was going to be the first to tell you to use Chrome! I have been using Chrome for about 3 years, LOVE it!! So much faster than IE, unfortunately most of the world is still on IE... (and it stinks!)

    1. Someone e-mailed me a few weeks ago to let me know that the issue on the comments was because of a bug with blogger. She couldn't leave me any messages because I didn't have the pop up box. So I added the pop up box, and I also decided to NOT allow for anonymous postings.

    2. Spam - oh well, just delete them since blogger seems to catch them, and at least they don't end up on your blog. I also set my comment thing to not post comments on posts that were over 14 days old unless I approved. Did that about a year ago, as I was discovering sneaky spammers putting comments on really old blog posts.

    Have a fabulous week!!


  25. when I first started blogging I had problems leaving comments on some peoples blogs, but then someone helped me out and the problem went away. I had to "allow all cookies" in my internet explorer. I haven't had any problems with spam though.


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