Time Flies When You Have Kids

I’m not really sure how this happens. I feel like I lost blocks of time.
My advice you all of the young moms. Grab hold, make great memories, because it’s a fast ride.

Before you know it your baby won’t be a baby any longer.

My baby turned 18 yesterday.


This is just so scary to me.

I’m pretty sure it was just last week that he looked like this.


My easy going kid.

The one that I could drag shopping all day or take to the older kids games and he never fussed. 
Well, except that first day of pre-K when he grabbed the flagpole and he would not let go. 

Or that time we went to story time at the library and he pitched a fit because he did NOT want to be there. We both sat in the car and cried that day. 
Then there was the time…..

Okay, so the kid fussed a bit.

aaron maggie

I love his sense of humor. He still makes me laugh. Every day.
He does impressions and quotes from movies like no one else can.
He is patient with me when I ask for help with photoshop. And that is pretty often.

He is not the neatest kid in the world but I can look past that. 
Or just shut the door if it gets really bad.

I tried to make a homemade cake for him. No box mix. All from scratch.
Yeah, that didn’t turn out like I had hoped. 
I had apologized to him last night for such a yucky cake. 
He hugged me then said it was alright and that he appreciated that I took the time to make it. *snif* 
What a guy!


I’ll have to make another one with some help from Betty Crocker.
She will not let me down like Martha did with her recipe.

Hope everyone is having a great week. :)



  1. Amen to all of that. In the blink of an eye.
    And btw. Martha sucks that way. She's all show and no go.

  2. mine are still relatively small, but i was thinking of this as i was taking my walk today and listening to trace adkins- that's all i ask for anymore- and i wanted to cry. i was walking and just trying not to cry. i don't want to lose these days.

  3. It all goes way too fast. But then the grandkids start coming, and it's a different experience but just as good.
    That sucks that the cake turned out yucky. But how cool that he just said he appreciated the time it took. He sounds like a really good young man.

  4. Sniff...I know that mine will be there before I know it. My oldest turns 11 in 2 weeks. Just 4 more years until he starts DRIVING! The days fly by and I'm dreading middle school. You are right. I'm trying to enjoy and remember every moment. Your son was an adorable child and is now a good looking young man!

  5. Awwww, Happy Birthday to him! I can't believe how fast time goes with kids. I wish there were a pause button some days.
    He is a lucky young man to have such a wonderful mom. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your son! He sounds like a real sweet and thoughtful kid, or I should say young man! You are a good mom, Anita! I bet the cake tasted delicious.

  7. oh my! you know I have little ones (still)...so this put a few tears in my eyes!

    Happy Birthday to your son!


  8. Happy Bday to him...I have two older boys and I agree....time goes by so fast!

  9. What a wonderful post, Anita! Happy Birthday to your son!

  10. This is so sweet! I have 4 kiddos and it is zipping by in a blink!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  11. Happy Birthday to your boy! He sounds like a wonderful, thoughtful person. I agree, time does go so fast. My daughter will be turning five in about a month and then I feel like the time will really go flying by. It's all so sad.

  12. Oh Anita, this is a very sweet post...he sounds like a wonderful son! You are right...it does go way too fast and just seems to be faster all the time!

  13. You got it right - it really does fly. My "baby" turned 27 this year and I'm still in total disbelief. Enjoy each & every moment. :O)

    Beach hugs,

  14. It really goes go by so fast doesn't it? I always find that watching old home movies is really hard, seeing how cute they were when they were little.

  15. Awww! And how lucky is he to have such a vibrant young mom!

  16. Awww...you brought a tear to my eye Anita. I know how fast it does go by. Your son sounds like a fine young man. Happy birthday, even with a yucky cake LOL!

  17. Oh, I can believe it. I don't have kids, but I have a niece. I'm her aunt and I remember her so well when she was little. Now she's 30. Oh my! Beautiful sun!

  18. Happy Birthday Mr. 18. This was a great post. My baby is going to be 30 this month. So I'll have something to post here too I'm sure.

  19. It's so true...and it just seems to be going faster and faster. Is time speeding up? Darling photos of a darling boy...Happy Birthday to your boy!

  20. First, Happy Birthday to your baby boy.
    I so understand how your feeling.. my baby boy is now 37 and jumped out of choppers in the ice of Alaska to save people and now he is a Lt. Vessel Inspector and go's out on huge vessels for a week at a time, that come into America... his job has always scared me but we have an agreement, don't tell me the scarey stuff and we will get along just fine..lol
    Being a mom is the most wonderful thing we can be... Your one lucky woman!

  21. 1st- Time sure seems to drag right about now though!! :)
    2nd- No wonder he gave you a big ole hug when he read this.
    3rd- You're as great of a mom as he is a great kid!

  22. Happy 18th to your baby boy!! Well, neither am I married nor do i have kids but I can totally relate to you. We are 3 sisters and mum was always so thoughtful when each of us turned 18.

    I see the same dismay in my sister's eyes, now that her daughter is growing up.

    Such a beautiful feeling.

  23. Aww, you are so right, the time just goes. I'm sorry to hear your cake didn't turn out. It sounds like you have a wonderful son.

  24. This choked me up as my baby is turning 19 soon and he is away in college and sick with his first cold--and no mama to take care of him. Your boy is a lot like mine...funny and sweet.

  25. Awe, happy birthday to your son! I know what you mean and I agree - it goes by way too fast, they grow up in the blink of an eye. My baby is turning 19 this month and she moved out this summer. Still adjusting to the empty nest...it's so hard to let go.


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